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Issue Summary Module Status Assignee Type Priority Milestone
#2028 Allow adding personal list URLs in Android Unknown closed defect Unknown
#1278 Allow some non-intrusive advertising option is not maintained with ABP disable and enable on Mobile Firefox. Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox closed defect Unknown
#6770 Allow the "s" flag in :-abp-contains() regular expressions Unknown closed hfiguiere change Unknown
#2026 Allow updating individual lists too User-Interface closed defect Unknown
#7049 Allow users to more precisely select which element to block User-Interface closed change Unknown
#330 Android version not working on x86 RAZR i Adblock-Plus-for-Android closed defect Unknown
#6714 Another site where ABP element blocking does not work Unknown closed defect Unknown
#717 Anti-Adblock script detects ABP despite "disable on page" Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox closed defect P4
#6369 Automatically download latest Adblock Plus releases from the CWS Automation closed change Unknown
#217 Avoid main-thread IO in ABP for Firefox Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox closed defect Unknown
#4235 Better Anti-adblock switches options. Unknown closed defect Unknown
#1261 Blank page on w/ EasyPrivacy Unknown closed defect P2
#3711 Block Element frame is to small by default / scrolling is necessary. Platform closed defect Unknown
#7165 Block Element not displaying on & Unknown closed defect Unknown
#1432 Block element behavior is NOT proper on XML content page Unknown closed defect Unknown
#1792 Block element can not select elements inside srcdoc iframe Platform closed defect P3
#1443 Block element dialog is cut off if shown in a small frame Unknown closed defect Unknown
#709 Block element dialog removes clicked instead matching element Platform closed defect P3
#5979 Block element does not suggest a filter Unknown closed defect Unknown
#1395 Block element does not work well yahoo mail sigin Platform closed defect P3
#1291 Block element(Right click menu item) does not function on chrome webstore page Platform closed defect P3
#1323 Blocked elements counter increases without stopping Unknown closed defect Unknown
#1348 Blocked search box element reappears on page refresh Unknown closed defect Unknown
#1845 Blocking functionality doesn't always work in Adblock Plus for Maxthon Unknown closed defect Unknown
#4664 Brightcove player crashes in Chrome with Adblock plus on Platform closed defect Unknown
#1931 Button "On/Off" switch off only function Adblock Unknown closed defect Unknown
#1636 Button blocking behavior is improper Unknown closed defect Unknown
#2011 CSS syntax of filter is not validated like Chrome Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox closed defect Unknown
#3356 Calling Element.createShadowRoot() for an element which already hosts a shadow root is deprecated Platform closed defect Unknown
#6349 Can't find a way to disable first run page in Firefox Websites closed defect Unknown
#1749 Cannot add "@@||^$document" in ABP for google chrome User-Interface closed defect Unknown
#5346 Cannot map dependency resource to non-existent directory Automation closed defect Unknown
#5195 Change Marshas' job title on Team Page Websites closed saroyanm change P3
#3159 Change order of elements in press and hold (context) menu Adblock-Browser-for-iOS closed change P3
#2776 Change text 'Adblocking' to 'Ad blocking' for the Adblock Browser (iOS) UI Adblock-Browser-for-iOS closed change Unknown
#2778 Change text 'Adblocking' to 'Ad blocking' for the new options page User-Interface closed change P3
#4585 Change the logo in press materials to a new one Unknown closed change Unknown
#4816 Change the name of "Consumer Group" to "Digital Rights Organization" on the Acceptable Ads Committee Application form Websites closed change P1
#4475 Chrome developer tools panel does not list -abp-properties matches Platform closed defect P3
#482 Chrome: POST-form returning a PDF makes an additional GET request Platform closed defect P2
#7105 Convert updatepsl command from script to an npm script Automation closed change Unknown
#6358 Correct resource URL colours for dark theme version of our developer tools panel User-Interface closed defect P3
#6700 Count in ABP icon is incorrect when a high number of ads are blocked User-Interface closed defect Unknown
#4819 Count in text about company nationalities does not match Websites closed defect P3
#4322 Counter increases without stopping User-Interface closed defect Unknown
#5016 Crash with no UpdateCheckDoneCallback passed Libadblockplus closed sergz defect P1
#1462 Create a development certificate authority Office-IT closed matze change P2
#2779 Create a landing page for Microsoft Edge Websites closed oleksandr change Unknown
#2391 Create a new filter class for CSS property filters Core closed change P2
#4918 Create card deck component for Websites closed change Unknown cleanup
#7352 Create test case for object subrequest filter option Websites closed Ross change P4
#7351 Create test cases for Generic Block and Generic Hide Websites closed Ross change P4
#2680 Decommission Unknown closed matze defect Unknown
#4710 Default meta data Websites closed change Unknown
#1293 Details under Malware blocking is not visible User-Interface closed defect P3
#7474 DevTools ABP panel request filtering doesn't work properly User-Interface closed defect P1
#7462 Different results based on filter order Core closed defect Unknown
#1332 Disable on this site for this session (temporary, self-deleting whitelist filters) Unknown closed change Unknown
#1886 Disabling Acceptable Ads doesn't do anything Unknown closed defect P2
#4107 Document how to build libadblockplus for Android Libadblockplus closed asmirnov change P3
#3488 Don't hardcode social media links in first-run page User-Interface closed change P3
#7465 Drop modal and add popover to add filters via URL User-Interface closed change Unknown
#1367 Element Hiding Helper (EHH) doesn't work with Electrolysis (e10s) Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox closed defect Unknown
#4507 Element Hiding Helper multiprocess support Unknown closed defect Unknown
#6314 Element and Diagnostic Add on not working with Freifox 58 Unknown closed defect Unknown
#6166 Enable localization of all strings for the Safari Action Extension Adblock-Plus-for-iOS/macOS closed dzhang change Unknown Adblock-Plus-for-iOS-next
#3749 Encourage user to update subscriptions if there is at least one one day old subscription and user attempts to report an issue User-Interface closed change Unknown
#6116 Entering invalid filters displays error dialog containing "line 1" User-Interface closed defect Unknown
#5759 Error when attempting to show notifications in Opera Core closed defect Unknown
#3154 Extend handling of message in adblockplusui User-Interface closed change P3
#6821 Extension broken on Chrome 49 Platform closed defect P1
#1373 Extra click is require to add filter for block element on redbus site Platform closed defect P3
#3001 FAQ settings item should lead to the Adblock Browser FAQ Adblock-Browser-for-Android closed diegocarloslima change P2
#6394 Favicon: Remove external dependencies from tests Adblock-Plus-for-iOS/macOS closed ashephard defect Unknown Adblock-Plus-for-iOS-next
#1135 Filter Subscription is not maintained when toggling between enable and disable Unknown closed defect Unknown
#1276 Filter Subscription radio buttons are not seen after disabling and enabling Adblock Plus on Firefox 31.0 Android 4.1.1 Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox closed defect Unknown
#2641 Filter behavior change introduces regression breaking notifications Core closed defect P1
#7159 Filter composer not being initialized on certain pages Platform closed defect Unknown
#5966 Filter error messages are not displayed Core closed defect Unknown
#6530 Filter list toggle still line breaks in Greek User-Interface closed defect P3
#5878 Filter list update times are not displaying correctly User-Interface closed defect Unknown
#6894 Finish issue reporter styles User-Interface closed change Unknown
#7348 Firefox Issue Reporter not working User-Interface closed defect Unknown
#7113 First run page links are indistinguishable from normal text User-Interface closed defect Unknown
#6612 First-run page opened each time extension loads Platform closed defect Unknown
#218 First-run page opens after each dev build update Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox closed defect P3
#5629 Fix all edge cases caused by flexible root element for new options page User-Interface closed change P3
#5490 Fix broken link to Acceptable Ads Certification Tool signup Websites closed defect P2
#6206 Fix no-js state on Websites closed defect P4
#4228 Fix the most prominent crash reports from ABB 1.4.0 Adblock-Browser-for-iOS closed defect P1
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