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Issue Summary Priority Status Assignee Type Milestone
#7237 ABP Not working for IE11 Windows 7 64 bits Unknown new defect
#7190 suppress Pop-up to enable status bar Unknown new defect
#6656 ABP not working in Internet Explorer 10 Unknown new defect
#6537 Ошибка.windows 2008 r2 .IE 11.0.9600.18860 AdblockPlusEngine.exe Unknown new defect
#6112 Issue with UK Royal Mail website Unknown new defect
#5731 AdblockPlusEngine crashes P3 new defect
#4725 The update function of AdblockPlusEngine leaks a Windows thread instance Unknown new defect
#4511 Distribute ABP for IE through Windows Store P4 new change
#4393 Installer loses IE tabs P4 new defect
#4320 IE11 freezes/hangs with Windows 10 Anniversary Update & ABP P2 new defect
#4225 Adblock Plus Blocks Images in Outlook 2016 E-mail P5 new defect
#4195 CNN vids will not play P3 new sergz defect
#4011 The types of character and used in the code are inconsistent. P5 new change
#3861 ABP IE11 jQuery 1.7.2 Impact P5 new defect
#3765 After clicking the 'enable' button, the ABP icon is not displayed in the status bar. Unknown new defect
#3640 Publish a Simple Adblock update P3 new oleksandr change
#3631 External flag to use CSS injection or traverser. Unknown new change
#3630 Switch back to use FinalConstruct/FinalRelease Unknown new change
#3606 [meta] Switch to single-threaded apartment threading model for our BHO P3 new change
#3506 When one Update Adblock Plus confirmation dialog opens, user is able to open second duplicated one Unknown new defect
#3501 Invalid Message shown when checking for Updates and internet connection is lost Unknown new defect Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer-Next
#3456 Implementation of CPluginClass::GetAsyncBrowser() makes incorrect assumption about life cycle of site objects P3 new defect
#3433 Create effective atomicity between external interfaces such as events and factories P3 new defect
#3432 Treat COM events as a resource with RAII P3 new change
#3428 Decide the UI details for non-blockable URL's Unknown new change
#3391 Detached initialization is defective in corner cases and poorly structured P3 reviewing defect
#3382 [meta] Rationalize life cycle of plugin classes P3 new defect
#3323 AdBlockPlusIE and Windows 10 version 1115 (Nov 2015 ISO release) P4 new defect
#3252 Issues with url=file:// in IE only Unknown new defect
#3234 Get rid of the possible race condition. Unknown new change
#3202 Show the being installed version of the addon in the header of installer. Unknown new change
#3188 ABP-IE engine crashes when it asks v8 to exceed one of its internal limits Unknown new defect
#2993 [ABP for IE] Several settings' pages can be opened at the same time P3 new defect
#2905 Fails to work, Crashes, w/ Win7-32bits... P4 new defect
#2781 Update to version 1.4 on Windows 7 doesn't work P3 new defect
#2361 Ver. 1.4 (and 1.3) randomly crashing IE11 Windows 7 P3 new defect
#2263 Addon cannot communicate with the engine when engine is busy P4 new defect
#2256 ABP becomes semi-enabled P3 new defect
#2142 Synchronize access to s_threadInstances in CPluginClass::OnWindowStateChanged P4 reviewing oleksandr change
#2097 Update first run page in IE P3 new change
#2068 ABP 1.3.763, 1.4 not working in yahoo mail P3 new defect
#2005 Refactor working with strings in InputBuffer and OutputBuffer P4 reviewing sergz change
#1575 Enterprise Web Application crashes when ABP is installed and enabled on IE P4 new defect
#1472 The aim of CPluginClass::GetBrowserUrl looks wrong. P4 new change
#1266 ABP for IE crashing website P3 new defect
#1114 Gray contour/line in google area on 'Think Adblock Plus is worth sharing?' page P4 new defect
#1087 Switch from Visual Studio 2012 to Visual Studio 2015 P3 new change
#710 Change description for domain whitelisting in ABP for IE settings page P3 new change
#111 Some people don't see the ABP icon in the status bar P3 new defect
#109 Make sure that the "no update available" message box opens in the foreground P3 new change
#73 Indicate progress somehow if a manual update check downloads in background. P3 new change
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