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Issue Summary Module Status Assignee Type Priority Milestone
#7359 :-abp-has() does not work with nested :-abp-properties() where the :-abp-properties() selector ends in a combinator Core closed defect Unknown
#7382 Replace XMLHttpRequest with Fetch Core closed mjethani change P2
#7451 Add support for running snippets on specific platforms Core closed change Unknown
#7462 Different results based on filter order Core closed defect Unknown
#1139 "Icon and text" setting duplicates toolbar icon text in the Australis menu Extensions-for-Adblock-Plus closed defect P4
#207 [trac] Review text box width too small Infrastructure closed defect Unknown
#263 Links to issues in changelog for dev builds are wrong Infrastructure closed defect Unknown
#329 Issue links in changelogs should point to the issue tracker, not MozDev Infrastructure closed defect P3
#334 Make donation page compatible with all supported platforms Infrastructure closed greiner change P3
#400 Generate update manifests for Internet Explorer releases Infrastructure closed change P2
#1923 Latest URLs for IE devbuild point to outdated version Infrastructure closed change Unknown
#2153 Improve ENC by removing hiera/private requirement Infrastructure closed matze change P3
#2226 No issue report e-mails are being sent to filter list authors Infrastructure closed defect P1
#2314 Replace Exec["fetch_sitescripts"] with Class["sitescripts"] Infrastructure closed matze defect P4
#2570 Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 Mobile is detected as Android Infrastructure closed defect Unknown
#3146 Host Safari content blocker lists on Infrastructure closed change P2
#3770 Generate Key-Pairs and Certificates via Puppet Infrastructure closed matze change P2
#4102 Improve HDD monitoring via SMART-data Infrastructure closed change P2
#4161 Set up a redirect for the Adblock Browser for Android FAQ Infrastructure closed change P2
#4423 Migrate and to use "formmail" Infrastructure closed change Unknown
#4617 Set up Edge development builds on the server Infrastructure closed change Unknown
#5561 Redirect unknown locales to english Infrastructure closed change Unknown
#5958 Remove redirection introduced in #5869 Infrastructure closed ferris change Unknown
#205 Replacing "ChinaList" with "EasyList China" in Chrome, Opera, Safari, IE and Android Libadblockplus closed change Unknown
#2925 Support notification opt-out in libadblockplus Libadblockplus closed change Unknown
#3338 Update adblockplus reference in libadblockplus Libadblockplus closed change Unknown
#4107 Document how to build libadblockplus for Android Libadblockplus closed asmirnov change P3
#5016 Crash with no UpdateCheckDoneCallback passed Libadblockplus closed sergz defect P1
#5602 Use existing v8::Isolate instance Libadblockplus closed change P3
#4051 JsValue 'isNumber' method is not registered Libadblockplus-Android closed asmirnov defect P3
#5054 build libadblockplus-android with error ndk Libadblockplus-Android closed defect P5
#1462 Create a development certificate authority Office-IT closed matze change P2
#278 Add a pre-configurable option to disable the first run page in Chrome Platform closed change P3
#306 Regularly check for notifications Platform closed change P4
#439 Ads aren't blocked in Opera's speed dial thumbnails Platform closed defect Unknown
#452 Adblock Plus for Chrome adding shadow dom breaks CSS transitions Platform closed defect P3
#480 AdBlock Plus 1.8 momentarily and regularly freezes Chrome Platform closed defect Unknown
#482 Chrome: POST-form returning a PDF makes an additional GET request Platform closed defect P2
#501 PDFs generated by POST requests broken in Chrome Platform closed defect Unknown
#636 ABP should remove Chrome's error message in some blocked iframes Platform closed change P3
#659 XML page not loaded, ABP 1.8.3, chrome 35 Platform closed defect P3
#709 Block element dialog removes clicked instead matching element Platform closed defect P3
#1124 'Block element' overlays are shown in unexpected places Platform closed defect P3
#1253 ABP Firefox is able to block ads on but not Chrome ABP Platform closed defect P3
#1272 Request blocking is active on options and first run page leading to JavaScript errors Platform closed sebastian defect P3
#1291 Block element(Right click menu item) does not function on chrome webstore page Platform closed defect P3
#1350 Lots of "got unexpected message:" errors in console for options page Platform closed defect P4
#1373 Extra click is require to add filter for block element on redbus site Platform closed defect P3
#1395 Block element does not work well yahoo mail sigin Platform closed defect P3
#1687 Use signatures.js from adblockplustests in adblockpluschrome Platform closed change P4
#1718 Limit workaround for Chrome bug breaking Flash videos to Chrome 38-40 Platform closed sebastian change P3
#1741 "Block element" dialog doesn't work while first run page is open Platform closed defect P3
#1792 Block element can not select elements inside srcdoc iframe Platform closed defect P3
#2025 Add link to show which URLs were blocked on this page Platform closed change Unknown
#2207 Add filter dialog does not appear and contains incorrect filter Platform closed defect Unknown
#2743 [Adblock Plus for Chrome] "Add filter" dialog not triggered when blocking an embedded ad Platform closed defect Unknown
#3212 Management of pattern file for large scale deployment for Chrome is outdated Platform closed change Unknown
#3356 Calling Element.createShadowRoot() for an element which already hosts a shadow root is deprecated Platform closed defect Unknown
#3510 2 ABP options tabs are opened when adding a list from Platform closed defect Unknown
#3711 Block Element frame is to small by default / scrolling is necessary. Platform closed defect Unknown
#3845 Google Docs documents throw error messages with ABP enabled Platform closed defect Unknown
#4151 ABP icon looks squashed in Chrome 53 Canary Platform closed defect Unknown
#4305 Popup isn't blocked if opened through local page with refresh in header. Platform closed sebastian defect P3
#4307, ads still visible Platform closed defect Unknown
#4475 Chrome developer tools panel does not list -abp-properties matches Platform closed defect P3
#4590 WebSocket wrapper breaking code that extends the WebSocket object Platform closed defect Unknown
#4664 Brightcove player crashes in Chrome with Adblock plus on Platform closed defect Unknown
#4713 Switch from Shadow DOM v0 to Shadow DOM v1 Platform closed change P2
#4840 "Block Element" tool fails to remove some grey overlay elements Platform closed defect P3
#5089 Update the adblockpluscore dependency to 5079-export-elemhideemulation Platform closed change P2
#5236 Update the abp2blocklist dependency to SOME_REVISION for Safari Platform closed change P3
#5337 [webextension] Still lags for 20 to 30 seconds once every hour Platform closed defect Unknown
#5589 [webextension] "Block element" isn't working Platform closed defect P2
#5625 ABP Safari not blocking and/or unblocking detection pixels Platform closed defect Unknown
#5663 [webextension] Could not establish connection error after fresh install Platform closed defect Unknown
#5708 Replace all uses of the background page's require in the popup with messaging Platform closed change P2
#6008 Add trigger to open Updates page Platform closed greiner change P2
#6092 No "Block element" context menu entry on Platform closed defect Unknown
#6384 Undefined response object causing errors Platform closed defect Unknown
#6427 Log element hiding exceptions in the developer tools panel Platform closed jsonesen change P2
#6528 Response is undefined messages in background console Platform closed defect P2
#6612 First-run page opened each time extension loads Platform closed defect Unknown
#6650 Update buildtools dependency to 168dac24ad9e Platform closed defect Unknown
#6753 Update adblockplusui/adblockpluscore dependency to 9a652397b9af/0cf4e33d288b Platform closed change Unknown Adblock-Plus-3.3-for-Chrome-Opera-Firefox
#6778 ABP for Edge fails on some test cases on Platform closed defect Unknown
#6821 Extension broken on Chrome 49 Platform closed defect P1
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