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Issue Summary Module Status Assignee Type Priority Milestone
#110 Some people don't see texts on the first run page Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer closed defect P3
#112 Use an external node classifier to map nodes to classes Infrastructure closed matze change P4
#113 Look into improving "conversions" when people submit reports that are known issues Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox closed change P3
#114 Create simplified ABP preferences dialog User-Interface closed change Unknown
#116 Document the libadblockplus API Libadblockplus closed fhd change P2
#117 Allow other events to be processed while patterns.ini is being read Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox closed trev defect P2 Adblock-Plus-2.6-for-Firefox
#118 Add share buttons to the Adblock Plus blog Websites closed change P4
#119 Switch to injecting CSS for element hiding, falling back to traversal on older IE Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer closed sergz change P3 Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer-1.6
#120 Support acceptable ads in IE Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer closed oleksandr change P2 Adblock-Plus-1.2-for-Internet-Explorer
#121 Update the getting started instructions for Opera Websites closed change Unknown 1.0.0
#122 Build server-side for collection of URL Fixer usage data Infrastructure closed change Unknown
#123 Don't hard code the admin email address everywhere Infrastructure closed matze change P3
#124 Server certificates shouldn't be put into sites-available Infrastructure closed change P4
#125 Get rid of ExtractDomain(), let libadblockplus do it Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer closed oleksandr defect P3 Adblock-Plus-1.2-for-Internet-Explorer
#126 ABP breaks page refresh at Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer closed arthur defect P3
#128 [meta] Document projects consistently Unknown closed change P4
#129 [Document projects consistently] Add a to the adblockplusandroid repository Adblock-Plus-for-Android closed fhd change P4 Adblock-Plus-for-Android-1.3
#130 [Document projects consistently] Add a to the adblockplus repository Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox closed fhd change P4 Adblock-Plus-2.6.5-for-Firefox
#131 [Document projects consistently] Add a to the adblockpluschrome repository Platform closed trev change P4 Adblock-Plus-1.8.11-for-Chrome-Opera-Safari
#132 [Document projects consistently] Add a to the adblockplustests repository Extensions-for-Adblock-Plus closed kzar change P4
#133 [Document projects consistently] Add a to the sitescripts repository Sitescripts closed kzar defect P4
#134 [Document projects consistently] Replace the Firefox-specific instructions on with something more generic Websites closed fhd change P4
#135 Use the new CyanogenMod proxy registration API Adblock-Plus-for-Android closed rjeschke change P2 Adblock-Plus-for-Android-1.3
#136 * sites should redirect to translated pages Infrastructure closed change P3
#137 Get rid of Utils.threadManager Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox closed trev defect P4 Adblock-Plus-2.6-for-Firefox
#138 [meta] Remove timeline code Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox closed change P4 Adblock-Plus-2.6.5-for-Firefox
#139 [Remove timeline code] Remove timeline.js and callers Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox closed beelzy change P4 Adblock-Plus-2.6.5-for-Firefox
#140 [Remove timeline code] Remove timeline-specific build hacks Automation closed change P4
#141 Update URL Fixer's typoRules.json automatically URL-Fixer closed change Unknown
#142 Ad counter: A different text should be shared if the ad count is zero User-Interface closed change P4
#143 Use chrome.runtime.reload() to reload Adblock Plus in Chrome development environment Automation closed trev change P4
#144 Chrome development environment doesn't need to poll a port to recognize changes Automation closed change P4 Adblock-Plus-1.8-for-Chrome-Opera-Safari
#145 [meta] Implement typed objects Core closed trev change P5
#146 Add meta data to blog Websites closed juliandoucette change P2
#147 [Typed objects] Implement object types Core closed trev change P2
#148 [Typed objects] Implement fixed-size array types Core closed change P2
#149 [Typed objects] Implement dictionary types Core closed trev change P5
#150 [Typed objects] Implement string type Core closed trev change P2
#151 [Typed objects] Implement dynamically-sized array types Core closed trev change P2
#152 patterns.ini contents are being processed multiple times Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox closed trev defect P1 Adblock-Plus-2.6-for-Firefox
#153 Switch to using OS.File for I/O in Firefox Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox closed trev change P3 Adblock-Plus-2.6-for-Firefox
#154 Add devtools panel showing blockable items User-Interface closed sebastian change P3 Adblock-Plus-1.11-for-Chrome-Opera-Safari
#156 wrong icons parameter value in manifest.json for chrome Platform closed saroyanm defect P4 Adblock-Plus-1.8-for-Chrome-Opera-Safari
#157 Create dedicated donation page on Infrastructure closed greiner change P3
#158 Set up A/B testing for donate page Infrastructure closed change P3
#162 Add more information to anti adblock notification User-Interface closed change P4
#168 [trac] always notify reporter and owner of issues Infrastructure closed philll change Unknown
#170 Replacing Mercurial subrepositories Infrastructure closed trev change P4
#171 [trac] setting issues to "codereview" status is possible for all users Infrastructure closed philll defect Unknown
#172 Don't make our icons web accessible Platform closed saroyanm defect P1 Adblock-Plus-1.8-for-Chrome-Opera-Safari
#173 Adblock Plus for IE does not respect $third-party in filters Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer closed oleksandr defect P2 Adblock-Plus-1.2-for-Internet-Explorer
#174 Port anti-adblock notification to Chrome, Opera and Safari Platform closed greiner change P1 Adblock-Plus-1.8-for-Chrome-Opera-Safari
#175 Blocks images of stackoverflow logo in stack overflow website. Extensions-for-Adblock-Plus closed defect Unknown
#176 AdBlock Plus icon clipped in IE at high DPI Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer closed oleksandr defect P3 Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer-1.5
#177 Firefox startup still slow and causes potential unresponsiveness after startup (follow up to #117) Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox closed defect Unknown
#178 Deal with missing frame URL gracefully Platform closed sebastian defect P1 Adblock-Plus-1.8-for-Chrome-Opera-Safari
#179 Make sure webRequest listener never throws exceptions Platform closed change P1 Adblock-Plus-1.8-for-Chrome-Opera-Safari
#180 Status bar not displaying correctly in Thunderbird Unknown closed defect P3
#181 Port icon popup from Chrome, Opera and Safari to Firefox User-Interface closed saroyanm change P3
#183 The comment box is not visible when filing a report. Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox closed defect Unknown
#184 [IE8] keeps loading Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer closed defect P3
#185 [seamonkey] ABP icon is added to bookmark bar after installation Unknown closed saroyanm defect P3
#186 [seamonkey] disabled ABP icon in tool bar re-appears after seamonkey restart Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox closed saroyanm defect P2 Adblock-Plus-2.6.1-for-Firefox
#187 Adblock Plus for Chrome extension conflicting with Hangouts Core closed defect P2
#188 Utils.yield is undefined Platform closed defect P2
#189 Implement API changes from #117, #153, #192 in Chrome and libadblockplus Platform closed trev change P2 Adblock-Plus-1.8-for-Chrome-Opera-Safari
#190 Adblock Plus toolbar icon disappearing Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox closed defect P4
#191 chrome, ABP dev build 1131 ==> all settings are lost Core closed greiner defect P1 Adblock-Plus-1.8-for-Chrome-Opera-Safari
#192 Clean up from #153 Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox closed trev change P3 Adblock-Plus-2.6-for-Firefox
#193 re:paltalk ads flash Unknown closed defect Unknown
#194 no video in opera for Platform closed greiner defect P3 Adblock-Plus-1.8-for-Chrome-Opera-Safari
#196 doesn't automatically add filter lists after installing Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox closed trev defect P1 Adblock-Plus-2.6-for-Firefox
#197 Lenovo chat issue w ABP enabled w no Filterlists enabled Unknown closed defect P2
#198 Icon disappears after restart of Firefox Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox closed defect Unknown
#199 [filter lists] Don't allow multiple Expires comments Infrastructure closed trev change P3
#200 New Issue page - dropdown menu tooltips appear behind the menus Infrastructure closed defect Unknown
#201 New Issue page - Review URL(s) box is too small Infrastructure closed philll defect Unknown
#202 Persona / lightweight theme background image for add-on bar missing Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox closed defect Unknown
#203 Replacing "ChinaList" with "EasyList China" in Chrome, Opera, Safari, IE and Android Platform closed change Unknown Adblock-Plus-1.8-for-Chrome-Opera-Safari
#204 Replacing "ChinaList" with "EasyList China" in Chrome, Opera, Safari and Android Adblock-Plus-for-Android closed change P3 Adblock-Plus-for-Android-1.3
#205 Replacing "ChinaList" with "EasyList China" in Chrome, Opera, Safari, IE and Android Libadblockplus closed change Unknown
#206 Add a pre-configurable option to disable the first run page in Firefox Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox closed fhd change P3 Adblock-Plus-2.6.9-for-Firefox
#207 [trac] Review text box width too small Infrastructure closed defect Unknown
#209 Video ads and ads within videos are not being blocked. Unknown closed defect Unknown
#210 Cant install china filter Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox closed defect Unknown
#211 [trac] Make priority/milestone/component fields visible to everybody Infrastructure closed trev change P2
#212 Update Discourse Infrastructure closed change P3
#213 Make sure can still parse Puppet files with newer Puppet releases Infrastructure closed trev change P4
#214 ABP forum just shows an nginx error Infrastructure closed trev defect P1
#215 Donation page broken in Firefox Infrastructure closed greiner defect P1
#216 Firefox - First run page opens on every update Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox closed trev defect P1 Adblock-Plus-2.6-for-Firefox
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