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Issue Summary Module Status Assignee Type Priority Milestone
#4825 Let ElemHideEmulation associate selector and filter Core closed change Unknown
#4826 Unit tests have race conditions arising from asynchrony in I/O and web request Libadblockplus closed eric defect Unknown
#4827 Add relentless notification to notification parser Sitescripts closed change Unknown
#4828 Move code, adding default subscriptions into adblockpluscore Core closed change Unknown
#4829 Empty error message when adding invalid filter Platform closed sebastian defect P2
#4830 FairCompany logo change on Websites closed juliandoucette change P3
#4831 Running with devenv flag throws an error Unknown closed defect Unknown
#4832 The API to initialize I/O resources is inherently racy Libadblockplus closed defect Unknown
#4833 Enable CrowdIn translations for adblockpluscore, migrate strings Core closed change P2
#4835 ABP crashing in chrome canary Version 58.0.2990.0 Platform closed defect Unknown
#4836 Buildtools uses an old URL for checking allowed Crowdin locales Automation closed kzar defect P2
#4837 Fix share overlay and hide it on small screens User-Interface closed saroyanm change P3
#4838 Use nodeunit framework for integration tests running in browser Core closed trev change P4
#4840 "Block Element" tool fails to remove some grey overlay elements Platform closed defect P3
#4841 Memory leak when XMLHttpRequests are blocked on a page Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox closed defect Unknown
#4842 Add "Tick / Untick All" button & hotkey in Filter preferences > Filter subscriptions & Custom filters tabs Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox closed change Unknown
#4851 Redirect filter list comment not ignored if same address Core closed defect Unknown
#4854 IsDocumentWhitelisted crashes Core closed defect P2
#4855 Standardize EM or PX usage for spacing of components Websites closed change P2
#4856 Reimplement getDocLink assignment in adblockplusUI User-Interface closed change P3
#4863 Updates to Team page on Websites closed change P4
#4864 Start using ESLint for adblockpluschrome repository Platform closed kzar change P2 Adblock-Plus-1.13.3-for-Chrome-Opera
#4865 Make sure Identity.Name attribute is different for development builds for Edge Platform closed oleksandr change Unknown
#4866 Regression with CSP based blocking since the switch to frame-src Platform closed kzar defect P1 Adblock-Plus-1.13-for-Chrome-Opera
#4867 No options for ABP on Android Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox closed defect Unknown
#4868 Unfix header Websites closed change P4
#4870 AAC application form select tabindex disrupts keyboard input Websites closed defect P3
#4871 Start using ESLint for adblockplusui repository User-Interface closed kzar change P3
#4872 Update privacy policy with information about Adblock Browser error reporting Websites closed juliandoucette change P2
#4873 Update meta title and description on committee/apply page of Websites closed juliandoucette change P3 cleanup
#4874 Full text search causes crash Adblock-Browser-for-iOS closed defect P1 Adblock-Browser-for-iOS-1.5.2
#4875 Change app_id paremeter names for Microsoft Edge builds Platform closed oleksandr change Unknown
#4877 emails from adblock Unknown closed defect Unknown
#4878 Start using ESLint for adblockpluscore repository Unknown closed kzar change Unknown
#4879 Not work hiding in ABP for Firefox on Unknown closed defect Unknown
#4880 Create Nightlies Test 'test_copy_repository' Fails on Ubuntu Sitescripts closed defect Unknown
#4881 Bundle Adblock Browser with the new Acceptable Ads favicon Adblock-Browser-for-iOS closed change P3 Adblock-Browser-for-iOS-1.5.2
#4882 Rename flake8-abp to flake8-eyeo Sitescripts closed sebastian change P3
#4884 flake8-eyeo (formerly flake8-abp) tests are failing with flake8 3.3.0 Sitescripts closed sebastian defect P3
#4886 Error "ChromeTabNotFound" appearing often Adblock-Browser-for-iOS closed defect P2 Adblock-Browser-for-iOS-1.5.2
#4888 Add SCSS build feature to CMS or website infrastructure Sitescripts closed change Unknown
#4889 Checkboxes automatically change their state if clicked too fast Adblock-Browser-for-Android closed diegocarloslima defect P4 Adblock-Browser-for-Android-1.2.0
#4893 No video showing on YouTube, only its sound is playing Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox closed defect Unknown
#4894 Block requests from mysterious adblocker that concentrates traffic on 21:00 UTC Infrastructure closed paco change P2
#4895 Add approval select boxes to trac issues Infrastructure closed change Unknown
#4896 Decommission filter6 and server11 Infrastructure closed ferris change P2
#4897 Add a new job ad on Websites closed change Unknown
#4898 Add Recruitment Manager job to Websites closed erick defect P3
#4899 Setup template META description using page variable for Websites closed erick change P4
#4902 sitekey whitelisting broken in Adblock Plus for Safari Platform closed kzar defect P4 Adblock-Plus-1.12.5-for-Safari
#4903 Allow to specify file system root Libadblockplus-Android closed asmirnov change P2
#4904 'Clear History' does not function Adblock-Browser-for-iOS closed defect P1 Adblock-Browser-for-iOS-1.5.2
#4905 script failing Adblock-Plus-for-iOS/macOS closed defect Unknown
#4906 change cloning in ensure_dependecies Automation closed defect P2
#4907 Update v8 to 5.7.278 in libadblockplus Libadblockplus closed sergz change P2
#4908 ABB crashes during start-up on older devices Adblock-Browser-for-iOS closed defect P1 Adblock-Browser-for-iOS-1.5.2
#4910 ABP for Edge messes up the ad controls on YouTube Platform closed defect Unknown
#4911 Remove obsolete ElemHideEmulation.load/apply Core closed change Unknown
#4912 Update media coverage links on Websites closed ire defect P2
#4914 Returning from iTunes to web page states 'Back to Adblock' Adblock-Browser-for-iOS closed defect Unknown
#4915 Expose ext.i18n for background pages Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox closed wspee change P2 Adblock-Plus-2.9-for-Firefox
#4917 Shrink space around accent section headings and content when section contains cards on Websites closed ire change P2 cleanup
#4918 Create card deck component for Websites closed change Unknown cleanup
#4919 Make getBackupFiles in lib/filterStorage.js asynchronous Core closed trev change P2
#4920 Add "Ready for Windows" section to Websites closed ire change P3
#4921 Add full-width background image component to website-defaults Websites closed change Unknown
#4922 Add advanced separators component to website defaults Websites closed change Unknown
#4923 Create a dropdown component for Help Center Websites closed ire change P3 1.0.0
#4924 Create autocomplete component for help center Websites closed change P3 1.1.0
#4925 Create accordion component for Help Center Websites closed ire change P3 1.0.0
#4926 Add Creative Copywriter job ad to Websites closed lisabielik change P3
#4928 No longer call ElemHideEmulation.load Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox closed wspee change Unknown
#4931 add possibility to not send data depending on connection properties Libadblockplus closed sergz change P1
#4932 Adjust repository permissions Infrastructure closed fred change Unknown
#4933 Mirror repositories Infrastructure closed ferris change P3
#4934 Add 'Requirements for Adblock Plus recommended filter lists' page to Websites closed change P3
#4935 Kelley Blue Book detects ad-blocker Unknown closed defect Unknown
#4936 Latest ABB .apk does not install over Play Store version Adblock-Browser-for-Android closed defect Unknown
#4937 Unit tests have race conditions because we are not waiting for initialized state Libadblockplus closed defect P4
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