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Issue Summary Module Status Assignee Type Priority Milestone
#6413 Make texts in DevTools panel translatable User-Interface closed change Unknown
#6414 Refactor to start using JobScheduler instead of Service Adblock-Plus-for-Samsung-Browser closed change Unknown
#6427 Log element hiding exceptions in the developer tools panel Platform closed jsonesen change P2
#6519 Inconsistency in naming the options page User-Interface closed change P3
#6528 Response is undefined messages in background console Platform closed defect P2
#6530 Filter list toggle still line breaks in Greek User-Interface closed defect P3
#6535 Ignore libadblockplus and libadblockplus-android files Adblock-Plus-for-Chromium closed diegocarloslima change Unknown
#6554 Move missing issue reporter strings from the adblockpluschrome User-Interface closed defect P4
#6587 adblockplusui builds on Windows are broken User-Interface closed defect Unknown
#6594 Procedural hiding doesn't work on Firefox when ABP is installed alongside with Stylus extension and at least one style is active Unknown closed mjethani defect Unknown
#6612 First-run page opened each time extension loads Platform closed defect Unknown
#6650 Update buildtools dependency to 168dac24ad9e Platform closed defect Unknown
#6678 ABP not working properly on Facebook Unknown closed defect Unknown
#6684 Issue Reporter Active Tab Screenshot User-Interface closed change Unknown
#6688 Optimise matching algorithm, add matchesAll function Core closed change P2
#6700 Count in ABP icon is incorrect when a high number of ads are blocked User-Interface closed defect Unknown
#6711 Update adblockplusui dependency for 3.2 release Adblock-Plus-for-Chromium closed change P1
#6714 Another site where ABP element blocking does not work Unknown closed defect Unknown
#6732 Reintroduce and expose filters' meta data in the UI User-Interface closed change Unknown
#6738 Move the popup under UI User-Interface closed change Unknown
#6747 Safari extension fails to install from Websites closed defect Unknown
#6753 Update adblockplusui/adblockpluscore dependency to 9a652397b9af/0cf4e33d288b Platform closed change Unknown Adblock-Plus-3.3-for-Chrome-Opera-Firefox
#6770 Allow the "s" flag in :-abp-contains() regular expressions Unknown closed hfiguiere change Unknown
#6778 ABP for Edge fails on some test cases on Platform closed defect Unknown
#6806 It should be possible to sort by different columns in Filter Lists options User-Interface closed change Unknown
#6821 Extension broken on Chrome 49 Platform closed defect P1
#6824 Remove /u flag for regular expressions Core closed defect Unknown
#6845 Remove translatable strings from adblockpluschrome Unknown closed change P2
#6869 Add richer DevTools panel reporting for snippets User-Interface closed change Unknown
#6894 Finish issue reporter styles User-Interface closed change Unknown
#6896 Add new error message for invalid snippet filters User-Interface closed change Unknown
#6897 Remove the no-op implementation of Utils.generateChecksum() Platform closed hfiguiere change Unknown
#6990 Implement IOFilterTable with IOFilterSearch and IOFilterList User-Interface closed change Unknown
#7011 Add "detectedLanguage" data point User-Interface closed defect Unknown
#7031 Issue reporter should also have a crash reporting choice User-Interface closed defect Unknown
#7032 Add choice on menu to show where blocked ads were User-Interface closed defect P5
#7049 Allow users to more precisely select which element to block User-Interface closed change Unknown
#7092 Forced refresh after turning ABP on/off User-Interface closed defect Unknown
#7105 Convert updatepsl command from script to an npm script Automation closed change Unknown
#7113 First run page links are indistinguishable from normal text User-Interface closed defect Unknown
#7135 Update adblockplusui dependency to TBD (release-2018-5.-8) Platform closed change Unknown
#7149 Adjust adblockpluschrome to handle FilterStorage.subscriptions changes Platform closed jsonesen change Unknown
#7157 Add ability to test failing issue report submissions User-Interface closed change P3
#7159 Filter composer not being initialized on certain pages Platform closed defect Unknown
#7165 Block Element not displaying on & Unknown closed defect Unknown
#7176 Settings page checkboxes can get stuck User-Interface closed defect P3
#7177 Some element hiding emulation filters fail on Edge Platform closed defect Unknown
#7185 Problem selecting areas with issues in step 2 of issue-reporter.html User-Interface closed defect Unknown
#7233 Update adblockplusui dependency to 9d5bf3fd8ea9 (release-2018-4.8) Platform closed change Unknown Adblock-Plus-3.5-for-Chrome-Opera-Firefox
#7246 Whitelisting of domain downgraded after enabling and then disabling extension on domain User-Interface closed defect Unknown
#7297 The number of blocked items is not displayed in older versions of Chrome/Opera Platform closed defect Unknown
#7326 Adding whitelist entry in Edge transitions settings page to General tab Unknown closed defect Unknown
#7336 Whitelisted ads on a new tab page from an extension are sometimes blocked Platform closed defect Unknown
#7346 Use promises for extension API calls in UI (release-2019-1) User-Interface closed change P3
#7348 Firefox Issue Reporter not working User-Interface closed defect Unknown
#7350 Remove Page.prototype.sendMessage from stub code User-Interface closed change P3
#7351 Create test cases for Generic Block and Generic Hide Websites closed Ross change P4
#7352 Create test case for object subrequest filter option Websites closed Ross change P4
#7358 Remove ext.* namespace User-Interface closed change Unknown
#7359 :-abp-has() does not work with nested :-abp-properties() where the :-abp-properties() selector ends in a combinator Core closed defect Unknown
#7382 Replace XMLHttpRequest with Fetch Core closed mjethani change P2
#7396 Make sitescripts (the repo) compatible with Python 3 Sitescripts closed change Unknown
#7417 Adapt code to work with removed third-party parameter in filter matcher User-Interface closed change P3
#7425 Remove specialization attribute from subscriptions.json Automation closed change Unknown
#7431 Update adblockplusui dependency to TBD (compat-next-2019-1) Platform closed change Unknown
#7432 Remove anti-adblock notification User-Interface closed change Unknown
#7436 Use custom docker image for ui build automation User-Interface closed change Unknown
#7446 Whitelisted site loads infinitely Unknown closed defect Unknown
#7451 Add support for running snippets on specific platforms Core closed change Unknown
#7462 Different results based on filter order Core closed defect Unknown
#7465 Drop modal and add popover to add filters via URL User-Interface closed change Unknown
#7474 DevTools ABP panel request filtering doesn't work properly User-Interface closed defect P1
#7489 List compilation failed error Unknown closed defect Unknown
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