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Issue Summary Assignee Type Priority Module Created
#6936 Update adblockplusui dependency to 085509a03c94 (release-2018-5) kzar change P2 Platform 18 months
#7271 Adjust Chrome API calls to use Promises where possible kzar change P2 Platform 12 months
#7334 Remove ability to pass callback function into wrapped browser.* APIs mjethani change P2 Platform 12 months
#7338 Don't use any DOM APIs in the background page kzar change P2 Platform 12 months
#7342 Remove the code handling the data migration from ioIndexedDB geo change P2 Platform 12 months
#7343 Update adblockplusui dependency to f24c0b314ac8 (release-2018-5.-5) kzar change P2 Platform 12 months
#7384 Polyfill browser.webRequest.ResourceType for Edge kzar change P2 Platform 11 months
#7408 Remove window.confirm question notification fallback kzar change P2 User-Interface 11 months
#7430 UI not getting notified of change when toggling preference kzar defect P2 Platform 11 months
#7457 "Property-wise modification" prefs qunit test failing on Firefox 66 kzar defect P2 Platform 10 months
#7282 Skip online-only testcases when running locally Ross change P3 Automation 12 months
#7329 WebRTC connections are not blocked on Edge geo defect P3 Platform 12 months
#7347 Notification animations error on Edge geo defect P3 Unknown 12 months
#7308 Update adblockpluscore dependency to hg:728da87ae4b0 mjethani change Unknown Platform 12 months
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