Adblock-Browser-for-iOS issues to be triaged


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Issue Summary Priority Status Assignee Type Milestone
#6965 Adblock Plus would not subscribe to filter lists Unknown new defect
#6780 ad landing pages broken Unknown new defect
#6461 Make Kitt Core be a framework manageable by Carthage Unknown new dzhang change
#6356 Youtube bug on ABB for iOS Unknown new defect
#6346 ABB repeatedly opening new tab on Unknown new defect
#5936 Add possibility to deactivate Cookies Unknown new change
#5935 Add possibility to deactivate JavaScript Unknown new change
#5924 Bookmarks view is visible when edit bookmark is dismissed Unknown new defect
#5923 Done/Edit buttons in bookmarks view jumps when touched Unknown new defect
#5833 Opening comments section on youtube brings up footer instead Unknown new defect
#5825 Request for specific filter lists have gone up arbitrarily P2 new defect
#5785 Search history isn't deleted upon clearing all browser data P2 reopened defect Adblock-Browser-for-iOS-2.1.0
#5679 [ABB 2.0] Language setting needs to be moved Unknown new defect
#5430 ABB crashes on iOS 9 while using WKWebView under specific circumstances Unknown new defect
#5328 Adblock Browser sometimes shows ads after start-up P2 new defect
#5224 Video won't load on ABB iOS when adblocking is enabled Unknown new defect
#5214 UIWebView's internal history is polluted with redundant visits Unknown new defect
#5206 Redirect KittCore critical failures into ABB error reporting system Unknown new defect
#5018 [ABB for iOS] [Settings] [Crash and Error Reports] Inconsistent spacing between elements Unknown reopened defect
#4913 White ad space displayed at end of search on Unknown new defect
#4892 ABB iOS crash when viewing ad Unknown new defect
#4785 Add application, applicationVersion, platform and platformVersion to filter list requests Unknown new change
#4542 Support "abp:" and "" filter list subscription URLs Unknown new change
#4441 [HA crash] ??? CoreData in BrowserHistoryManager Unknown new defect
#4437 [HA crash] Javascript invocation Unknown new defect
#4400 Display ABP extension version in About page P3 reopened change
#4249 Try to improve page loading fluency Unknown new change
#4232 [HA crash] Fullscreen video playing Unknown new defect
#4172 Add an init event to the api.js of the bundled ABP extension P3 new change
#4159 Allow better sorting of in-page search match results in Cookie Policy pop-ups P4 new change
#4034 Popup ads are closed too late P3 new defect
#3930 In page search for child frames P4 new change
#3911 Separate icon set for devbuilds Unknown new mario change
#3904 Report feedback for the app Unknown new change
#3903 Pull to refresh the current website Unknown new change
#3902 Open website url from clipboard Unknown reopened change
#3900 Show warning and error messages for language selections Unknown new change
#3899 Turn on/off language downloads on cellular network Unknown new change
#3324 Clear cache doesn't work Unknown new defect
#3149 [Adblock Browser for iOS] Feature request: Request Desktop Site Unknown new change
#3074 Adblock Browser for iOS doesn't trigger file download Unknown new defect
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