Known Opera Issues


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Issue Summary Module Status Assignee Type Priority Milestone Created
#5864 Maintain one at most one style sheet for element hiding emulation Platform new change P2 5 days
#5826 Block element UI does not fit the popup in Edge Platform new defect P2 2 weeks
#5817 webextension: "block element" produces only an empty window Platform new defect Unknown 2 weeks
#5771 ABP prevents loading of Edge about:flags page Platform new defect P2 3 weeks
#5760 Use relative require paths in adblockpluschrome Platform new change P3 4 weeks
#5739 Update the buildtools dependency to 8ccaddd5a816 Platform new change Unknown 4 weeks
#5707 Anti-adblock subscription is not restored Platform new defect Unknown 4 weeks
#5524 Question mark icon used to indicate information in the toolbar button Platform new defect Unknown 2 months
#5512 Add support for multiple notifications in lib/notificationHelper.js Platform new mjethani change P2 2 months
#5408 [Web Extension] Websites hidden in Firefox Developer Edition Platform new defect P2 3 months
#5398 [Web Extension] Errors thrown when installing extension in Firefox Mobile Platform new mjethani defect P2 3 months
#5354 Notifications with buttons are not supported in Opera Platform new jsonesen defect P3 4 months
#5296 [abp2blocklist] Improve $genericblock support using unless-top-url Platform new change Unknown 5 months
#5241 Add a $csp filter option to Adblock Plus for Chrome and Opera Platform new kzar change Unknown 5 months
#5076 Ver.1.13.2 crashes/autodisables with Opera 36.0 Platform new defect Unknown 7 months
#4580 Remove the remaining ext code Platform new mjethani change Unknown 12 months
#4579 Target promise-based browserext API Platform reopened mjethani change P3 12 months
#4321 [abp2blocklist] Improve abp2blocklist to support/patch rules which can't be properly translated from Easylist Platform new mjethani change Unknown 14 months
#4308 "Block element" does not appear as an option in the menu. Platform new defect Unknown 15 months
#4274 Block Element context menu item not working Platform new defect Unknown 15 months
#4233 Block element red highlighting doesn't move when page is scrolled Platform new defect P3 16 months
#4026 First-run page and warning not shown after reinitializing filter subscriptions Platform new defect Unknown 18 months
#3816 Add experimental support for the new options page in Adblock Plus for Chrome, Opera and Safari Platform reviewing change P2 19 months
#3808 Notify ABP for Chrome users about having adware symptoms Platform new change Unknown 19 months
#3055 Fix inconsistencies with critical notifications Platform new change P3 2 years
#2969 Notification locales should be interpreted as Mozilla l10n locales Platform new change Unknown 2 years
#1446 Web page's "click" event handler interferes with "Block Element" Platform new defect P4 3 years
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