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Issue Summary Module Milestone Assignee Type Priority
#356 Implement Chrome Web Store API in order to update the devbuild Automation sebastian change P1
#364 Publish the devbuild on the Chrome Web Store Automation trev change P1
#1321 Build tools should truncate extension name for Chrome extensions to 45 characters Automation trev defect P1
#1368 System requirements page is outdated [3] Websites philll defect P1
#1480 Acceptable Ads page should be updated with new proposal timeframe Websites greiner change P1
#1663 First-run page is broken with e10s enabled User-Interface trev defect P1
#1707 Allow importing Chrome-style locales in Firefox extensions Automation trev change P1
#1777 fails to detect unknown Git revisions Automation trev defect P1
#1785 Translating ABP for Maxthon Unknown jobp change P1
#1790 Support notifications in Maxthon Unknown change P1
#1861 Localization (Russian): Menu of settings have strings without translating Unknown defect P1
#1883 Complex palette in new icons breaks Safari build Automation sebastian defect P1
#1902 Show notification / Firstrun Page on Maxthon for Android Unknown change P1
#1904 No national lists are enabled on Maxthon for Android Unknown change P1
#1911 Adblock Plus isn't enabled by default in Maxthon Unknown defect P1
#1925 fall back to available strings in case no translation is available in current language Unknown change P1
#1932 Unacceptable Ads on pages with Acceptable Ads are unblocked Unknown defect P1
#1949 Adblock Plus disappears after update Unknown defect P1
#1973 Add "Beta" tags to all relevant locations in Maxthon for Android Unknown change P1
#2121 Release automation fails to put generated packages into the right directory Automation trev defect P1
#2568 Missing images on blog Websites trev defect P1
#2805 Regression: Error in Firefox first-run page: filterValidation module doesn't exist User-Interface greiner defect P1
#2838 [] top navigation links don't open on left click Websites saroyanm defect P1
#2896 Automate uploading of Firefox development builds to AMO Sitescripts trev change P1
#2897 Don't add updateURL to Firefox development builds Automation trev change P1
#2898 Stop updating our update manifest for Firefox development builds Sitescripts trev change P1
#2928 Add new icon for touch devices on and Websites saroyanm change P1
#2983 Stats processing fails to interprete lastVersion parameter Sitescripts trev defect P1
#3009 Add additional support links pointing to social media and forums for Websites saroyanm change P1
#3012 Add social media optimized open graph image to Websites saroyanm change P1
#3063 Back out fix for #3050, fix it in the conversion script Adblock-Plus-for-iOS/macOS mjethani change P1
#3205 Redirection to Adblock Browser app page in App Store is broken Websites saroyanm defect P1
#3346 Remove edge subscription form Websites saroyanm change P1
#3495 Error Running Tests - SyntaxError: missing ] after element list Extensions-for-Adblock-Plus erikvold defect P1
#3521 Malware Domains List breaks YouTube Sitescripts sebastian defect P1
#3736 Regression: Check for blocked social resources fails User-Interface greiner defect P1
#3750 Cache result of's get_subscriptions filter Websites kzar change P1
#3814 Opening sharing pop-up fails starting with Firefox 47 User-Interface trev defect P1
#3879 CSS property filters ignore third-party stylesheets in Chrome but not in Firefox Core trev defect P1
#3991 Homepage URL is no longer being set automatically Core trev defect P1
#4054 Element hiding rules continue to be matched after being removed Core kzar defect P1
#4091 Don't test $~media in "Result cache checks" test, unsupported in Chrome Extensions-for-Adblock-Plus trev change P1
#4092 Adapt unit tests for changes to InvalidFilter.reason Extensions-for-Adblock-Plus trev change P1
#4093 Adapt unit tests for changes to Subscription.title Extensions-for-Adblock-Plus trev change P1
#4192 Build fails when using git repository Automation kzar defect P1
#4201 CSS property filter still applied when ABP is disabled everywhere User-Interface trev defect P1
#4312 Change physical addresses in our websites for the office move Websites saroyanm change P1
#4346 Safari development build fails: "'module' object has no attribute 'get_certificates_and_key'" Sitescripts trev change P1
#4419 Uploading devbuilds to AMO no longer works Sitescripts trev defect P1
#4452 updateUpdateManifests script errors out failing to import get_certificates_and_key Sitescripts trev defect P1
#4501 Filters with key 0 stay "unconditional" even after an exception is added Core trev defect P1
#4605 Development build "Recent changes" log is broken Sitescripts kzar defect P1
#4608 Development build for Safari created from master bookmark Sitescripts jsonesen defect P1
#4610 Safari development builds are failing Automation trev defect P1
#4653 Safari Extension Update Manifest Generation Broken Sitescripts defect P1
#4762 Add relentless notification type Core wspee change P1
#4931 add possibility to not send data depending on connection properties Libadblockplus sergz change P1
#4948 add possibility to not send data depending on connection properties Libadblockplus-Android asmirnov change P1
#4968 SyntaxError in firefox after adblockplusui 7be8b3f3c5fb User-Interface trev defect P1
#4982 Text presentation on Adblock Browser website incrorrect Websites defect P1
#5040 Allowed connection type is not saved. Libadblockplus sergz defect P1
#5075 JsEngine crashes in dtor with LogSystemPtr ref Libadblockplus-Android defect P1
#5098 Expose FilterStorage initialization state Core trev change P1
#5116 DefaultTimer crash Libadblockplus defect P1
#5275 Minimize memory usage as soon as possible Libadblockplus sergz change P1
#5384 Introduce a dedicated mobile options page User-Interface greiner change P1
#5395 Scrolling through Facebook feed is very laggy Core trev defect P1
#5404 :-abp-properties() nested within :-abp-has() doesn't work if the relevant selector refers to outside nodes Core trev defect P1
#5577 let allow non-numerical build numbers for gecko-webext Automation change P1
#5598 Newly added special subscriptions shown in list User-Interface greiner defect P1
#5628 Finish the styles for new options page User-Interface saroyanm change P1
#5631 In more filters section filters that are disabled are being shown on first load User-Interface saroyanm defect P1
#5701 Inconsistent forum link on new options page and missing DNT link User-Interface saroyanm defect P1
#5736 Release automation aborts without reason Automation defect P1
#5777 Upload to Crowdin is not working (presumably due to API change) Automation tlucas defect P1
#5802 Unexpected behavior on fresh Adblock Plus installaation User-Interface saroyanm defect P1
#5806 Acceptable ads being added to the UI on load User-Interface saroyanm defect P1
#5807 Remove Acceptable Ads notificaiton User-Interface saroyanm change P1
#5815 Upload to Crowdin with non-ASCII characters in source translation fails Automation sebastian defect P1
#5877 First run page is missing some text Automation tlucas defect P1
#5949 pfaa link is broken User-Interface saroyanm defect P1
#5955 DNT message in Firefox targets Chrome User-Interface saroyanm defect P1
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