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#399 Generate update manifests for Safari releases Infrastructure closed fixed change P1 sebastian 10/22/2014
#4992 Generate website from the master bookmark [CMS] Sitescripts closed fixed change Unknown 04/04/2017
#7224 Generic filter text logged if specific filter with same selector matches Platform closed rejected defect P3 08/29/2019
#3162 Generic filters are suggested for elements whitelisted by a generic hide / block filter exception Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox closed rejected defect P4 11/10/2017
#1683 German Paypal contribution page has encoding issues with the item name Websites closed fixed defect P3 juliandoucette 04/20/2016
#5790 Get ready for integration into Chromium Libadblockplus-Android closed fixed change P3 10/03/2017
#5034 Get rid of JsValuePtr and use JsValue instead Libadblockplus closed fixed change P4 hfiguiere 04/20/2017
#3758 Get rid of Opera specific devbuilds Sitescripts closed fixed change P3 sebastian 03/14/2016
#3759 Get rid of PAD generation Sitescripts closed fixed change P3 sebastian 09/22/2016
#4983 Get rid of Sleep() in the WebRequest test Libadblockplus closed fixed defect Unknown sergz 07/28/2017
#1550 Get rid of V8ValueHolder.h Libadblockplus closed fixed change P2 sergz 05/23/2016
#2296 Get rid of codecs.open() Sitescripts closed rejected change P4 sebastian 04/09/2015
#2701 Get rid of dead code in "info" module Automation closed fixed change P4 04/13/2016
#3595 Get rid of detached threads Libadblockplus closed fixed defect P2 03/13/2018
#3421 Get rid of for each loops in keySelector.js Automation closed fixed change P3 trev 12/16/2015
#4688 Get rid of long (forever) blocking operations in tests Libadblockplus closed fixed change P3 07/31/2017
#4098 Get rid of special build setup for development builds Sitescripts closed fixed change P3 trev 06/06/2016
#3234 Get rid of the possible race condition. Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer new change Unknown 10/26/2015
#1747 GetElementHidingSelectors should return an empty list if the website is whitelisted by any option Core closed rejected change Unknown 10/09/2019
#4433 Getting element hiding selectors takes too long Libadblockplus-Android new change P3 asmirnov 09/19/2016
#5764 Ghost Mode doesn't store (some) cookies during runtime Adblock-Browser-for-iOS new defect P2 10/08/2019
#3627 Ghost mode tab is reopened after app kill/crash Adblock-Browser-for-iOS closed rejected defect Unknown 02/04/2016
#7263 Gitlab runners timing out on adblockpluscore tests Automation new defect Unknown jsonesen 10/10/2019
#3845 Google Docs documents throw error messages with ABP enabled Platform closed duplicate defect Unknown 03/21/2016
#4319 Got error status from ['hg', 'status', '--rev', '0^:0', '-u', '.']: Sitescripts closed fixed defect P4 trev 09/14/2016
#3100 Grammatical error in German translation on features page Websites closed invalid defect P3 02/01/2016
#291 Grammatical error on contribute page Infrastructure closed fixed defect P3 philll 04/24/2014
#3342 Grant Dave push privileges for adblockplusui Infrastructure closed fixed defect P2 fred 11/27/2015
#2884 Grant Lazarus access to antiadblockfilters Infrastructure closed fixed change P4 matze 08/13/2015
#3172 Grant SMed79 access to subscriptionlist Infrastructure closed fixed change P3 matze 11/02/2015
#3718 Grant Sasa access to exceptionrules Office-IT closed fixed change P2 fred 03/03/2016
#3341 Grant dimisa access to the RU AdList and antiadblockfilters filter list repository Infrastructure closed fixed change P3 trev 11/23/2015
#5274 Grant push access for Manish and Jon Office-IT closed fixed change P2 ferris 06/08/2017
#4596 Grant push rights to adblockpluschrome for Ollie Infrastructure closed fixed change Unknown trev 11/08/2016
#4173 Grant write access to libadblockplus to asmirnov Office-IT closed fixed change P2 matze 06/29/2016
#4200 Grant write access to libadblockplus-binaries to asmirnov Office-IT closed fixed change P2 matze 08/30/2016
#3441 Grey out the Adblock Plus icon for pages where blocking isn't possible (e.g. non http/https) Platform closed rejected change P3 08/29/2019
#1430 Guardian videos are blocked on Safari with EasyList Platform closed worksforme defect P3 01/13/2015
#1731 Gujarati translation is imported with wrong locale code from CrowdIn Automation closed fixed defect P3 sebastian 12/28/2014
#5768 HTML5 videos partially don't work Adblock-Browser-for-iOS closed worksforme defect P2 12/04/2018
#6693 HTMLCollection permission denied exceptions Platform closed rejected defect P2 05/24/2018
#2826 Hamburger menu not visible on all pages [adblockplus.org] Websites closed fixed defect P2 saroyanm 07/29/2015
#2313 Handle Flup dependency in module sitescripts Infrastructure closed fixed change P4 poz2k4444 11/21/2016
#4264 Handle actions in a more centralized way User-Interface closed fixed change P3 saroyanm 05/19/2017
#6731 Handle anti-circumvention list in UI User-Interface closed fixed change P2 hfiguiere 08/28/2018
#5900 Handle binary attributes in separate function User-Interface closed duplicate change P4 08/06/2018
#7236 Handle sub properties in abort-on-property-* snippets. Core closed fixed change P2 hfiguiere 04/25/2019
#4451 Hardcoded local paths in precompiled libadblockplus Libadblockplus closed invalid defect P2 asmirnov 09/21/2016
#3708 Have abpbot join all channels Infrastructure new change Unknown matze 12/04/2017
#3400 Have better solution instead of linkify Sitescripts closed rejected change Unknown 01/07/2016
#5559 Have ensure_dependencies.py install (production) Node.js dependencies when updating a dependency Unknown closed fixed change P2 tlucas 08/30/2017
#6428 Have generateStyleSheetForDomain provide exception filters if requested Core closed fixed change P2 jsonesen 07/26/2019
#6380 Have hg commit hook check Noissue commits have linked review URL Sitescripts closed rejected change Unknown 09/17/2019
#6566 Heading size and space is hard to differentiate Websites closed fixed change Unknown ire 04/09/2018
#6799 Hebrew subscription is not installed for Hebrew locale Libadblockplus-Android closed fixed defect P3 08/01/2018
#6075 Hide Acceptable Ads notification when corresponding subscription is removed User-Interface closed fixed defect P2 saroyanm 12/05/2017
#5778 Hide More filters section when there is no filter User-Interface closed fixed defect P2 saroyanm 09/28/2017
#6440 High CPU/memory usage when adding large number of custom filters User-Interface closed fixed defect P1 agiammarchi, greiner 04/05/2018
#759 High memory usage on page with 390 iframes Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox closed duplicate defect Unknown 07/10/2014
#2057 High resolution icon for Chrome extension management page is missing Platform closed rejected defect P3 08/29/2019
#6795 Highlighter area coordinates offset by scrolling User-Interface closed fixed defect P3 agiammarchi 10/26/2018
#5256 Hit counters not updated for element hiding emulation filters Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox closed rejected defect P2 11/10/2017
#3991 Homepage URL is no longer being set automatically Core closed fixed defect P1 trev 04/26/2016
#7066 Homepage meta data is ignored from some subscriptions User-Interface closed fixed defect P2 greiner 10/08/2019
#3146 Host Safari content blocker lists on easylist-downloads.adblockplus.org Infrastructure closed duplicate change P2 10/01/2015
#4971 Hub UI > Incorrect display / layout of navigation elements Unknown new defect Unknown 03/09/2017
#4972 Hub UI > Unnecessary "Home" page Unknown new defect Unknown 03/09/2017
#1604 I need more RAM for my notebook Office-IT closed fixed change Unknown 01/20/2015
#1652 IE crashes on disposing of s_asyncWebBrowser2 Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer new defect P4 12/23/2015
#1654 IE crashes when we close the page while plugin is not loaded completely Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer reopened defect P3 03/16/2015
#707 IE installer headline text in ukrainian covers installer logo Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer new defect P3 02/04/2015
#1744 IE unresponsive on maps.yahoo.com (with easyprivacy) Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer new defect P3 01/21/2015
#708 IE8 shows empty existing entry in domain whitelist of options page Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer new defect P4 07/04/2015
#6935 IOBigToggle not rendered User-Interface closed fixed defect P1 10/25/2018
#6487 IOElement as base component for ABP UI User-Interface closed fixed change P3 04/05/2018
#6514 IOToggle Custom Element User-Interface closed fixed change Unknown agiammarchi 08/06/2018
#5212 IRC hook should report bookmarked branches Sitescripts closed fixed change P3 trev 05/05/2017
#4947 Icons for Acceptable ads and e-mail do not load on mobile Websites closed invalid defect Unknown 03/15/2017
#6866 Icons on mobile options page are broken User-Interface closed fixed change P1 12/18/2018
#2937 Identify installations of the stable version via Google Play at runtime Adblock-Browser-for-Android new change P3 rjeschke 09/29/2015
#1786 Identifying what the "Maxthon Portable" is Unknown closed fixed change Unknown jobp 01/19/2015
#6917 Iframe collapsing doesn't work on Firefox Platform closed rejected defect Unknown 10/01/2019
#6535 Ignore libadblockplus and libadblockplus-android files Adblock-Plus-for-Chromium closed duplicate change Unknown diegocarloslima 03/29/2018
#6716 Ignore resource: protocol in Firefox Unknown new change Unknown tschuster 06/13/2018
#4213 Images on specific websites are not downloadable Adblock-Browser-for-iOS closed rejected defect P3 07/04/2016
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