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Issue Summary Module Status Assignee Type Priority Milestone
#5152 ABB doesn't load default filter lists after fresh install Adblock-Browser-for-iOS closed defect P1 Adblock-Browser-for-iOS-1.5.2
#5154 Update relevant description keys Adblock-Browser-for-iOS closed change P2 Adblock-Browser-for-iOS-1.5.2
#5158 Implement the new Options Page (First viable product) User-Interface closed change P2
#5166 Create websites team email address Infrastructure closed change Unknown
#5167 Update to use libadblockplus revision dca8df9af1a7 Libadblockplus-Android closed change P2
#5180 Make interface of WebRequest asynchronous Libadblockplus closed change P2
#5183 Make interface of FileSystem asynchronous Libadblockplus closed defect P2
#5188 Static pages generator script throws error during browser version retrieval [] Websites closed defect P2
#5198 Race condition in destroying of JsEngine Libadblockplus closed defect P2
#5205 Add Subscription.isDisabled() Libadblockplus-Android closed change P3
#5213 [HA Crash] Race conditions in class NSCacheResolver Adblock-Browser-for-iOS closed defect Unknown Adblock-Browser-for-iOS-1.5.3
#5227 Ad blocking shuts down when visiting specific websites Adblock-Browser-for-iOS closed defect P1 Adblock-Browser-for-iOS-1.5.3
#5239 JsValue access crash Libadblockplus-Android closed defect P2
#5240 Make API versions consistent in tests Libadblockplus-Android closed change P3
#5288 Pass android app name and version Libadblockplus-Android closed change P3
#5290 Provide test builds utilizing UIWebView and WKWebView Adblock-Browser-for-iOS closed change P2 Adblock-Browser-for-iOS-1.5.3
#5303 White screen instead of webpage is shown Libadblockplus-Android closed defect P3
#5309 Subscriptions update causes ANR Libadblockplus-Android closed defect P3
#5312 Change job title of Frederik Spiegel on Team Page Websites closed change Unknown
#5343 Create global get_canonical_url function in CMS Sitescripts closed change P2
#5348 Please remove iOS Developer role from Websites closed change Unknown
#5356 "Acceptable Ads" do not meet criteria on mobile Adblock-Browser-for-Android closed defect Unknown
#5421 Add Tristan_Lucas to Websites closed change P2
#5437 Job ad inconsistencies Websites closed defect P2
#5448 Add content_security_policy to the manifest.json for Chrome-extensions Automation closed change P4
#5462 Create browserlist for websites Websites closed change P3
#5468 Taking off Maria_Savirra from team page Websites closed change Unknown
#5473 Update to use libadblockplus revision b4d6e55f2116 Libadblockplus-Android closed change Unknown
#5479 "dk" locale code should be "da" Websites closed defect Unknown
#5485 UX issues with the context/hamburger menu Adblock-Browser-for-iOS closed defect P2 Adblock-Browser-for-iOS-2.0.0
#5486 Fix minor visual issues with the new UI Adblock-Browser-for-iOS closed defect P2 Adblock-Browser-for-iOS-2.0.0
#5494 Opening links in new tabs crashes App Adblock-Browser-for-iOS closed defect P2 Adblock-Browser-for-iOS-2.0.0
#5532 ABB intro screens need update for 2.0.0 Adblock-Browser-for-iOS closed defect Unknown Adblock-Browser-for-iOS-2.0.0
#5553 Update buildtools dependency to hg:9c8d2c9e4344 Platform closed change P2 Adblock-Plus-1.13.4-for-Chrome-Opera
#5556 Update to use libadblockplus revision hg:566f64c8a2a8 Libadblockplus-Android closed change Unknown
#5558 Make notifications not ignore unknown targets Core closed change P3
#5565 Remove Acceptable Ads Certification Tool page from Websites closed change P2
#5566 Make 'Get Whitelisted' a top level menu entry on Websites closed change P2
#5575 Cannot remove websites from whitelist due to missing trash icon Adblock-Plus-for-iOS/macOS closed defect P2
#5577 let allow non-numerical build numbers for gecko-webext Automation closed change P1
#5578 Update buildtools dependency to hg:0234926280f1 Platform closed change P1 Adblock-Plus-1.13.4-for-Chrome-Opera
#5627 Changing Nicole Sergeev's title & bio Websites closed change P3
#5643 Make v8::Isolate injectable into JsEngine Libadblockplus-Android closed change Unknown
#5681 [ABB 2.0] New tabs opening at the bottom of tab list Adblock-Browser-for-iOS closed defect P2
#5682 Update text on onboarding slide Adblock-Browser-for-iOS closed defect P2
#5687 [ABB 2.0] iPad Mini - Menu links display inactive Adblock-Browser-for-iOS closed defect P2
#5697 Replace system-default "done" button with custom element Adblock-Browser-for-iOS closed change P2
#5702 Update core to use standard APIs instead of internal Gecko APIs Core closed change P3
#5725 [meta] 2.0 design updates batch 1 Websites closed change P3
#5733 Make unlocalized strings localizable Adblock-Browser-for-iOS closed defect P2
#5736 Release automation aborts without reason Automation closed defect P1
#5750 Remove workarounds required for legacy Firefox support User-Interface closed change P3
#5752 Remove the "safari" build target from buildtools Automation closed change P3
#5767 ABP icon in Edge not changed when disabling on website Platform closed defect P2
#5770 Allow WebView debugging Libadblockplus-Android closed change P4
#5772 Remove unused imports Libadblockplus-Android closed change P5
#5786 Change adblockbrowser_*_support documentation links to corresponding user forum Infrastructure closed change P3
#5788 Retest Notification AB machinery Unknown closed defect Unknown
#5790 Get ready for integration into Chromium Libadblockplus-Android closed change P3
#5800 Add option to specify a list of V8 libraries Libadblockplus-Android closed change P3
#5810 Use "specialization" as Subscription display title Libadblockplus-Android closed change P3
#5812 Update libadblockplus dependency to revision hg:0dcae42d90dc Libadblockplus-Android closed change Unknown
#5827 notification.json is empty if lastVersion contains a variant group Sitescripts closed defect Unknown
#5829 Remove flag icons from Websites closed change P3 1.1.0
#5831 Update default strings Libadblockplus-Android closed change P3
#5840 Privacy related requirements for implementing Greenhouse application tool at Websites closed change P2
#5842 Spanish and Vietnamese filter lists string assignment missing in the options page User-Interface closed defect P3
#5847 Add prefs.set message handler User-Interface closed change P2
#5857 does not resolve Node.js dependencies if a previous installation failed Automation closed defect P3
#5858 WebRequest Reader is not closed Libadblockplus-Android closed defect P2
#5876 Changing Rose Howell title Websites closed change Unknown
#5881 Fix link to Android NDK website in README Libadblockplus-Android closed defect P5
#5883 [meta] Issue Reporter in Adblock Plus for Chrome/Opera/Firefox User-Interface closed change P5
#5902 Add translations Libadblockplus-Android closed change P2
#5905 Change minimum iOS target version to 9.3 Adblock-Browser-for-iOS closed change P2 Adblock-Browser-for-iOS-2.1.0
#5920 Remove the requirement for specifying --with-adjust-sdk-keyfile in mozconfig Adblock-Browser-for-Android closed change P3 Adblock-Browser-for-Android-1.4.0
#5925 Update the adblockplusui dependency to 0cc24b2b5ded Platform closed change P2 Adblock-Plus-3.0-for-Firefox
#5929 Skip update subscription URLs in AndroidWebRequest if not required Unknown closed change Unknown
#5930 Turn off "MissingTranslation" lint warnings Libadblockplus-Android closed change P3
#5945 sudo is not required to run npm i -g Automation closed defect Unknown
#5984 Add "Acceptable Ads without third-party tracking" paragraph to Websites closed change P1
#5991 Update adblockplusui dependencies to 05462a8e94b3 Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox closed change Unknown Adblock-Plus-3.0-for-Firefox
#5993 Firefox logo shown after reopening the app Adblock-Browser-for-Android closed defect P3 Adblock-Browser-for-Android-1.4.0
#6000 Rename "libadblockplus-android" Libadblockplus-Android closed change P4
#6001 Pass IV8IsolateProvider to Helper Libadblockplus-Android closed change P3
#6017 Update subscriptions.xml Adblock-Plus-for-Samsung-Browser closed change P2 Adblock-Plus-for-Samsung-Browser-next
#6023 Connection is not closed if response code was not 200 Libadblockplus-Android closed defect P3
#6026 Removing Student Help Data Protection role Websites closed change Unknown
#6033 Add Swift Lint to Xcode Server scope Adblock-Plus-for-iOS/macOS closed defect P5
#6059 changing line in Marketing Student job ad Websites closed change P3
#6101 Address comments regarding detection what output calls should be silenced. Core closed defect P2
#6106 Changing line in Filter List Supporter job ad on the website Websites closed change Unknown
#6117 Create bases for Adblock Plus UI Modularization User-Interface closed change P3
#6188 Add-ons option is being shown Adblock-Browser-for-Android closed defect P3 Adblock-Browser-for-Android-1.4.0
#6197 Change translation of "nonintrusive ads" to Russian Libadblockplus-Android closed defect P2
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