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Issue Summary Module Status Assignee Type Priority Milestone
#78 [meta] ChimeraScript Automation closed trev change Unknown
#104 Update locale validation User-Interface closed change Unknown
#113 Look into improving "conversions" when people submit reports that are known issues Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox closed change P3
#118 Add share buttons to the Adblock Plus blog Websites closed change P4
#205 Replacing "ChinaList" with "EasyList China" in Chrome, Opera, Safari, IE and Android Libadblockplus closed change Unknown
#278 Add a pre-configurable option to disable the first run page in Chrome Platform closed change P3
#306 Regularly check for notifications Platform closed change P4
#315 Add a way to disable custom filters in browsers besides Firefox User-Interface closed agiammarchi change P3
#334 Make donation page compatible with all supported platforms Infrastructure closed greiner change P3
#400 Generate update manifests for Internet Explorer releases Infrastructure closed change P2
#420 Add a way to specify default subscriptions in corporate environment Unknown closed change P5
#429 Investigate whether inline scripts can be blocked Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox closed change Unknown
#551 Prevent hidden "ADD" button by moving it left Unknown closed change Unknown
#636 ABP should remove Chrome's error message in some blocked iframes Platform closed change P3
#688 Remove Getting Started page from Websites closed change P5 1.0.0
#747 ABP needs serious optimization Unknown closed change Unknown
#1077 Remove FAQ pages from Websites closed change P5 1.0.0
#1126 ABP for Android & ABP for Firefox for Android need 2 changes Unknown closed change Unknown
#1332 Disable on this site for this session (temporary, self-deleting whitelist filters) Unknown closed change Unknown
#1422 Add a way to subscribe to any known filter list in Chrome, Opera and Safari User-Interface closed change P4
#1462 Create a development certificate authority Office-IT closed matze change P2
#1536 Replace ABP icon with new one (v.1.1) - for Opera User-Interface closed change P3
#1687 Use signatures.js from adblockplustests in adblockpluschrome Platform closed change P4
#1718 Limit workaround for Chrome bug breaking Flash videos to Chrome 38-40 Platform closed sebastian change P3
#1881 Show rating of Adblock Plus in the Google search results Websites closed change Unknown
#1923 Latest URLs for IE devbuild point to outdated version Infrastructure closed change Unknown
#2013 Replace "for each" loops with "for of" loops (Buildtools) Automation closed ngduonglam change P4
#2025 Add link to show which URLs were blocked on this page Platform closed change Unknown
#2054 [ Anwiki to CMS migration] Add translations for misc strings on interface pages Websites closed change P4
#2091 [cms] Allow defining custom functions in the website repository Sitescripts closed change P4
#2107 Prettifying sharing an ABP blog post Websites closed change Unknown
#2149 Add proper support for nsIContentPolicy.TYPE_IMAGESET Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox closed change P3
#2153 Improve ENC by removing hiera/private requirement Infrastructure closed matze change P3
#2350 Remove Add-ons, Apps and Sync Adblock-Browser-for-Android closed rjeschke change P2 Adblock-Browser-for-Android-beta-
#2391 Create a new filter class for CSS property filters Core closed change P2
#2411 Make tooltips on new options page more accessible User-Interface closed change P3
#2565 Add "share filters" option to the "Add Filter(s)?" dialog box in ABP for Chrome User-Interface closed change P3
#2608 Update libadblockplus dependency to revision 8193b978a2c2 Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer closed change P3
#2670 Wrap header, footer and nav content with corresponding tags User-Interface closed change Unknown
#2685 [meta] Use toolbar icon to indicate that Acceptable Ads are present on current site User-Interface closed change Unknown
#2706 [meta] Finalize new options page implementation User-Interface closed change P2
#2776 Change text 'Adblocking' to 'Ad blocking' for the Adblock Browser (iOS) UI Adblock-Browser-for-iOS closed change Unknown
#2778 Change text 'Adblocking' to 'Ad blocking' for the new options page User-Interface closed change P3
#2779 Create a landing page for Microsoft Edge Websites closed oleksandr change Unknown
#2811 New Feature Request: Temporarily "Disable on this Site" User-Interface closed change Unknown
#2848 Show date of last successful filter list download when it failed User-Interface closed change P3
#2925 Support notification opt-out in libadblockplus Libadblockplus closed change Unknown
#3001 FAQ settings item should lead to the Adblock Browser FAQ Adblock-Browser-for-Android closed diegocarloslima change P2
#3095 Use a JavaScript Map in ElemHide Core closed change Unknown
#3146 Host Safari content blocker lists on Infrastructure closed change P2
#3154 Extend handling of message in adblockplusui User-Interface closed change P3
#3159 Change order of elements in press and hold (context) menu Adblock-Browser-for-iOS closed change P3
#3187 Add tests for Acceptable Ads detection to testpages Unknown closed change Unknown
#3212 Management of pattern file for large scale deployment for Chrome is outdated Platform closed change Unknown
#3338 Update adblockplus reference in libadblockplus Libadblockplus closed change Unknown
#3389 Update the ABP Plugin used by Adblock Browser for Android Adblock-Browser-for-Android closed diegocarloslima change P2
#3488 Don't hardcode social media links in first-run page User-Interface closed change P3
#3619 Generate docs outside the devbuild build process Sitescripts closed fhd change P2
#3749 Encourage user to update subscriptions if there is at least one one day old subscription and user attempts to report an issue User-Interface closed change Unknown
#3770 Generate Key-Pairs and Certificates via Puppet Infrastructure closed matze change P2
#3863 New Logo on Websites closed saroyanm change P3
#4102 Improve HDD monitoring via SMART-data Infrastructure closed change P2
#4107 Document how to build libadblockplus for Android Libadblockplus closed asmirnov change P3
#4161 Set up a redirect for the Adblock Browser for Android FAQ Infrastructure closed change P2
#4267 [meta] Split up new-options.js into separate modules User-Interface closed change Unknown
#4379 Add Crowdin Server Fixture and GET Info Method to CMS Tests Unknown closed change Unknown
#4381 Add File Operations For Crowdin API Tests Sitescripts closed change Unknown
#4422 Replace the old implementation of "formmail" with "formmail2" and add an alias Sitescripts closed change P3
#4423 Migrate and to use "formmail" Infrastructure closed change Unknown
#4424 Remove the formmail2 alias for formmail Sitescripts closed change P3
#4476 Implement a tool to debug hiding filters including -abp-properties filters (and :has in the future) User-Interface closed change Unknown
#4492 Refactor messageResponder to be less monolithic and more convenient to use User-Interface closed change Unknown
#4530 ABP slows down page load, even if it's disabled for the current domain Unknown closed change Unknown
#4585 Change the logo in press materials to a new one Unknown closed change Unknown
#4594 Website text for Edge needs to be updated Websites closed change Unknown
#4617 Set up Edge development builds on the server Infrastructure closed change Unknown
#4626 Update development build creation for Edge Sitescripts closed change P2
#4710 Default meta data Websites closed change Unknown
#4713 Switch from Shadow DOM v0 to Shadow DOM v1 Platform closed change P2
#4716 Update adblockpluscore and adblockplusui dependency to TBA Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox closed wspee change Unknown
#4755 Update text and some UI elements on the adware page on Websites closed change P4 1.0.0
#4793 Make toolbar icon state colors more distinct for color blind users Unknown closed change Unknown
#4801 Use modern JavaScript syntax throughout adblockplusui User-Interface closed change Unknown
#4816 Change the name of "Consumer Group" to "Digital Rights Organization" on the Acceptable Ads Committee Application form Websites closed change P1
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