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Issue Summary Status Assignee Priority Milestone
#253 Connection timed out on some Android apps new P2
#553 Improve all the English texts for Android new P2
#1513 [meta] ABP is blocking MMS new P2
#1514 [meta] Does not block ads new P2
#1544 Investigate usage of a local VPN new P2
#4979 Compile for 'armeabi' new P2
#5572 FilterEngine does not update subscription(s) new sergz P2
#13 Investigate UI freeze on main activity start new P3
#14 Fix periodic subscription refresh or remove it from advanced settings reopened P3
#115 Automate release builds new P3
#182 ABP for android breaks sign-in. reopened P3
#195 MMS blocked on Android new P3
#257 Add custom filter (subscription) support new P3
#368 Android: can't disable automatic filter updates new P3
#372 Pandora audio ads new P3
#391 Automate Crowdin upload/download for Android new P3
#416 Show blocked resources new hexene P3
#541 [meta] Use libadblockplus's proxy functionality new P3
#563 adblock doesn't block ads on nexus 5 or s5 new P3
#640 my app is not blocking via add block new P3
#644 Does not block ads Galaxy S5 new P3
#652 HTC One M8: Ads not blocked new P3
#686 ABP is blocking outgoing MMS messages new P3
#713 ABP on Android changes state to disabled. new P3
#720 ABP for Android shows "Service not running" if user changes the oriantation to landscape mode while showing configuration new P3
#726 ABP for Android sometimes crashes when tap ? button in Acceptable Ads section and then tap Back (<) button on opened help page new P3
#727 Proxy settings displayed as [null], though Proxy was manually set up after installation new P3
#729 Subscription refresh fails to refresh on startup when 'Subscription refresh' is set to 'On start' new P3
#767 Android app giving video ad's still new P3
#985 Use the referrer chain API from libadblockplus new P3
#1085 Unable to use Google Play with Adblock proxy new P3
#1191 Network connection not stable (e.g. Google Play to be started twice) new P3
#1211 Abnormal display of notification bar message new P3
#1213 Application throws fatal exception and crashes app on connecting wifi and selecting proxy configuration new P3
#1214 Missing synchronisation for service creation new P3
#1215 App crashes when launch app and rotate screen new P3
#1224 Check for update behaves differently when filtering is on/off new P3
#1228 ABP icon is not visible after disabling hide icon selection new P3
#1245 KitKat Update new P3
#1387 display is not proper. new P3
#1450 Show msg_update_missing for manual update checks new P3
#1454 ABP on Kindle Fire intermittently looses connection with proxyserver new P3
#1458 Make it possible to check for updates in the release version new P3
#1465 issues prl, profile update and mms new P3
#1468 Configuration information changes by rotating the device new P3
#1470 The welcome dialog disappears after rotating the device new P3
#1471 App crashes when trying to open help link in the action bar new P3
#1506 When "about" icon is tapped, Brazil licence link is not correct. new P3
#1507 When 'Show notifications' is unchecked, ABP icon disappears. But when 'Show notifications' is checked, still ABP icon does not appear. new P3
#1508 "Waiting for traffic on port 2020" notification changes to "Allowing ads on WiFi connection" notification after switching off/on Proxy option new P3
#1509 Hide Icon functionality doesn't work - ABP notification icon is still visible after enabling Hide Icon option new P3
#1511 Taping Back button doesn't close Advanced settings screen after changing Proxy settings new P3
#1512 [meta] Various notification icon hide/show issues new P3
#1519 ABP doesn't properly handle the multi user situation new P3
#1541 Remove hack for not loading elemhide rules new P3
#1732 Why do 5 pattern-backups new P3
#2006 Remove ActionBarSherlock new P3
#2370 [Move notification display logic to Core] Use a notification show listener in Android new P3
#4030 Move JNI bindings into separate library project reviewing asmirnov P3
#4031 Implement tests for libadblockplus-android reviewing asmirnov P3
#4080 Native code crashes in libadblockplus-android tests new asmirnov P3
#4086 JsValue.isNumber() crashes new asmirnov P3
#4115 Move libadblockplus-android library to separate repo new P3
#4146 Fix failing UpdateCheckTest.testApplicationUpdateAvailable test in libadblockplus-android reviewing asmirnov P3
#4176 Create FilterEngineTest.testFilterProperties test new asmirnov P3
#4177 Create FilterEngineTest.testSubscriptionProperties test new asmirnov P3
#4178 Create JsTest.testFunctionValue test new asmirnov P3
#4180 Fix NotificationTest.testMarkAsShown test reviewing asmirnov P3
#4181 Fix FilterEngineTest tests reviewing asmirnov P3
#4202 Fix failing AndroidWebRequestTest.testXMLHttpRequest reviewing asmirnov P3
#4231 Fix unstable FilterEngineTest.testSetRemoveFilterChangeCallback reviewing asmirnov P3
#4248 Add codestyle check reviewing asmirnov P3
#4416 Libadblockplus-android tests duplicate libadblockplus tests new P3
#4432 FilterEngine is created for too long new asmirnov P3
#4433 Getting element hiding selectors takes too long new asmirnov P3
#4854 IsDocumentWhitelisted crashes new P3
#5800 Add option to specify a list of V8 libraries reviewing P3
#108 Support sitekey-based whitelisting new P4
#246 Dropping support for API7 and ARMv5, enabling x86 new P4
#280 Add a way to report issues from the app new P4
#281 Define the acceptable ads opt-in dialog in XML reviewing Mailkov P4
#283 Don't keep duplicate state for the preferences new P4
#304 Try to hide the icon by reducing the notification priority new P4
#305 Consider the charset meta tag when determining the encoding new P4
#379 NovaLauncher warning when installing Adblock Plus on CyanogenMod new P4
#724 Radio boxes in Android settings menu are not veritcally aligned new P4
#1216 ABP becomes not responding and sometimes crashes when open Configure window and rotate device new P4
#2429 Widget on Android to toggle on/off the filter capability new P4
#5139 Can't build with Ant/Maven new P4
#5140 Add tests for settings storage reviewing P4
#5266 Can't run tests on arm64 device/emulator new P4
#127 Make checkbox descriptions in Android describe the action, not show the current status new P5
#725 Notification bar info not updated when switching filtering off at rooted devices new P5
#1247 Missing support options for dev-builds new rjeschke P5
#1248 Clean up exception handling and logging new P5
#1249 Request logging new P5
#1250 Iptables cleanup new P5
#1251 Warnings removal/reduction new P5
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