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#4174 Add possibility to send an email in ABB's about:feedback page Adblock-Browser-for-Android new change P3 01/12/2018
#4248 Add codestyle check Libadblockplus-Android reviewing change P3 asmirnov 10/06/2017
#4310 Build an .appx for ABP for Internet Explorer Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer new change P3 oleksandr 08/08/2016
#4400 Display ABP extension version in About page Adblock-Browser-for-iOS reopened change P3 10/06/2016
#4416 Libadblockplus-android tests duplicate libadblockplus tests Libadblockplus-Android new change P3 09/13/2016
#4432 FilterEngine is created for too long Libadblockplus-Android new change P3 asmirnov 11/17/2016
#4433 Getting element hiding selectors takes too long Libadblockplus-Android new change P3 asmirnov 09/19/2016
#4439 Make the feedback link in the Adblock Browser preferences point to about:feedback again Adblock-Browser-for-Android new change P3 01/12/2018
#4614 Remove legacy signtool configuration options Unknown new change P3 11/07/2016
#4632 Store sitekeys by frame ID instead of frame URL Unknown new change P3 11/17/2016
#4637 Remove proxying of adblockplus.org/subscriptionStatus Infrastructure new change P3 12/06/2016
#4661 Make filter list URL configurable in release builds Adblock-Plus-for-iOS/macOS new change P3 dzhang 03/11/2018
#4815 Make collected data from Acceptable Ads Committee application form accessible Infrastructure new change P3 02/09/2017
#4856 Reimplement getDocLink assignment in adblockplusUI User-Interface new change P3 02/02/2017
#4883 event-based error reporting description misleading Adblock-Browser-for-iOS new change P3 02/15/2017
#4916 look into the way to accept compressed data in network requests on Windows Libadblockplus reopened change P3 11/18/2017
#5064 Start to use google mock in tests Libadblockplus new change P3 03/30/2017
#5112 iOS notifications flicker on iOS 9 Adblock-Browser-for-iOS new defect P3 04/06/2017
#5144 [emscripten] Move FilterListener functionality into FilterNotifier Core new change P3 04/15/2017
#5146 [emscripten] Implement DownloadableSubscription.parseDownload() Core reviewing change P3 hfiguiere 11/13/2018
#5251 Use form and type submit for the control elements User-Interface new change P3 02/14/2018
#5262 Loosen ESLint indentation rule Automation new change P3 07/03/2018
#5271 Restoring automated backups does not work correctly in migration builds Core new defect P3 05/24/2017
#5317 Add support for <table> to the collection User-Interface new change P3 02/14/2018
#5474 Rename "cms" to "wake" Sitescripts new change P3 kvas 10/09/2018
#5483 Complete test-coverage for Build-and-Release-Tools Automation new change P3 08/15/2017
#5484 Ensure python3 compatibility of the Build-and-Release-Tools Automation new change P3 08/11/2017
#5525 [emscripten] Consider using Robin Hood hashing Core new change P3 08/17/2017
#5530 Allow canonical link override in page front-matter Sitescripts new change P3 01/16/2018
#5585 Apply options page style guide to mobile options page User-Interface new change P3 10/10/2018
#5600 CMS Should extract translations from crowdin even if locale dir does not exist Sitescripts new change P3 jsonesen 12/22/2017
#5601 CMS takes too long to generate web.adblockplus.org Sitescripts reviewing defect P3 kvas 09/28/2018
#5629 Fix all edge cases caused by flexible root element for new options page User-Interface new change P3 09/26/2017
#5630 Marking newly added table items User-Interface new change P3 02/14/2018
#5661 [emscripten] Move impl of Subscription serialization from Subscription classes Core new change P3 sergz 12/21/2017
#5677 Update punycode.js Libadblockplus new change P3 09/14/2017
#5702 Update core to use standard APIs instead of internal Gecko APIs Core new change P3 03/20/2019
#5732 [emscripten] Stop using i64 arithmetic Core new change P3 rjeschke 12/14/2018
#5799 Add option to specify a list of V8 libraries, in particular to use some libv8.so Libadblockplus new change P3 09/27/2017
#5830 Provide access to globals from filters Sitescripts new change P3 10/05/2017
#5918 ABP blocks opening of downloaded files in Edge Platform reopened defect P3 03/03/2019
#6114 Add ability to specify documentation link in translatable strings User-Interface new change P3 11/30/2017
#6167 Release automation fails on Windows Automation new defect P3 12/21/2017
#6184 Add bundled lists when building the app Adblock-Browser-for-Android new change P3 12/12/2017
#6189 Bring back the reading list button Adblock-Browser-for-Android new change P3 12/12/2017
#6192 Make behavior of enable-toggle on mobile options page consistent with icon popup User-Interface new change P3 12/12/2017
#6195 Show a message when reseting ad blocking settings Adblock-Browser-for-Android new change P3 12/13/2017
#6247 Random crash while scrolling Adblock-Plus-for-Chromium new defect P3 01/12/2018
#6248 Check per-platform build Adblock-Plus-for-Chromium new change P3 01/15/2018
#6255 Use full request frame tree Adblock-Plus-for-Chromium new change P3 06/22/2018
#6256 Change the visibility property of style objects without JS Adblock-Plus-for-Chromium new change P3 01/12/2018
#6266 [emscripten] Add tests for case lowering functionality Core new change P3 01/15/2018
#6267 [emscripten] Get rid of global storage of regular expressions in native implementation Core new change P3 01/15/2018
#6326 Rename locale directory to locales User-Interface new change P3 01/26/2018
#6337 CMS test server is case insensitive Sitescripts new defect P3 atudor 06/12/2019
#6339 Make it possible to release Adblock Plus for Chrome without a build signing key Automation new change P3 tlucas 05/18/2018
#6357 Don't suggest element hiding filters if we can't hide elements on the page Platform new change P3 09/28/2018
#6358 Correct resource URL colours for dark theme version of our developer tools panel User-Interface new defect P3 09/07/2018
#6372 FilterEngine method invocations take too long Libadblockplus new change P3 02/09/2018
#6374 [webextension] Adblock Plus devtools panel is blank on some sites in Firefox Platform new defect P3 02/13/2018
#6378 [emscripten] Make DependentString constexpr Core reviewing change P3 rjeschke 03/14/2018
#6435 [emscripten] Get rid of compiler warnings Core new change P3 03/01/2018
#6455 Use tabs.removeCSS on Chromium Platform reviewing change P3 mjethani 03/08/2018
#6477 Separate done and error callbacks in IFileSystem interface Libadblockplus reopened change P3 11/16/2018
#6498 [webextension] response is undefined after extension install Platform new defect P3 11/15/2018
#6519 Inconsistency in naming the options page User-Interface new change P3 09/07/2018
#6526 Stop using of deprecated V8 API. Libadblockplus new change P3 sergz 08/08/2018
#6530 Filter list toggle still line breaks in Greek User-Interface new defect P3 10/10/2018
#6664 Update the buildtools dependency for adblockpluscore Core new change P3 tschuster 11/15/2018
#6683 Orca crashes when logging in to Discourse Adblock-Plus-for-Chromium new defect P3 03/20/2019
#6710 Avoid storing filter domains multiple times Core new change P3 03/17/2019
#6771 Request engine lock from null provider crash Libadblockplus-Android new defect P3 07/09/2018
#6804 Run element hiding emulation before the DOMContentLoaded event Core new change P3 07/26/2018
#6829 Remove filters that don't belong to any subscription Core reviewing change P3 jsonesen 01/29/2019
#6857 SpecialSubscription objects are never removed Core new defect P3 02/21/2019
#6930 Add support for Microsoft Edge to WebDriver-based test automation Automation new change P3 geo 12/05/2018
#6939 No-TLD restriction for content filters does not work if there's at least one non-TLD Core new defect P3 mjethani 07/09/2019
#6940 Use underscore prefixes for internal properties Core new change P3 02/21/2019
#7015 Serialize subscriptions in a single loop Core reviewing change P3 jsonesen 02/05/2019
#7045 Optimize V8 memory layout of filter text Core new change P3 mjethani 10/15/2018
#7048 [CMS] Translations returned by get_string are distorted in non-default locales when the string is coming from the default locale Sitescripts reviewing defect P3 kvas 10/17/2018
#7055 [Gitlab CI] [Firefox] run "publish -- gecko" though CI Automation reviewing change P3 01/30/2019
#7064 [CMS] Add requirements.txt Sitescripts reviewing change P3 atudor 11/14/2018
#7078 Block element sometimes causes console errors Platform new defect P3 10/29/2018
#7090 Oauth2client causing tests to fail Sitescripts new defect P3 atudor 11/08/2018
#7099 Expose FilterEngine API changes and port tests regarding obtaining the list of element hiding emulation selectors Libadblockplus-Android new change P3 zkhetsuriani 02/04/2019
#7142 Add examples to snippet JSDoc Core new change P3 11/28/2018
#7157 Add ability to test failing issue report submissions User-Interface new change P3 01/11/2019
#7176 Settings page checkboxes can get stuck User-Interface new defect P3 01/16/2019
#7224 Generic filter text logged if specific filter with same selector matches Platform new defect P3 01/22/2019
#7248 Prioritize user-defined filters Core new change P3 04/14/2019
#7299 Block element context menu disappears after first use on Edge Platform new defect P3 02/18/2019
#7301 Create test page for object-subrequest Websites reviewing change P3 03/13/2019
#7315 Move whitelisting to frame on sitekey test page Websites reviewing change P3 03/05/2019
#7335 Subscription links sometimes do not work in Edge Unknown new defect P3 03/08/2019
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