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Ticket Summary Module Version Type Assignee Status Created
#6 Set up backups Infrastructure change matze new 03/10/2014
#4073 Improve Nginx integration with Puppet service resource Infrastructure change matze reviewing 05/25/2016
#5384 Introduce a dedicated mobile options page User-Interface change greiner reviewing 07/06/2017
#4280 Safari "page's address isn't valid" error when using the content blocking API Adblock-Plus-for-iOS defect arthur reopened 08/01/2016
#240 Move reports.adblockplus.org to a separate server Infrastructure change matze reviewing 04/01/2014
#394 Collect filter hit statistics Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox change saroyanm reviewing 04/28/2014
#396 [abp-backend] Add a filter hit statistics backend server Infrastructure change new 04/28/2014
#495 [meta] Filter Hit Statistics Tool Unknown change new 05/15/2014
#534 [meta] Use typed objects in the core code Core change new 05/21/2014
#536 [meta] Count second downloads Unknown change new 05/22/2014
#553 Improve all the English texts for Android Adblock-Plus-for-Android change new 05/24/2014
#697 [trac] add mirror/backup repository for trac plugins Infrastructure change new 06/23/2014
#1095 Redirect update requests from the main server Infrastructure change new 07/22/2014
#1162 Cache notification URL matcher Core change greiner reviewing 07/29/2014
#1205 Improve Acceptable Ads text on the first run page User-Interface change new 08/13/2014
#1206 Use different acceptable ads title for updates Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer change new 08/13/2014
#1281 Set up a build server Infrastructure change matze reviewing 08/28/2014
#1285 Disable automatic update checks by default and add API for enabling them Libadblockplus change new 08/29/2014
#1460 Add a setting for not loading element hiding rules Libadblockplus change new 10/01/2014
#1462 Create a development certificate authority Office-IT change matze new 10/02/2014
#1544 Investigate usage of a local VPN Adblock-Plus-for-Android change new 11/07/2014
#1608 Introduce SCM module in Puppet Infrastructure change matze reviewing 11/25/2014
#1788 Setting up server in China for EasyList China Infrastructure change matze new 01/13/2015
#2360 [meta] Add ability to hide elements by their child elements Core change hfiguiere new 04/20/2015
#2366 [meta] Move notification display logic to Core Unknown change new 04/21/2015
#2386 Make it possible to register a notification download listener Core change new 04/22/2015
#2387 [Move notification display logic to Core] Make it possible to register a notification show listener Libadblockplus change new 04/22/2015
#2388 [meta] CSS property filters Unknown change new 04/22/2015
#2398 [meta] CSS property filters support in Firefox Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox change new 04/22/2015
#2402 Create unit tests for the CSS property rules functionality Extensions-for-Adblock-Plus change new 04/22/2015
#2706 [meta] Finalize new options page implementation User-Interface change new 06/22/2015
#2944 Improve handling of custom Ruby installation Infrastructure change matze reviewing 08/23/2015
#3065 Allow for host-specific Puppet guest OS configuration Infrastructure change matze reviewing 09/12/2015
#3107 Store Adblock Browser feedback data permanently and make it accessible Infrastructure change new 09/21/2015
#3145 Improve handling of Mercurial installation Infrastructure change paco new 10/01/2015
#3151 Create Adblock Browser devbuilds using buildbot Infrastructure change new 10/02/2015
#3152 Build libadblockplus using buildbot Infrastructure change new 10/02/2015
#3175 Change app workflow Adblock-Plus-for-iOS change reopened 10/07/2015
#3184 As a user i want to see the whitelist functionality in the safari share dialog Adblock-Plus-for-iOS change ashephard reviewing 10/09/2015
#3262 Setup telemetry.adblockplus.org host Infrastructure change matze reviewing 11/03/2015
#3663 [meta] Update to the master bookmark after cloning/pulling Infrastructure change new 02/16/2016
#3697 Fall back to i18n.getUILanguage if @ui_locale isn't supported Platform change reviewing 02/25/2016
#3725 Implement Notifications Adblock-Plus-for-Samsung-Browser change new 03/03/2016
#3726 Make AntiAdblock filter list a default Adblock-Plus-for-Samsung-Browser change new 03/03/2016
#3770 Generate Key-Pairs and Certificates via Puppet Infrastructure change matze new 03/10/2016
#3816 Add experimental support for the new options page in Adblock Plus for Chrome, Opera and Safari Platform change reviewing 03/16/2016
#3916 Supporting Adding filer lists via URL Adblock-Plus-for-Samsung-Browser change jwangenheim new 04/12/2016
#3938 Configure the environment to automatically run abpcrawler. Infrastructure change new 04/15/2016
#3961 Update path to gDevTools.jsm in Element Hiding Helper Extensions-for-Adblock-Plus change trev new 04/20/2016
#3981 (Re-) Configure per-server traffic monitoring Infrastructure change matze new 04/25/2016
#4040 Adjustments in redirects used by ABB for Android: Privacy, FAQ and support Infrastructure change matze reopened 05/12/2016
#4102 Improve HDD monitoring via SMART-data Infrastructure change new 06/02/2016
#4122 [meta] Create an Emscripten-based version of the core classes Core change new 06/07/2016
#4128 [emscripten] Convert parsing patterns.ini to C++ Core change new 06/07/2016
#4229 Replace monitoring server hardware Infrastructure change matze new 07/05/2016
#4535 Redirect old Acceptable Ads Application Form to the new one Infrastructure change new 10/17/2016
#4706 [meta] Redesign Adblock Browser for iOS Adblock-Browser-for-iOS change new 12/05/2016
#4713 Switch from Shadow DOM v0 to Shadow DOM v1 Platform change new 12/07/2016
#4733 Refactor nginx module Infrastructure change new 12/14/2016
#4742 [UI] Redesign history screen Adblock-Browser-for-iOS change reopened 12/16/2016
#4743 [UI] Redesign normal mode tab view Adblock-Browser-for-iOS change reopened 12/16/2016
#4786 Add application, applicationVersion, platform and platformVersion setter/getter to adblockplusadblockbrowserios Adblock-Browser-for-iOS change mario reviewing 01/10/2017
#4929 Rename App from "Adblock" to "Adblock Browser" Adblock-Browser-for-iOS change new 02/23/2017
#4979 Compile for 'armeabi' Libadblockplus-Android change new 03/13/2017
#5039 Add support of nullable values for non-objects in settings. Libadblockplus change sergz reviewing 03/28/2017
#5048 [meta] Migrate data from legacy Firefox extension to WebExtension Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox change reopened 03/29/2017
#5066 Don't download subscription when connection parameters are inappropriate Libadblockplus change new 03/30/2017
#5068 Create translation string usage doc Websites change juliandoucette reviewing 03/30/2017
#5069 Add support of preloaded subscriptions Libadblockplus change new 03/30/2017
#5080 Start using modules for the content scripts Platform change new 03/31/2017
#5089 Update the adblockpluscore dependency to 5079-export-elemhideemulation Platform change jsonesen new 04/03/2017
#5109 Create stylelintrc for websites and ui modules Websites change reviewing 04/05/2017
#5118 Eliminate possible access violation from worker threads while destroying of Platform Libadblockplus change new 04/06/2017
#5137 [emscripten] Add implementation of basic filter storage functionality Core change trev reviewing 04/14/2017
#5138 [emscripten] Convert serializing patterns.ini to C++ Core change new 04/14/2017
#5141 [emscripten] Convert filter matcher to C++ Core change new 04/14/2017
#5147 [emscripten] Prevent use-after-free from JavaScript Core change new 04/16/2017
#5149 [emscripten] Verify that unit tests don't leak any objects Core change new 04/18/2017
#5158 Implement the new Options Page User-Interface change new 04/20/2017
#5159 [emscripten] Expose BlockingFilter.collapse property Core change new 04/20/2017
#5160 [emscripten] Expose changed class and property names to JavaScript Core change new 04/20/2017
#5174 [emscripten] Allow brackets { and } in element hiding filters Core change new 04/24/2017
#5175 [emscripten] Reject element hiding filters with effectively empty domain names Core change new 04/24/2017
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