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Issue Summary Module Status Assignee Type Priority Milestone
#5726 Flip homepage heading and video section alignment on Websites closed change P3
#4481 Footer menu isn't working in the blog (width < 1000 view) Unknown closed trev defect P3
#7092 Forced refresh after turning ABP on/off User-Interface closed defect Unknown
#1930 Functions of "Disable Tracking", "Disable Malware Domains" and "Disable Social Media Buttons" are not work in Maxthon Browser Unknown closed defect Unknown
#3770 Generate Key-Pairs and Certificates via Puppet Infrastructure closed matze change P2
#3619 Generate docs outside the devbuild build process Sitescripts closed fhd change P2
#400 Generate update manifests for Internet Explorer releases Infrastructure closed change P2
#3845 Google Docs documents throw error messages with ABP enabled Platform closed defect Unknown
#5900 Handle binary attributes in separate function User-Interface closed change P4
#759 High memory usage on page with 390 iframes Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox closed defect Unknown
#3146 Host Safari content blocker lists on Infrastructure closed change P2
#1333 IE are not getting closed while uninstall Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer closed defect Unknown
#405 IE11 - Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer closed defect Unknown
#6535 Ignore libadblockplus and libadblockplus-android files Adblock-Plus-for-Chromium closed diegocarloslima change Unknown
#4214 Images on specific websites are not downloadable Adblock-Browser-for-iOS closed defect P3
#5396 Implement "About" dialog for new options page User-Interface closed change P2
#5545 Implement Acceptable ads section styles for the new option page User-Interface closed change P2
#5025 Implement Filter Groups in AdBlock Plus for WebExtensions User-Interface closed change Unknown
#6990 Implement IOFilterTable with IOFilterSearch and IOFilterList User-Interface closed change Unknown
#4476 Implement a tool to debug hiding filters including -abp-properties filters (and :has in the future) User-Interface closed change Unknown
#5741 Implement colored sections Websites closed juliandoucette change P3
#5543 Implement section styles for the new option page User-Interface closed change P2
#5546 Implement table styles for the new option page User-Interface closed change P2
#5548 Implement the modal window styles User-Interface closed change P2
#5542 Implement tooltips for new options page User-Interface closed agiammarchi change P2
#5547 Implement/improve the edit filter list popup for the new options page User-Interface closed change P2
#2153 Improve ENC by removing hiera/private requirement Infrastructure closed matze change P3
#4102 Improve HDD monitoring via SMART-data Infrastructure closed change P2
#6005 Include browser links for no-content-for-platform-message on Websites closed ire change Unknown
#6519 Inconsistency in naming the options page User-Interface closed change P3
#1223 Installation Page : The g logo icon is missing when the Remove social media button is turned on User-Interface closed defect Unknown
#2124 Installer cannot close IE Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer closed defect Unknown
#1336 Installer continue asking to close IE though it has been closed Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer closed defect P3
#691 Installer is not able to close the IE and Engine Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer closed oleksandr defect P1 Adblock-Plus-1.2-for-Internet-Explorer
#6404 Introduce UI for showing all requests User-Interface closed change Unknown
#2657 Investigate to support a way to stop website redirect's Unknown closed defect Unknown
#429 Investigate whether inline scripts can be blocked Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox closed change Unknown
#6684 Issue Reporter Active Tab Screenshot User-Interface closed change Unknown
#2321 Issue Reports Database not showing "exceptionrules Unknown closed defect Unknown
#329 Issue links in changelogs should point to the issue tracker, not MozDev Infrastructure closed defect P3
#6401 Issue reporter doesn't work in the test enviroment User-Interface closed defect P2
#7031 Issue reporter should also have a crash reporting choice User-Interface closed defect Unknown
#6806 It should be possible to sort by different columns in Filter Lists options User-Interface closed change Unknown
#4051 JsValue 'isNumber' method is not registered Libadblockplus-Android closed asmirnov defect P3
#1153 Language dropdown is empty in Adblock Plus Options in IE 8 Unknown closed defect Unknown
#6407 Languages not supporting Source Sans Pro User-Interface closed change Unknown
#1923 Latest URLs for IE devbuild point to outdated version Infrastructure closed change Unknown
#1718 Limit workaround for Chrome bug breaking Flash videos to Chrome 38-40 Platform closed sebastian change P3
#263 Links to issues in changelog for dev builds are wrong Infrastructure closed defect Unknown
#7489 List compilation failed error Unknown closed defect Unknown
#6427 Log element hiding exceptions in the developer tools panel Platform closed jsonesen change P2
#113 Look into improving "conversions" when people submit reports that are known issues Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox closed change P3
#1350 Lots of "got unexpected message:" errors in console for options page Platform closed defect P4
#6192 Make behavior of enable-toggle on mobile options page consistent with icon popup User-Interface closed change P3
#334 Make donation page compatible with all supported platforms Infrastructure closed greiner change P3
#5884 Make issue reporter backend configurable User-Interface closed change Unknown
#5804 Make language list buttons disabled if language installed User-Interface closed defect P4
#7396 Make sitescripts (the repo) compatible with Python 3 Sitescripts closed change Unknown
#6413 Make texts in DevTools panel translatable User-Interface closed change Unknown
#4793 Make toolbar icon state colors more distinct for color blind users Unknown closed change Unknown
#2411 Make tooltips on new options page more accessible User-Interface closed change P3
#3212 Management of pattern file for large scale deployment for Chrome is outdated Platform closed change Unknown
#5127 Mentioning Berlin office in 'Our offices' section Websites closed change P5
#5128 Mentioning Berlin office in 'Our offices' section Websites closed change Unknown
#2570 Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 Mobile is detected as Android Infrastructure closed defect Unknown
#4423 Migrate and to use "formmail" Infrastructure closed change Unknown
#3089 Misplaced borders of share and donate section on first run page with smaller viewport sizes User-Interface closed defect P4
#2616 Misspelled 'wanto' Adblock-Browser-for-Android closed defect Unknown
#6554 Move missing issue reporter strings from the adblockpluschrome User-Interface closed defect P4
#6321 Move popup.html and related files to adblockplusui User-Interface closed agiammarchi change P3
#5758 Move the ability to create development builds for "Adblock Plus for Safari" to sitescripts Sitescripts closed change Unknown
#6738 Move the popup under UI User-Interface closed change Unknown
#5700 Navigation and footer overlap on new options page User-Interface closed defect Unknown
#566 Navigation bar on broken on mobile Websites closed defect P3
#2811 New Feature Request: Temporarily "Disable on this Site" User-Interface closed change Unknown
#3863 New Logo on Websites closed saroyanm change P3
#6092 No "Block element" context menu entry on Platform closed defect Unknown
#2226 No issue report e-mails are being sent to filter list authors Infrastructure closed defect P1
#4928 No longer call ElemHideEmulation.load Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox closed wspee change Unknown
#2316 Not able to block Feedback button Unknown closed defect Unknown
#1394 Not able to block element on ebay website Unknown closed defect Unknown
#3733 Not able to clear history Adblock-Browser-for-iOS closed defect Unknown
#3609 Notification is displayed even if Adblock filtering is disable. Unknown closed defect Unknown
#4660 Old logo used for favicon Websites closed defect P3
#6688 Optimise matching algorithm, add matchesAll function Core closed change P2
#6302 Overblocking in chrome canary, websites like YouTube is blank Unknown closed defect Unknown
#501 PDFs generated by POST requests broken in Chrome Platform closed defect Unknown
#2210 Page become unresponsive when selecting Google play element for blocking Unknown closed defect Unknown
#1746 Page does not reloads automatically when ABP 'Disable everywhere' option is deselected Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer closed defect Unknown
#5886 Persist email address in issue reporter User-Interface closed change Unknown
#4305 Popup isn't blocked if opened through local page with refresh in header. Platform closed sebastian defect P3
#2107 Prettifying sharing an ABP blog post Websites closed change Unknown
#551 Prevent hidden "ADD" button by moving it left Unknown closed change Unknown
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