Adblock Plus for iOS issues to be triaged


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Issue Summary Priority Status Assignee Type Milestone
#5276 Settings overview doesn't update filter list date P2 new defect
#5172 Allow fine-tuned filter list controls in AdBlock Plus for iOS Unknown new change
#5036 Whitelist not working on iOS if site has sub-domain Unknown new defect
#4791 Add favicon to the whitelist functionality in the safari share dialog P3 new change
#4746 Change ABP's default font to iOS' system font Unknown new change
#4652 Change text justification of Acceptable Ads explanation P3 new change
#4651 Remove click-event from version string P3 new defect
#4291 Sponsored links are shown in search results on with AA disabled in ABP iOS Unknown new defect
#4290 Unable to load articles on in ABP iOS Unknown new defect
#4289 Sponsored content showing in google search results with AA disabled in ABP iOS Unknown new defect
#4285 No ads are blocked on with ABP iOS. Unknown new defect
#3029 AfC ads not displayed with acceptable ads enabled Unknown new defect
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