Adblock Browser for Android issues to be triaged

Note that this report may contain Adblock Plus for Android issues as well.


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Issue Summary Priority Status Assignee Type Milestone
#7218 Send notification to Adblock Browser for Android Unknown new change
#7189 When registering on a year cannot be chosen Unknown new defect
#7025 Adjust target SDK Unknown new change
#6636 Add to Home Screen not working Unknown new defect
#6410 GDPR compliance for Adblock Browser for Android P2 new change
#6354 Unable to un-do like on Facebook ABB Unknown new defect
#6287 Create codename Orca v.0 to launch internally to the team P2 reviewing jwangenheim change
#6195 Show a message when reseting ad blocking settings P3 new change
#6189 Bring back the reading list button P3 new change
#6086 ABB "Text size" sample copy text references Firefox / Mozilla Unknown new defect
#5999 ABB Settings slow to load Unknown new defect
#5798 youtube playlist with duplicate videos do not play Unknown new defect
#5670 [UI] New Getting ratings and reviews flow P2 new change
#5621 [UI] New Onboarding P2 new change
#5615 ABB: User Request: Add widget with only search icon Unknown new change
#5526 Adobe flash player videos not supported on ABB Android Unknown new defect
#5523 Expose Firefox Mobile version number Unknown new change
#5478 Autofill bookmarks - Adblock Browser Unknown new change
#5471 displaying plugin error on videos Unknown new defect
#5419 ABB Text Size setting not taking effect Unknown new defect
#5365 First runs screens are not displayed correctly on some devices Unknown new defect
#5364 Aceptable Ads selection on loads partially then reverts to the original page Unknown new defect
#5363 AA's are not displayed on Unknown new defect
#5362 White ad space not collapsed on Unknown new defect
#5361 Content in articles not loaded on when blocking is enabled Unknown new defect
#5341 Subscribing on removes the currently selected list Unknown new defect
#5299 Failed to download notification on Android for ABB when attempting to check for updates. Unknown new defect
#5204 Page freeze whilst scrolling ABB Android Unknown new defect
#5150 Acceptable Ads are not correctly disabled Unknown new defect
#4941 AA's displayed incorrectly on articles Unknown new defect
#4642 ABB Android Crashes with WindowState error Unknown new defect
#4620 Remove unused manifest permissions P4 new change
#4545 Videos playing from do not load in ABB Android Unknown new defect
#4541 Browser crash after video streaming on Unknown new defect
#4496 "Block Ads on this site" not selectable after app crash Unknown new defect
#4439 Make the feedback link in the Adblock Browser preferences point to about:feedback again P3 new change
#4212 PoC: ABB for Android with search engine Unknown new diegocarloslima change
#3821 No ads are blocked at all on Youtube Unknown new defect
#3581 Adblock Browser for Android randomly crashes on startup on Galaxy Tab 3 Unknown new defect
#3560 Settings/Privacy: Keyboard is not displayed automatically after tick on "Use master password" option. Unknown new defect
#2791 [build] Improve build configuration and build for more targets P3 new change
#2773 [meta] Change text 'Adblocking' to 'Ad blocking' Unknown new change
#2623 Unexpected behaviour when opening a new Private Tab from History Unknown new rjeschke defect
#2556 Fetching subscriptions block Unknown new defect
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