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Issue Summary Module Status Assignee Type Priority Milestone
#3522 Block element functionality doesn't work on website Unknown closed defect Unknown
#3569 site load speed is significantly lower and "TIMESVIDEO" section doesn't load on the main page when ABP is enabled on this site Platform closed defect Unknown
#3610 UnicodeDecodeError during generation of static content with non ASCII filename Sitescripts closed defect P4
#3684 Link to disable Acceptable Ads in first-run page is broken Unknown closed defect P1
#3698 Easylist with Safari ABP is blocking things which are not blocked with Firefox or Chrome Platform closed defect Unknown
#3715 Subscription still disabled after removing it and adding it again Platform closed defect P3
#3832 Ad blocking does not function at all Adblock-Plus-for-Android closed defect P2
#3928 Press and hold context menu doesn't show up on first try Adblock-Browser-for-iOS closed defect P4
#3970 Console error: filter.subscriptions is not defined Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox closed defect Unknown
#3980 ABB crashes when visiting Adblock-Browser-for-iOS closed defect P4
#3986 Thunderbird warining and exception during static website generation Websites closed defect P3
#4062 v8 cannot be statically linked with libadblockplus for android Libadblockplus closed sergz defect P2
#4123 Support link points to Chrome support forum page Unknown closed defect Unknown
#4135 Failed to build libadblockplus for android on macos Libadblockplus closed defect P3
#4170 Element hiding exception rules don't work Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox closed defect Unknown
#4184 The Block Element Window is displayed twice and requires two inputs to close Platform closed defect Unknown
#4187 The ABP UI does not show until the webpage has finished loading Platform closed defect Unknown
#4203 ABP creates lots of ghost windows Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox closed defect Unknown
#4242 Element hiding exception rule not always working as expected when refreshing page Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox closed defect Unknown
#4266 Adblock Plus fails to load filter lists on Edge's first launch Unknown closed defect Unknown
#4274 Block Element context menu item not working Platform closed defect Unknown
#4288 Ads in videoplayer dumpert Unknown closed defect Unknown
#4299 Incorrectly blocking YouTube thumbnail and other elements Unknown closed defect Unknown
#4308 "Block element" does not appear as an option in the menu. Platform closed defect Unknown
#4314 "watch youtube videos with chrome" bar blocked by ABP Unknown closed defect Unknown
#4316 Adblock Plus blocks video from rendering on Unknown closed defect Unknown
#4325 Adblock Plus Breaks YouTube Filters in Edge Unknown closed defect Unknown
#4396 Dismissing block element dialog in Edge doesn't dismiss element highlighting Unknown closed defect Unknown
#4453 Failed to link libadblockplus-android with Android NDK 11c Libadblockplus-Android closed defect P3
#4517 Acceptable Ads inconsistently functions on Android 21+ Adblock-Plus-for-Android closed defect Unknown
#4531 IR-1 - Installation / Windows Windows 10 FF / 0012 / fail Unknown closed defect Unknown
#4546 Sbrowser is not opened from ABP after Sbrowser update Adblock-Plus-for-Samsung-Browser closed defect Unknown
#4601 White ad spaces are not collapsed in Yahoo Articles on AdblockWebView Libadblockplus-Android closed defect Unknown
#4645 AdblockWebView Crashes with null reference error Libadblockplus-Android closed defect Unknown
#4668 Adblock Plus for Edge not updating filter lists automatically Unknown closed defect Unknown
#4704 AcceptableAds not displayed on Adblock-Plus-for-iOS/macOS closed defect P1
#4729 Packager Edge tests fail on Windows due to differing mime types Automation closed defect Unknown
#4831 Running with devenv flag throws an error Unknown closed defect Unknown
#4936 Latest ABB .apk does not install over Play Store version Adblock-Browser-for-Android closed defect Unknown
#4938 [meta] Unit tests are full of race conditions Libadblockplus closed defect Unknown
#4975 Deleted URL is re-entered when attempting to type a new URL into the address bar (Android 7) Adblock-Browser-for-Android closed defect Unknown
#5151 Open tabs are removed when the app is restarted Adblock-Browser-for-Android closed defect Unknown
#5233 Age verification pop-up blocked on Adblock-Plus-for-Samsung-Browser closed defect P5
#5358 Disable anti-ad blocking feature does not fetch Adblock Warning Removal List Adblock-Browser-for-Android closed defect Unknown
#5377 Social Media Filter Not Working Properly on Reuters Adblock-Browser-for-Android closed defect Unknown
#5686 [ABB 2.0] iPad - Press and hold link does not display option popup Adblock-Browser-for-iOS closed defect P2
#5705 Adding empty filter list makes toggle unresponsive User-Interface closed defect P2
#5755 Empty user filter list view on first start do not show up User-Interface closed defect P1
#5756 First added domain is not visible User-Interface closed defect P2
#5768 HTML5 videos partially don't work Adblock-Browser-for-iOS closed defect P2
#5771 ABP prevents loading of Edge about:flags page Platform closed defect P2
#5816 Filter subscriptions are lost on APK reinstall Adblock-Plus-for-Samsung-Browser closed defect Unknown Adblock-Plus-for-Samsung-Browser-1.1.2
#5826 Block element UI does not fit the popup in Edge Platform closed defect P2
#5861 Fix missing locale errors in the options page test enviroment User-Interface closed defect P4
#5866 show DNT message when it's unspecified User-Interface closed defect P2
#5995 libadblockplus is not CLR compatible Libadblockplus closed defect Unknown
#6011 Adblock Plus messes up "Inbox by Gmail" reply functions Unknown closed defect Unknown
#6039 [webextension] Pinterest feed opens blank pages Platform closed defect Unknown
#6091 "Hide targeted messages?" notification shown for websites which don't use targeted messaging User-Interface closed jsonesen defect P2
#6137 Whitelisted website message is being persistent User-Interface closed defect P3
#6138 [emscripten] DependentString constructor creates a valid empty string if constructed from an invalid DependentString() instance Core closed hfiguiere defect Unknown
#6218 compile issue with latest libadblockplus c++ type code with ndk (ubuntu os) Libadblockplus closed defect Unknown
#6253 Random touch crash Adblock-Plus-for-Chromium closed defect P2
#6416 Duplicate social filter list shown in General tab User-Interface closed defect Unknown
#6458 Element hiding emulation breaks when a new style sheet is loaded Core closed defect Unknown
#6515 Options page is broken in Edge Platform closed geo defect Unknown
#6561 #?#A:-abp-has(> span:-abp-contains(REKLAMA)) causing problems Core closed defect Unknown
#6571 "Manifest file is invalid." message shown when installing from Unknown closed defect Unknown
#6660 $genericblock filter applies to domain specific filter Platform closed defect Unknown
#6718 Some adblocking inconsistencies between ABB 1.3 and 1.4 Adblock-Browser-for-Android closed defect Unknown Adblock-Browser-for-Android-1.4.0
#6988 Failing request in first-run page User-Interface closed defect Unknown
#7030 Add tool to compose ABP version etc, report User-Interface closed defect Unknown
#7076 Initial notifications are not downloaded if user quickly turns off notifications Unknown closed defect Unknown
#7194 tox is failing for buildtools, reporting flake8 errors Automation closed defect Unknown
#7215 Subscription link overlay is hidden if multiple Options pages are open in Edge User-Interface closed defect Unknown
#7480 visual bug Chrome User-Interface closed defect Unknown
#7509 Scriptlet injection (Suggestion) Unknown closed defect Unknown
#105 Contact translators about overly long Chrome extension description Platform closed change Unknown
#1378 Pass event callbacks by reference Libadblockplus closed change P3
#1548 Update gyp to the recent version Libadblockplus closed change Unknown
#1834 Add public domain suffix import to buildtools Automation closed change P3
#1999 Add .gitignore to sitescripts repository Sitescripts closed change P4
#2400 Implement Firefox-specific changes to the CSS property rules content script Core closed change P2
#3642 Unstick Adblock Browser Notification Adblock-Plus-for-iOS/macOS closed ashephard change P3
#3918 Translation synchronization script only updates exisiting files Sitescripts closed change Unknown
#3937 make a script to create a list of URLs for a subscription Sitescripts closed change Unknown
#4046 Set up proguard Adblock-Plus-for-Samsung-Browser closed jwangenheim change P2
#5344 Support element hiding emulation exception rules Core closed hfiguiere change Unknown
#5374 Implement Add filter list popup User-Interface closed agiammarchi change P2
#5630 Marking newly added table items User-Interface closed change P3
#5761 Use relative require paths in adblockplusui User-Interface closed jsonesen change P3
#5910 [webextension] Provide a way to add multiple filter subscriptions on Firefox Mobile User-Interface closed change Unknown
#5976 Update `reporter_privacy` documentation link Infrastructure closed wspee change Unknown
#6054 No longer able to temporarily turn OFF ABP Unknown closed change Unknown
#6311 Make a use of templating engine and/or Web Components and/or VirtualDOM in adblockplusui Unknown closed change Unknown
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