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Issue Summary Module Status Assignee Type Priority Milestone
#6824 Remove /u flag for regular expressions Core closed defect Unknown
#6831 Deduplicate domains sources for content filters Core closed change P2
#6834 Index filter objects by hash Core closed change Unknown
#6839 Errors in console in Firefox 55, 51 Platform closed defect P2
#6840 Don't lowercase query string parameters for edge uninstallations Platform closed defect P2
#6845 Remove translatable strings from adblockpluschrome Unknown closed change P2
#6851 Implement IOScrollbar for infinite scroll User-Interface closed change Unknown
#6857 SpecialSubscription objects are never removed Core closed defect P3
#6861 Do not escape opening brackets in middle of filter text while serializing Core closed change P4
#6866 Icons on mobile options page are broken User-Interface closed change P1
#6869 Add richer DevTools panel reporting for snippets User-Interface closed change Unknown
#6873 $csp filter can make CSP options more insecure on Firefox 55 / 51 Platform closed defect Unknown
#6874 Cannot configure SSH URL for building from repos Automation closed defect Unknown
#6879 Update adblockplusui dependency to 476bd7fa39b6 Platform closed change P1 Adblock-Plus-3.3-for-Chrome-Opera-Firefox
#6882 [npm test] Firefox zombies remain when qunit tests fail Platform closed defect P2 Adblock-Plus-3.4-for-Chrome-Opera-Firefox
#6887 Run qunit tests in adblockpluschrome in chrome Platform closed change P2 Adblock-Plus-3.4-for-Chrome-Opera-Firefox
#6894 Finish issue reporter styles User-Interface closed change Unknown
#6896 Add new error message for invalid snippet filters User-Interface closed change Unknown
#6904 Avoid unnecessary linting when built for production User-Interface closed defect Unknown
#6911 Broken CSS query for [data-i18n-${attr}] User-Interface closed defect Unknown
#6917 Iframe collapsing doesn't work on Firefox Platform closed defect Unknown
#6924 Relax selector-type-no-unknown rule Automation closed change Unknown
#6925 Remove selector-no-qualifying-type stylelint rule Automation closed change Unknown
#6928 [CMS] Translation strings without default values Sitescripts closed change P3
#6929 Performance of updating subscriptions gets worse with each update Core closed defect P2
#6933 Update adblockpluscore to dcda4859fcbd (and adblockplusui for compatibility) Platform closed change P2 Adblock-Plus-3.4-for-Chrome-Opera-Firefox
#6935 IOBigToggle not rendered User-Interface closed defect P1
#6940 Use underscore prefixes for internal properties Core closed change P3
#6954 Domain-based whitelisting does not work for content filtering in subframes Platform closed defect P2
#6958 Lower minSdk required for -settings module Libadblockplus-Android closed change P3
#6959 Switch to using async/await in core unit tests Core closed change P4
#6970 Add commands section to manifest template and Unknown closed change Unknown
#6971 Update regular expressions for resource type detection Libadblockplus-Android closed change P3
#6988 Failing request in first-run page User-Interface closed defect Unknown
#6990 Implement IOFilterTable with IOFilterSearch and IOFilterList User-Interface closed change Unknown
#7008 Update adblockpluscore dependency to revision git:9fba045086ff73e3986fac2fefda86f8e8f79468 Libadblockplus closed change Unknown
#7011 Add "detectedLanguage" data point User-Interface closed defect Unknown
#7013 Firefox error: this.created() is not defined User-Interface closed defect P1
#7014 Update adblockplusui dependency to hg:42849c775697 (release-2018-4.3) Platform closed change P2 Adblock-Plus-3.4-for-Chrome-Opera-Firefox
#7017 Firefox popup not closing on tabs update User-Interface closed change P2
#7018 NoIssue - Beautify XML Report in Firefox too User-Interface closed defect P2
#7021 Compress filter text in memory Core closed change Unknown
#7026 Adjust target SDK Adblock-Plus-for-Samsung-Browser closed change Unknown
#7033 Meta data in filter list header ignored Core closed defect P1
#7034 Separate the emergency notifications from other notifications Core closed change Unknown
#7044 Allow URLSearchParams global in eslint config Unknown closed change Unknown
#7049 Allow users to more precisely select which element to block User-Interface closed change Unknown
#7055 [Gitlab CI] [Firefox] run "publish -- gecko" though CI Automation closed change P3
#7056 ElemHide.getSelectorsForDomain returns duplicates for generic and domain selectors Core closed defect Unknown
#7058 Write WebAssembly module loader Core closed change Unknown
#7063 ABP-logo and functionality vanishes on Chrome Platform closed defect Unknown
#7076 Initial notifications are not downloaded if user quickly turns off notifications Unknown closed defect Unknown
#7078 Block element sometimes causes console errors Platform closed defect P3
#7082 Use guard-for-in eslint rule Automation closed change Unknown
#7095 Remove unused filter state properties Core closed change P2
#7101 Replace metadata.* files with plain .json files. Automation closed change Unknown
#7103 Add docs npm script to adblockpluschrome Platform closed change Unknown Adblock-Plus-3.4.3-for-Chrome-Opera-Firefox
#7105 Convert updatepsl command from script to an npm script Automation closed change Unknown
#7113 First run page links are indistinguishable from normal text User-Interface closed defect Unknown
#7115 Explicitly test expiration parsing Core closed change Unknown
#7120 Reimplement "" as a NodeJS script, use Git instead of Mercurial Automation closed change Unknown
#7124 Use Retry-After HTTP header for filter list download retry attempts Core closed change Unknown
#7125 Use exponential backoff instead of our adhoc system for network failures Core closed change Unknown
#7126 Don't download filter lists while chrome.idle state is "locked" Core closed change Unknown
#7129 Don't check every hour for something to download Core closed change Unknown
#7130 FileSystem.Read() error is not handled Libadblockplus closed defect P2
#7132 Blocked requests counter increases when tab gets closed Unknown closed defect Unknown
#7135 Update adblockplusui dependency to TBD (release-2018-5.-8) Platform closed change Unknown
#7136 Add a Dockerfile for running tests and builds to adblockpluschrome and adblockpluscore Core closed change Unknown
#7142 Add examples to snippet JSDoc Core closed change P3
#7145 Change manifest name for release builds Automation closed change Unknown
#7146 Add manifest name for release builds User-Interface closed change Unknown
#7152 Loop affected by modifications to the list it iterates through Core closed defect Unknown
#7157 Add ability to test failing issue report submissions User-Interface closed change P3
#7159 Filter composer not being initialized on certain pages Platform closed defect Unknown
#7161 Block element popup in Edge is sometimes the wrong size Platform closed defect Unknown
#7163 Create test page for basic generic hide and block filters Websites closed change P3
#7164 Create test page for sitekey filters Websites closed change P3
#7165 Block Element not displaying on & Unknown closed defect Unknown
#7166 Automated tests no longer just run on Windows Automation closed defect P2
#7167 Automated tests fail on Firefox Windows Automation closed defect Unknown
#7174 Block element window is recreated if open when Edge is force closed Platform closed defect Unknown
#7176 Settings page checkboxes can get stuck User-Interface closed defect P3
#7177 Some element hiding emulation filters fail on Edge Platform closed defect Unknown
#7179 Add function to return all matching filters Core closed change P2
#7180 Add new style sheet only if it differs from old style sheet Platform closed change Unknown
#7183 Update dependencies file Libadblockplus closed change Unknown
#7186 Failure on missing .git/info folder Automation closed defect Unknown
#7188 Crash/recovery page showing up on Firefox for Android with the Adblock Plus extension Platform closed defect Unknown
#7194 tox is failing for buildtools, reporting flake8 errors Automation closed defect Unknown
#7203 Objects are not actually hidden in Edge Platform closed defect Unknown
#7204 Websockets are not blocked in Edge Platform closed defect Unknown
#7215 Subscription link overlay is hidden if multiple Options pages are open in Edge User-Interface closed defect Unknown
#7217 Extension requests send incorrect applicationVersion on Edge Platform closed defect Unknown
#7224 Generic filter text logged if specific filter with same selector matches Platform closed defect P3
#7233 Update adblockplusui dependency to 9d5bf3fd8ea9 (release-2018-4.8) Platform closed change Unknown Adblock-Plus-3.5-for-Chrome-Opera-Firefox
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