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#4688 Get rid of long (forever) blocking operations in tests Libadblockplus closed fixed change P3 07/31/2017
#4689 Provide platform detection for Help Center website Sitescripts closed rejected change Unknown 02/21/2018
#4690 Localize action attribute in adblockplus/cms Sitescripts closed rejected change Unknown jsonesen 02/21/2018
#4692 Don't keep strong references to JsEngine in worker threads Libadblockplus closed fixed change P3 eric@… 07/31/2017
#4693 Race condition: methods of FilterEngine can be called by JsEngine after destroying of former Libadblockplus new change P4 12/02/2016
#4694 JsEngine::{SetEventCallback,RemoveEventCallback,TriggerEvent} should be thread safe. Libadblockplus closed fixed change P2 sergz 03/21/2017
#4697 Add support for WebExtension-based Firefox development builds Sitescripts closed fixed change P2 trev 12/05/2016
#4698 Text not shown in popup window on Edge Platform closed fixed defect P2 09/20/2017
#4699 Edge does not support 16px and 32px icons Platform closed fixed defect Unknown 10/11/2017
#4700 Allow specifying devbuilds update URL in manifest.json for WebExtensions builds Automation closed fixed change P3 trev 12/05/2016
#4704 AcceptableAds not displayed on urdupoint.com Adblock-Plus-for-iOS/macOS closed worksforme defect P1 07/10/2017
#4705 Adjust update server configuration for new Gecko update manifest format Infrastructure closed fixed change P4 trev 12/06/2016
#4708 Full screen is unavailable for adblockplus.org homepage video Websites closed fixed defect P3 saroyanm 12/07/2016
#4710 Default meta data Websites closed duplicate change Unknown 02/13/2017
#4711 Custom thread class leaks resources on Windows Libadblockplus closed fixed defect P3 eric@… 07/27/2017
#4712 [adblockbrowser.org] - Remove Hindi and Bengali from the website and all traces of these languages Websites closed fixed change P3 ire 08/01/2017
#4715 Update metadata to include antiadblockInit.js from adblockplusui instead of adblockpluscore Platform closed fixed defect Unknown wspee 03/22/2017
#4716 Update adblockpluscore and adblockplusui dependency to TBA Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox closed duplicate change Unknown wspee 03/29/2017
#4719 Edge packager does not generate an info module Automation closed fixed change Unknown 07/07/2017
#4720 Edge packager does not support devenv Automation closed fixed change P3 tlucas 10/19/2017
#4721 Use IndexedDB for storage in Edge Platform closed fixed change Unknown 01/12/2017
#4723 Ensure use strict is used throughout Unknown closed rejected change Unknown kzar 12/09/2016
#4725 The update function of AdblockPlusEngine leaks a Windows thread instance Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer new defect Unknown 01/09/2017
#4726 Add tests for the element hiding emulation content script Core closed fixed change P2 fhd 01/19/2017
#4727 Chrome 49 tabs crashing "Aw, Snap!" for some websites Platform closed rejected defect P2 kzar 12/12/2016
#4728 Remove hard-coded references from statsmaster sitescripts.ini template Infrastructure closed fixed change P3 matze 12/14/2016
#4729 Packager Edge tests fail on Windows due to differing mime types Automation closed worksforme defect Unknown 09/26/2018
#4730 Document the variable naming pattern for website project Websites new change Unknown 10/09/2019
#4733 Refactor nginx module Infrastructure new change P2 01/04/2017
#4746 Change ABP's default font to iOS' system font Adblock-Plus-for-iOS/macOS new change Unknown dzhang 06/23/2018
#4749 eyeo.com Header covers content when printed Websites closed fixed defect P3 08/30/2017
#4754 [adblockplustests] Adjust for the new element hiding emulation filters Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox closed fixed change Unknown fhd 12/22/2016
#4761 Optimize Adblock Plus for Edge listing on Windows Store for better discoverability Unknown new change Unknown 09/26/2017
#4762 Add relentless notification type Core closed fixed change P1 wspee 02/21/2017
#4767 Improve error reporting in update_update_manifests Sitescripts closed fixed change Unknown poz2k4444 01/17/2017
#4768 Vagrant setup for forum.adblockplus.org Infrastructure closed fixed change Unknown ferris 01/06/2017
#4770 Deprecated child-src content security policy used Platform closed rejected defect P3 10/08/2019
#4773 Revert temporary fix for removing unsupported filters Adblock-Plus-for-Samsung-Browser closed rejected change P5 12/20/2018
#4776 "File a request" hyperlink in General tab redirects to an invalid link Infrastructure new defect Unknown 12/21/2017
#4778 [trac] rename "Samsung Browser" to "Samsung Internet" in platform field of issue tracker at issues1 Infrastructure new change Unknown philll 02/16/2017
#4780 "Add Domain" button is overlapping with the input field in the Whitelisted Domains tab User-Interface closed invalid defect P5 04/16/2018
#4782 Decide if we should include a protocol in achor hrefs Websites closed fixed change P3 08/30/2017
#4783 Switch message_responder.js to use the messaging API User-Interface closed fixed change Unknown kzar 01/19/2017
#4784 Missing error handling in updateMalwareDomainsList Sitescripts closed fixed defect P3 kvas 01/23/2017
#4785 Add application, applicationVersion, platform and platformVersion to filter list requests Adblock-Browser-for-iOS new change Unknown 01/10/2017
#4786 Add application, applicationVersion, platform and platformVersion setter/getter to adblockplusadblockbrowserios Adblock-Browser-for-iOS reviewing change P2 mario 10/08/2019
#4788 JsEngine member eventCallbacks is a self-reference and can generate memory leaks Libadblockplus new defect Unknown 11/18/2017
#4789 Migrate to the new Chrome options UI Platform closed rejected change P4 08/29/2019
#4790 List web.acceptableads.com in the Adblock Plus repositories list Infrastructure closed fixed change P3 ferris 07/26/2017
#4792 Add character set to devtools-panel.html User-Interface closed fixed change P3 01/15/2018
#4793 Make toolbar icon state colors more distinct for color blind users Unknown closed duplicate change Unknown 10/09/2019
#4794 adblock engine creating/releasing concurrency Libadblockplus-Android closed fixed defect P2 asmirnov 03/13/2017
#4796 Use a modern JS engine in the browser tests Core closed fixed change P2 trev 10/08/2019
#4797 Separate white box and text from eyeo.com homepage banner Websites closed fixed change P4 ire 01/30/2018
#4798 Update images in "What we are working on" section of eyeo.com Websites closed incomplete change P4 04/05/2018
#4799 First gallery image thumbnail is duplicated on eyeo.com/jobs using IE8 Websites closed fixed defect P5 04/09/2018
#4800 javascript:window.opener popups are not recognized by ABP Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox closed rejected defect Unknown 11/10/2017
#4801 Use modern JavaScript syntax throughout adblockplusui User-Interface closed duplicate change Unknown 03/02/2017
#4802 Add back compatibility for Microsoft Edge after #4722 removed it Platform closed fixed change Unknown oleksandr 01/18/2017
#4806 Update buildtools dependency for Microsoft Edge bookmark Platform closed rejected change Unknown 05/29/2017
#4811 Cleanup for branch "tame isolates and threads". Libadblockplus new change Unknown 03/13/2018
#4812 Use a string builder interface in `WebRequest::GET()` Libadblockplus new change P5 04/05/2017
#4814 Collect the Acceptable Ads Committee application form data Sitescripts closed fixed change Unknown jsonesen 03/30/2017
#4815 Make collected data from Acceptable Ads Committee application form accessible Infrastructure new change P3 02/09/2017
#4816 Change the name of "Consumer Group" to "Digital Rights Organization" on the Acceptable Ads Committee Application form Websites closed duplicate change P1 01/26/2017
#4817 Update committee application form on acceptableads.com Websites closed fixed change Unknown juliandoucette 02/14/2017
#4818 Correcting Eyeo to eyeo on eyeo.com Websites closed fixed change P3 lisabielik 02/23/2017
#4819 Count in text about company nationalities does not match Websites closed duplicate defect P3 02/15/2017
#4820 Links and text indistinguible in IE8 Websites closed rejected defect P4 04/05/2018
#4821 Job application buttons do not work in IE8 Websites closed rejected defect P4 12/20/2017
#4825 Let ElemHideEmulation associate selector and filter Core closed fixed change Unknown 02/21/2017
#4826 Unit tests have race conditions arising from asynchrony in I/O and web request Libadblockplus closed fixed defect Unknown eric 07/28/2017
#4827 Add relentless notification to notification parser Sitescripts closed fixed change Unknown 01/25/2017
#4828 Move code, adding default subscriptions into adblockpluscore Core closed rejected change Unknown 08/29/2019
#4829 Empty error message when adding invalid filter Platform closed rejected defect P2 sebastian 08/29/2019
#4830 FairCompany logo change on https://eyeo.com/en/jobs/ Websites closed fixed change P3 juliandoucette 06/08/2017
#4831 Running build.py with devenv flag throws an error Unknown closed worksforme defect Unknown 01/23/2017
#4832 The API to initialize I/O resources is inherently racy Libadblockplus closed fixed defect Unknown 10/08/2019
#4833 Enable CrowdIn translations for adblockpluscore, migrate strings Core closed rejected change P2 08/16/2017
#4835 ABP crashing in chrome canary Version 58.0.2990.0 Platform closed rejected defect Unknown 01/27/2017
#4836 Buildtools uses an old URL for checking allowed Crowdin locales Automation closed fixed defect P2 kzar 01/25/2017
#4837 Fix share overlay and hide it on small screens User-Interface closed invalid change P3 saroyanm 04/21/2017
#4838 Use nodeunit framework for integration tests running in browser Core closed fixed change P4 trev 05/04/2017
#4840 "Block Element" tool fails to remove some grey overlay elements Platform closed duplicate defect P3 01/28/2017
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