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Issue Summary Assignee Type Priority Created Modified
#6332 [ABP dev] TypeError: Cannot read property 'sheet' of undefined kzar defect P1 17 months 17 months
#6343 Element hiding filters no longer work after adblockpluschrome changeset ​7247eb4632fa mjethani defect P1 17 months 17 months
#6476 Update adblockplusui dependencies to ead38c2013b5 saroyanm change P1 16 months 15 months
#6511 Actions inside popup ui notifications do not properly remove notification kzar defect P1 15 months 15 months
#5864 Maintain at most one style sheet for element hiding emulation mjethani change P2 21 months 17 months
#5971 [webextension] New options page is broken for Firefox 50 kzar defect P2 20 months 19 months
#6113 [webextension] Error when using block element in Firefox 51 kzar defect P2 19 months 17 months
#6183 Chrome throws "Receiving end does not exist" exception thrown in background page kzar defect P2 19 months 16 months
#6191 "Block Element" button shown for Chrome webstore mjethani defect P2 19 months 14 months
#6208 Update adblockplusui dependency to revision f70786b535e3 kzar defect P2 18 months 15 months
#6385 [webextension] "response is undefined" exceptions being thrown kzar defect P2 17 months 4 weeks
#6388 Polyfill exception showing in Adblock Plus devtools panel kzar defect P2 17 months 15 months
#6403 Update adblockplusui dependencies and metadata for options page launch greiner change P2 16 months 15 months
#6412 Update adblockpluscore dependency to revision 69a1ff0e91b3 hfiguiere change P2 16 months 15 months
#6417 empty error message for incorrect custom filters kzar defect P2 16 months 16 months
#6441 Enabled dom.webcomponents & ABP results in blank Firefox screens mjethani defect P2 16 months 16 months
#242 Element hiding filters can be overridden by the element's style attribute mjethani defect P3 5 years 15 months
#4579 Target promise-based browserext API mjethani change P3 3 years 15 months
#6298 White pages displayed in current version of Chrome Canary with Adblock Plus enabled mjethani defect Unknown 17 months 17 months
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