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#1455 Set up a server where Eyeo staff can host Shiny apps Infrastructure new change P3 12/21/2017
#2104 Set up a test server for adblockplus.org content Infrastructure closed fixed change P3 trev 05/12/2015
#1556 Set up an additional switch Office-IT closed fixed change P4 AAlvz 11/13/2014
#6 Set up backups Infrastructure new change P1 matze 09/25/2019
#1635 Set up laptop for the new student who starts on Monday Office-IT closed fixed change P4 poz2k4444 01/05/2015
#4046 Set up proguard Adblock-Plus-for-Samsung-Browser closed worksforme change P2 jwangenheim 05/24/2017
#3079 Set up the ABP for Safari for iOS support redirect Infrastructure closed fixed change P2 fhd 09/16/2015
#3676 Set up the hg hook that references commits in issues Infrastructure closed fixed change P4 fhd 02/29/2016
#3989 Set up vHost for EasyList redirect Infrastructure closed fixed change P2 matze 05/01/2016
#2497 Set up web servers for share.adblockplus.org, youtube.adblockplus.me, facebook.adblockplus.me, acceptableads.org Infrastructure closed fixed change P3 trev 05/18/2015
#4943 Settings menu does not appear in browser on certain devices. Adblock-Browser-for-Android closed duplicate defect Unknown 03/28/2017
#5276 Settings overview doesn't update filter list date Adblock-Plus-for-iOS/macOS new defect P2 ashephard 10/08/2019
#1277 Settings page are not being updated after disabling and enabling ABP for Mobile Firefox Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox closed rejected defect P4 11/10/2017
#7176 Settings page checkboxes can get stuck User-Interface closed duplicate defect P3 09/05/2019
#1987 Setup VM with Win2k12 R2 for print management software Office-IT closed fixed change P2 fred 05/04/2015
#2170 Setup central online company phonebook Office-IT closed fixed change P3 fred 10/08/2019
#3169 Setup clone for github.com/snoack/abp2blocklist Infrastructure closed fixed change P2 10/07/2015
#3090 Setup contentblockerlists repository Infrastructure closed fixed change P2 matze 10/01/2015
#2612 Setup filter19.adblockplus.org Infrastructure closed fixed change P2 matze 06/03/2015
#2589 Setup filter{20..23}.adblockplus.org Infrastructure closed fixed change P1 matze 05/27/2015
#2909 Setup hg1.adblockplus.org Infrastructure closed fixed change P2 matze 10/12/2015
#3280 Setup office VPN account for Kirill Office-IT closed fixed change Unknown 12/20/2016
#2152 Setup phones for a bunch of people Office-IT closed fixed change P3 fred 03/25/2015
#5869 Setup privacy_friendly_ads redirect link Infrastructure closed fixed change Unknown ferris 10/18/2017
#3295 Setup server back-end for subscribe.adblockplus.org Infrastructure closed fixed change P3 matze 11/12/2015
#3262 Setup telemetry.adblockplus.org host Infrastructure reviewing change P2 matze 12/09/2015
#4899 Setup template META description using page variable for eyeo.com Websites closed fixed change P4 erick 03/08/2017
#2710 Share dialog fails to open on first-run page User-Interface closed fixed defect P2 greiner 07/22/2015
#6665 Share functionality and optimizations between ElemHide and ElemHideEmulation Core closed rejected change P2 mjethani 08/29/2019
#4193 Sharing blog posts on Facebook Websites new change Unknown 10/09/2019
#4489 Shorten <fix> translation string variable syntax in CMS Sitescripts closed rejected change Unknown 07/20/2017
#6049 Show Adblock Plus Panel in developer tool not showing as an option in Firefox version 52 ESR Platform closed rejected defect Unknown 10/09/2019
#4959 Show Instagram photos on eyeo.com Websites closed incomplete change P3 02/26/2018
#3884 Show Subscription.title in advanced tab in new options page User-Interface closed fixed change P3 sebastian 04/01/2016
#6195 Show a message when reseting ad blocking settings Adblock-Browser-for-Android new change P3 12/13/2017
#5502 Show a warning if the version of linked V8 is different from the expected one. Libadblockplus new change P4 08/11/2017
#416 Show blocked resources Adblock-Plus-for-Android new change P3 hexene 10/08/2019
#2848 Show date of last successful filter list download when it failed User-Interface closed duplicate change P3 09/05/2019
#248 Show disabled filters in issue reports Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox closed rejected change P4 11/10/2017
#5873 Show information about bundled filter list in the Language Dialog User-Interface closed fixed change P2 saroyanm 03/28/2018
#2430 Show message on Adblock Browser Beta launch LP for FF mobile old versions Websites closed rejected change Unknown 05/21/2015
#1450 Show msg_update_missing for manual update checks Adblock-Plus-for-Android new change P3 09/26/2014
#1902 Show notification / Firstrun Page on Maxthon for Android Unknown closed fixed change P1 02/11/2015
#2308 Show notification for known issues earlier in the report submission process Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox closed rejected change P3 11/10/2017
#1882 Show rating of Adblock Plus for Firefox on the website and implement microdata for them Websites closed rejected change P3 02/15/2017
#1881 Show rating of Adblock Plus in the Google search results Websites closed duplicate change Unknown 02/05/2015
#3202 Show the being installed version of the addon in the header of installer. Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer new change Unknown 10/14/2015
#222 Show the first run page when reinstalling Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox closed rejected change P3 11/10/2017
#3900 Show warning and error messages for language selections Adblock-Browser-for-iOS new change Unknown 05/25/2016
#2628 Showing wrong stable version for Yandex.Browser on requirements page Websites closed fixed defect P3 sebastian 06/04/2015
#7290 Signature header generated by sitekey-frame page doesn't verify Sitescripts closed fixed defect P3 kvas 02/22/2019
#6549 Silence node-sass output on success User-Interface closed rejected change Unknown 10/08/2019
#5896 Simplify error handling in the issue reporter User-Interface closed fixed change Unknown trev 10/24/2017
#5059 Simplify io.js API Core closed fixed change P3 trev 04/20/2017
#7324 Simplify logic for domains property Core closed fixed change P2 mjethani 07/25/2019
#5153 Simplify patterns.ini parsing Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox closed fixed change P2 trev 04/20/2017
#5929 Skip update subscription URLs in AndroidWebRequest if not required Unknown closed fixed change Unknown 12/22/2017
#5377 Social Media Filter Not Working Properly on Reuters Adblock-Browser-for-Android closed worksforme defect Unknown 01/04/2018
#4521 Social Media buttons missing on https://eyeo.com/en/contact Websites closed fixed change P3 erick 01/31/2017
#1255 Social buttons broken on first-run page when activating social blocking list Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox closed duplicate defect P2 05/20/2015
#5850 Social media profile links don't open on Help tab User-Interface closed fixed defect P2 saroyanm 10/11/2017
#1188 Some ads are not being hidden Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer closed fixed defect P2 oleksandr 11/10/2014
#1159 Some adserver resources are not blocked Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer closed duplicate defect P2 08/13/2014
#7177 Some element hiding emulation filters fail on Edge Platform closed duplicate defect Unknown 12/18/2018
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