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Issue Summary Module Status Assignee Type Priority Milestone
#5859 Add support of preloaded subscriptions Core closed change Unknown
#5863 Support links for some recommended filter lists on Help tab should redirect to respective support/contact pages instead of EasyList forum User-Interface closed change Unknown
#5871 Auto-deploy to Play Store Adblock-Plus-for-Samsung-Browser closed change Unknown
#5898 First Run Page translation strings delay User-Interface closed sebastian change Unknown
#5901 Implement important / badfilter keywords Platform closed change Unknown
#5911 Cannot block elements without closing popup UI Platform closed defect Unknown
#5927 is there ever a real need to block HTML or BODY element? Unknown closed change Unknown
#5937 Tests in buildtools on Windows Automation closed defect Unknown
#5946 shouldWrapAPIs in polifills breaks ABP for Edge Platform closed defect Unknown
#5962 ABP plus via uBlock Origin Platform closed defect Unknown
#6016 Multiple "block element" windows are permitted (chrome / firefox) Platform closed defect Unknown
#6025 -abp-properties filter is unreliable and hard to use in conjunction with pretty much anything Platform closed defect Unknown
#6044 Add option to store request logs regardless of whether DevTools panel is open Platform closed change Unknown
#6049 Show Adblock Plus Panel in developer tool not showing as an option in Firefox version 52 ESR Platform closed defect Unknown
#6057 more inline javascript --Poland Platform closed defect Unknown
#6067 [webextension] Firefox displays "Adblock Plus is causing Firefox to slow down." warning Platform closed mjethani defect Unknown
#6068 Disabling extensions.adblockplus.subscriptions_autoupdate does not work anymore Platform closed defect Unknown
#6072 Implement report function Adblock-Plus-for-Samsung-Browser closed change Unknown
#6083 Change ABP behaviour for first-party blocked requests Platform closed change Unknown
#6093 "Hide targeted messages" notification text not readable completely in Polish locale User-Interface closed defect Unknown
#6094 Find actual reason of missing favicon in FF WebExts User-Interface closed change Unknown
#6100 Procedural hiding filter triggers unresponsive page Platform closed defect Unknown
#6119 [webextension] Use frameAncestors for whitelisting Platform closed tschuster defect Unknown
#6153 Reformat Kitt Core source code to conform to SwiftLint rules for path src/OS/ Adblock-Browser-for-iOS closed change Unknown Adblock-Browser-for-iOS-2.1.0
#6164 Do not compose strings from parts User-Interface closed change Unknown
#6165 AdblockPlus Facebook Annoyances Blockers no longer work? Platform closed defect Unknown
#6168 Some images not rendering Unknown closed defect Unknown
#6176 Block upgrade to 3.0 in versions that do not support it (Fx <54) Platform closed change Unknown
#6180 [emscripten] consider using UTF-8 internally Core closed change Unknown
#6196 ABP for Microsoft Edge blocks video playback on Platform closed defect Unknown
#6200 [emscripten] Make the satisfying of requirements more friendly Core closed change Unknown
#6220 add CI for adblockpluscore Core closed change Unknown
#6222 [emscripten] Consider using of Copy-on-Write for Filter and Subscription classes Core closed change Unknown
#6230 Alter resolve path of info module generated by buildtools Automation closed change Unknown
#6234 Filter in which pattern contains hash parsed as blocking filter Core closed defect Unknown
#6240 [webextension] Filter subscriptions not updated Platform closed defect Unknown
#6312 [emscripten] move to WebAssembly Core closed hfiguiere change Unknown
#6313 Element and Diagnostic Add on not working with Freifox 58 Unknown closed defect Unknown
#6344 Exchange 2010 OutlookWebApp Out-of-Office control Platform closed defect Unknown
#6355 ABP for Firefox memory usage Platform closed defect Unknown
#6363 Some mobile ads not being blocked (no filter issue) Adblock-Plus-for-Samsung-Browser closed defect Unknown
#6370 [webextension] Errors while using Block element in Firefox 51-58 Unknown closed defect Unknown
#6380 Have hg commit hook check Noissue commits have linked review URL Sitescripts closed change Unknown
#6411 Allow sparse arrays in eslint-config-eyeo Automation closed change Unknown
#6415 macOS browser notification buttons do not appear. Platform closed defect Unknown
#6424 Replace underscore properties with symbols Platform closed change Unknown
#6426 Start using CSS modularization tool in adblockplusui User-Interface closed agiammarchi change Unknown
#6429 [emscripten] merge the changes to the content script. Core closed change Unknown
#6433 Use generators to return lists of things Platform closed change Unknown
#6434 Define helpers for non-array iterables Core closed change Unknown
#6447 Switch to Harmony modules Core closed change Unknown
#6449 Switch to Harmony modules in adblockpluschrome Platform closed change Unknown
#6456 Spotify freezes when it tries to play a blocked ad Platform closed defect Unknown
#6457 Adblock Plus trigger the "slow script" warning on Firefox Nightly Platform closed defect Unknown
#6465 Maintain separate long-term cache in CombinedMatcher Core closed change Unknown
#6472 Allow downloading/using different version of the browser for the test Core closed change Unknown
#6478 Synchronize test data among different projects Core closed change Unknown
#6495 Filter composer should allow more control over which elements are hidden/blocked Platform closed change Unknown
#6505 Make use of default function parameters in Core module Core closed change Unknown
#6507 Inject style sheet proactively from background page Platform closed mjethani change Unknown
#6513 Updates page padding/alignment does not match spec User-Interface closed defect Unknown
#6547 Add documentation for the $csp filter option Websites closed kzar change Unknown
#6549 Silence node-sass output on success User-Interface closed change Unknown
#6550 Provide ability to hide background image ads Core closed change Unknown
#6551 Provide ability to specify alternative hiding methods Core closed change Unknown
#6557 ABB - SwiftLint: Fix identifier_name issues Adblock-Browser-for-iOS closed CraftyDeano defect Unknown
#6564 Replace desc and extend in lib/coreUtils.js with __proto__ Core closed change Unknown
#6598 Element hiding filters covering iframes with display: block !important style hide too much Platform closed defect Unknown
#6613 Page-specific items hidden in icon popup on certain web pages Platform closed defect Unknown
#6618 Element hiding emulation uses inline styles for plain selectors Core closed defect Unknown
#6651 Introduce CI for Adblock Plus (devbuilds) Automation closed change Unknown
#6663 AdblockPlus cause safari to crash (when loading page) Platform closed defect Unknown
#6667 Reuse code from ElemHide module for faster lookup of Snippets scripts Core closed mjethani change Unknown
#6672 [emscripten] Implement CSP filter in C++ Core closed change Unknown
#6673 [emscripten] implement the "rewrite" filter option in C++ Core closed change Unknown
#6674 [emscripten] implement snippets in C++ Core closed change Unknown
#6725 Another site where ABP element blocking is not working Platform closed defect Unknown
#6726 Move CSS escaping from ElemHideBase to ElemHide Core closed change Unknown
#6729 Store filter text efficiently in memory Core closed change Unknown
#6730 Subscribe links don't work with redirects Platform closed defect Unknown
#6745 Prefer strict equality operator Core closed change Unknown
#6757 Static assets automation in Automation closed change Unknown
#6762 Implement support for cookie-related filters Core closed defect Unknown
#6763 Issue ABP causing error between domains and API Platform closed defect Unknown
#6765 No COPYING file in the root directory Platform closed defect Unknown
#6766 Add "spies" in the test framework Core closed change Unknown
#6773 Implement support for domain wildcards Core closed change Unknown
#6776 Adblock Plus does not fully initialize Platform closed defect Unknown
#6793 Element hiding exception rule not working for specific case Platform closed defect Unknown
#6796 Ping requests not whitelisted in iframe whitelisted via $document Platform closed defect Unknown
#6810 Strange fullscreen behaviour when Fullscreen overlay hides Platform closed defect Unknown
#6834 Index filter objects by hash Core closed change Unknown
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