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#539 [meta] Move proxy functionality from ABP for Android to libadblockplus Unknown new change P3 02/22/2016
#540 [meta] Add proxy functionality Libadblockplus new change P3 09/30/2014
#541 [meta] Use libadblockplus's proxy functionality Adblock-Plus-for-Android new change P3 09/30/2014
#568 Add monitoring for SSL connection failures Infrastructure new change P3 05/27/2014
#683 Trac: Add whitelist to avoid spam filter. Infrastructure new defect P3 04/18/2019
#702 Installer raises two security prompts on some systems Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer new defect P3 10/14/2015
#707 IE installer headline text in ukrainian covers installer logo Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer new defect P3 02/04/2015
#710 Change description for domain whitelisting in ABP for IE settings page Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer new change P3 02/15/2016
#712 ABP icon in IE 11 flickers when hovering links Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer new defect P3 12/08/2015
#720 ABP for Android shows "Service not running" if user changes the oriantation to landscape mode while showing configuration Adblock-Plus-for-Android new defect P3 09/30/2014
#726 ABP for Android sometimes crashes when tap ? button in Acceptable Ads section and then tap Back (<) button on opened help page Adblock-Plus-for-Android new defect P3 09/30/2014
#727 Proxy settings displayed as [null], though Proxy was manually set up after installation Adblock-Plus-for-Android new defect P3 07/15/2014
#729 Subscription refresh fails to refresh on startup when 'Subscription refresh' is set to 'On start' Adblock-Plus-for-Android new defect P3 04/25/2015
#985 Use the referrer chain API from libadblockplus Adblock-Plus-for-Android new change P3 09/22/2014
#1084 Support more than one subscription in IE Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer new change P3 10/08/2019
#1087 Switch from Visual Studio 2012 to Visual Studio 2015 Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer new change P3 12/01/2016
#1090 Drop support for IE 6 and 7, technically Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer new change P3 12/07/2014
#1092 [abp-ie] Set up a Windows build server Infrastructure new change P3 04/28/2017
#1178 Use the same locale names for installer as for the application itself Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer new change P3 08/14/2014
#1179 Import strings from ABP for Firefox at build time Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer new change P3 08/06/2014
#1189 Use the same Windows handle wrapper for extension and installer Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer new change P3 12/11/2014
#1194 Submit adblockplus.org to be included in Chrome's HSTS preload list Infrastructure new change P3 12/21/2017
#1195 Offer to start IE after the installation Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer new change P3 08/14/2014
#1202 installer cannot stop IE and ABP from the "files in use" step Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer new defect P3 09/30/2014
#1214 Missing synchronisation for service creation Adblock-Plus-for-Android new defect P3 10/08/2014
#1237 "The error text was: ?1?" in update error tooltip Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer reopened defect P3 10/08/2019
#1414 Document how to build libadblockplus for Android Libadblockplus reviewing change P3 asmirnov 12/21/2017
#1419 ABP icon covers other elements in status bar Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer new defect P3 10/05/2014
#1450 Show msg_update_missing for manual update checks Adblock-Plus-for-Android new change P3 09/26/2014
#1455 Set up a server where Eyeo staff can host Shiny apps Infrastructure new change P3 12/21/2017
#1458 Make it possible to check for updates in the release version Adblock-Plus-for-Android new change P3 10/01/2014
#1463 Move ABP icon to the right of the “Home-Favorites-Tools” menu Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer new change P3 Mailkov 06/03/2015
#1512 [meta] Various notification icon hide/show issues Adblock-Plus-for-Android new defect P3 10/29/2014
#1541 Remove hack for not loading elemhide rules Adblock-Plus-for-Android new change P3 02/04/2015
#1568 Create DNS nagios tests Infrastructure new change P3 12/21/2017
#1582 DefaultFileSystem should implement atomic write operations Libadblockplus new change P3 Mailkov 07/02/2015
#1586 Fix doxygen comment for documentUrls in FilterEngine::Matches Libadblockplus reviewing change P3 Mailkov 06/30/2015
#1599 Make sure everything is deleted from the client system on uninstall Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer new defect P3 12/11/2014
#1614 Refactor discourse puppet module to enable more general use Infrastructure new defect P3 10/28/2015
#1624 Migration of Acceptable Ads Proposal forum board to Discourse Infrastructure new change P3 10/09/2019
#1654 IE crashes when we close the page while plugin is not loaded completely Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer reopened defect P3 03/16/2015
#1737 ABP 1.3 for IE sometimes blocks navigation to the ad from Google search results Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer reviewing defect P3 Mailkov 10/19/2016
#1744 IE unresponsive on maps.yahoo.com (with easyprivacy) Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer new defect P3 01/21/2015
#1804 Add "Block Element" to Adblock Plus for Maxthon Maxthon reopened defect P3 jobp 10/09/2019
#1833 Add the "Adblock Removal Warning List" to Maxthon Maxthon new change P3 jobp 10/09/2019
#1912 Ad counters in icon menu and icon are inconsistent in Maxthon Maxthon reopened defect P3 10/09/2019
#1922 ABP can't be disabled universally through the Maxthon UI anymore Maxthon reopened defect P3 10/09/2019
#1958 Overlay on livejasmin.com not showing up Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer new defect P3 03/27/2015
#2006 Remove ActionBarSherlock Adblock-Plus-for-Android new change P3 04/25/2015
#2068 ABP 1.3.763, 1.4 not working in yahoo mail Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer new defect P3 03/09/2015
#2097 Update first run page in IE Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer new change P3 01/26/2016
#2163 [meta] Provide Mobile Monitoring Access Infrastructure new change P3 matze 12/21/2017
#2166 Find Promising Mobile Nagios Soluitions Infrastructure new defect P3 matze 03/18/2015
#2182 [meta] Establish Rietveld Instance Infrastructure new defect P3 matze 06/15/2015
#2256 ABP becomes semi-enabled Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer new defect P3 11/09/2015
#2300 Improve beta.adblockplus.org configuration Infrastructure new change P3 04/11/2015
#2370 [Move notification display logic to Core] Use a notification show listener in Android Adblock-Plus-for-Android new change P3 04/26/2015
#2583 The installer's exe file is unsigned Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer new defect P3 05/26/2015
#2666 Fix missing pe_version fact reported during Puppet run Infrastructure new defect P3 06/09/2015
#2667 Install server-room UPS and setup monitoring software Office-IT new change P3 fred 10/12/2015
#2676 Document notification.json and the notifications repository Sitescripts new change P3 09/17/2019
#2705 Improve notification generation error reporting Sitescripts new defect P3 09/17/2019
#2713 Move Nginx setup from module 'rietveld' to module 'codereview' Infrastructure reviewing defect P3 matze 06/23/2015
#2767 Log the size of the response body Infrastructure new change P3 matze 12/21/2017
#2769 Extend Nginx logs by the number of content/body bytes sent Infrastructure new change P3 07/10/2015
#2770 Ensure AWStats can handle additional content bytes log field Infrastructure new change P3 07/10/2015
#2781 Update to version 1.4 on Windows 7 doesn't work Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer new defect P3 10/08/2019
#2791 [build] Improve build configuration and build for more targets Adblock-Browser-for-Android new change P3 08/15/2017
#2792 Extend README for Adblock Browser development Adblock-Browser-for-Android new change P3 09/12/2017
#2926 Support notification opt-out in Internet Explorer Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer new change P3 03/14/2016
#2937 Identify installations of the stable version via Google Play at runtime Adblock-Browser-for-Android new change P3 rjeschke 09/29/2015
#2943 Trac opens too many files Infrastructure new defect P3 08/22/2015
#2974 Integrate class web::server with Hiera Infrastructure reviewing change P3 matze 03/14/2017
#2979 Integrate subscription list repo with Puppet module sitescripts Infrastructure new defect P3 matze 09/02/2015
#3248 (IE) ABP avoids images loading Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer new defect P3 10/30/2015
#3249 Popup blocking is applied to pages opened by the user in a new tab Unknown new defect P3 12/21/2017
#3382 [meta] Rationalize life cycle of plugin classes Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer new defect P3 01/08/2016
#3391 Detached initialization is defective in corner cases and poorly structured Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer reviewing defect P3 01/25/2016
#3409 Make sure ABP for IE extracts the URL of the HTML OBJECT tag correctly Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer new change P3 12/14/2015
#3432 Treat COM events as a resource with RAII Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer new change P3 01/08/2016
#3433 Create effective atomicity between external interfaces such as events and factories Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer new defect P3 10/08/2019
#3437 Keep a fixed copy of the content lists for the tests Adblock-Plus-for-iOS/macOS new change P3 12/18/2015
#3456 Implementation of CPluginClass::GetAsyncBrowser() makes incorrect assumption about life cycle of site objects Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer new defect P3 01/08/2016
#3512 Evaluate Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business Advanced Office-IT new change P3 fred 01/13/2016
#3575 Improve Puppet module logrotate Infrastructure reviewing change P3 matze 04/25/2016
#3576 [meta] Improve Infrastructure Code-Base Infrastructure new change P3 12/14/2016
#3606 [meta] Switch to single-threaded apartment threading model for our BHO Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer new change P3 02/10/2016
#3640 Publish a Simple Adblock update Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer new change P3 oleksandr 02/09/2016
#3656 Update strings in Adblock Plus for Internet Explorer Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer new change P3 02/22/2016
#3678 Replace the XmlRpcPlugin Infrastructure new change P3 12/21/2017
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