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#3064 [meta] Provide custom Vagrant images Infrastructure new defect P2 matze 06/30/2019
#3107 Store Adblock Browser feedback data permanently and make it accessible Infrastructure new change P2 07/31/2019
#3151 Create Adblock Browser devbuilds using buildbot Infrastructure new change P2 07/23/2019
#3152 Build libadblockplus using buildbot Infrastructure new change P2 02/20/2016
#3262 Setup telemetry.adblockplus.org host Infrastructure reviewing change P2 matze 12/09/2015
#3663 [meta] Update to the master bookmark after cloning/pulling Infrastructure new change P2 08/16/2019
#3770 Generate Key-Pairs and Certificates via Puppet Infrastructure new change P2 matze 03/10/2016
#3938 Configure the environment to automatically run abpcrawler. Infrastructure new change P2 06/17/2019
#4040 Adjustments in redirects used by ABB for Android: Privacy, FAQ and support Infrastructure reopened change P2 matze 07/04/2017
#4102 Improve HDD monitoring via SMART-data Infrastructure new change P2 07/09/2019
#4122 [meta] Create an Emscripten-based version of the core classes Core new change P2 08/27/2018
#4128 [emscripten] Convert parsing patterns.ini to C++ Core new change P2 sergz 03/06/2019
#4165 Memory Pressure Crash after page scrolling on imgur.com Adblock-Browser-for-iOS reopened defect P2 11/03/2016
#4535 Redirect old Acceptable Ads Application Form to the new one Infrastructure new change P2 12/06/2016
#4733 Refactor nginx module Infrastructure new change P2 01/04/2017
#4786 Add application, applicationVersion, platform and platformVersion setter/getter to adblockplusadblockbrowserios Adblock-Browser-for-iOS reviewing change P2 mario 01/23/2017
#4829 Empty error message when adding invalid filter Platform reopened defect P2 sebastian 12/21/2017
#4854 IsDocumentWhitelisted crashes Core new defect P2 04/02/2019
#5039 Add support of nullable values for non-objects in settings. Libadblockplus reviewing change P2 sergz 03/29/2017
#5066 Don't download subscription when connection parameters are inappropriate Libadblockplus new change P2 08/09/2019
#5069 Add support of preloaded subscriptions Libadblockplus new change P2 08/21/2019
#5138 [emscripten] Convert serializing patterns.ini to C++ Core new change P2 sergz 09/13/2017
#5141 [emscripten] Convert filter matcher to C++ Core reviewing change P2 06/06/2018
#5149 [emscripten] Verify that unit tests don't leak any objects Core new change P2 tlucas 08/16/2019
#5175 [emscripten] Reject element hiding filters with effectively empty domain names Core reviewing change P2 hfiguiere 11/13/2018
#5182 Fix IsConnectionAllowed Libadblockplus new change P2 05/11/2017
#5258 [emscripten] Make filters and subscriptions easier to use from C++ Core reviewing change P2 12/21/2017
#5276 Settings overview doesn't update filter list date Adblock-Plus-for-iOS/macOS new defect P2 ashephard 04/30/2019
#5328 Adblock Browser sometimes shows ads after start-up Adblock-Browser-for-iOS new defect P2 04/03/2019
#5398 [webextension] Errors thrown when installing extension in Firefox Mobile Platform new defect P2 06/12/2018
#5408 [webextension] Websites hidden in Firefox Developer Edition Platform new defect P2 07/15/2019
#5415 Filter list language isn't set according to the user's device setting Adblock-Browser-for-iOS new defect P2 08/06/2019
#5450 Modularize libadblockplus Libadblockplus new change P2 08/12/2019
#5503 Create libadblockplus-v8-project Libadblockplus new change P2 06/01/2019
#5512 Add support for multiple notifications in lib/notificationHelper.js Platform new change P2 mjethani 06/17/2019
#5549 Implement missing error handlings for custom filter lists User-Interface reviewing change P2 agiammarchi 01/26/2018
#5568 Improve string handling by splitting read strings into only ASCII and non-ASCII strings Libadblockplus reviewing change P2 sergz 05/23/2018
#5571 [abp2blocklist] Safari Technology Preview throws an error if *-domain is mixed with *-top-url Adblock-Plus-for-iOS/macOS new defect P2 01/03/2019
#5621 [UI] New Onboarding Adblock-Browser-for-Android new change P2 09/05/2017
#5670 [UI] New Getting ratings and reviews flow Adblock-Browser-for-Android new change P2 05/22/2019
#5671 Tabs aren't loaded from cache sometimes Adblock-Browser-for-iOS new defect P2 08/07/2019
#5721 [ABB 2.0.0] App crashes after visiting AA link Adblock-Browser-for-iOS new defect P2 09/19/2017
#5764 Ghost Mode doesn't store (some) cookies during runtime Adblock-Browser-for-iOS new defect P2 08/21/2019
#5825 Request for specific filter lists have gone up arbitrarily Adblock-Browser-for-iOS new defect P2 10/04/2017
#5988 [webextension] Devtools resource type dropdown doesn't work Platform new defect P2 12/21/2017
#6048 "Block element" tool fails to suggest some blockable elements Platform new defect P2 08/07/2019
#6198 Native crash in FilterEngine.matches() Libadblockplus-Android new defect P2 07/08/2019
#6251 Clean-up the code Adblock-Plus-for-Chromium new change P2 01/12/2018
#6254 Fix potential race conditions Adblock-Plus-for-Chromium new change P2 08/01/2019
#6258 Refactor usage of global variables Adblock-Plus-for-Chromium new change P2 01/22/2018
#6259 Find more suitable event for element hiding Adblock-Plus-for-Chromium new change P2 06/15/2019
#6270 [emscripten] Reduce the usage of raw pointers. Core new change P2 01/15/2018
#6287 Create codename Orca v.0 to launch internally to the team Adblock-Browser-for-Android reviewing change P2 jwangenheim 02/01/2018
#6304 Find an alternative to :scope for relative Element hiding emulation filters Core new change P2 03/18/2019
#6387 Block element context menu does not show for divs with background image Platform new defect P2 kzar 01/09/2019
#6410 GDPR compliance for Adblock Browser for Android Adblock-Browser-for-Android new change P2 06/12/2019
#6452 Use INI parser natively from emscripten branch of adblockpluscore Libadblockplus new change P2 03/29/2018
#6520 Use filter classes natively from emscripten branch of adblockpluscore Libadblockplus new change P2 05/23/2018
#6533 Add LICENSE.txt to contentblockers repository Adblock-Plus-for-iOS/macOS new change P2 03/28/2018
#6644 [abp2blocklist] Domain-specific element hiding filters are removed if there's an unrelated domain-specific exception Adblock-Plus-for-iOS/macOS new defect P2 07/13/2018
#6646 "block element" tool shouldn't interact with the page Platform new defect P2 05/29/2018
#6665 Share functionality and optimizations between ElemHide and ElemHideEmulation Core reviewing change P2 mjethani 10/24/2018
#6694 Determine the supported versions of V8. Libadblockplus new change P2 05/24/2018
#6695 Download recent supported version of V8 and use it for local builds by default. Libadblockplus reopened change P2 09/07/2018
#6719 Extend hit logger to be able to listen to requests across all tabs Platform new change P2 07/24/2018
#6734 The latest Safari development build doesn't work Unknown new defect P2 06/15/2018
#6764 Building of libadblockplus target does not respect ABP_TARGET_ARCH arg Libadblockplus new defect P2 10/25/2018
#6833 Add support for incremental filter list updates Core new change P2 erikvold 06/07/2019
#6839 Errors in console in Firefox 55, 51 Platform new defect P2 08/07/2018
#6977 Detect anti-circumvention filter list based on URL in subscriptions.json Core reviewing change P2 mjethani 07/24/2019
#6991 Stop normalizing domain arguments in filter classes Core new change P2 mjethani 09/26/2018
#7097 Make filter objects ephemeral Core reviewing change P2 mjethani 04/09/2019
#7117 Create test pages for first set of snippets Unknown reviewing change P2 Ross 03/21/2019
#7166 Automated tests no longer just run on Windows Automation new defect P2 12/13/2018
#7456 ABP stops working on Firefox Platform new defect P2 04/13/2019
#13 Investigate UI freeze on main activity start Adblock-Plus-for-Android new change P3 12/21/2017
#14 Fix periodic subscription refresh or remove it from advanced settings Adblock-Plus-for-Android reopened change P3 02/22/2016
#68 Remove unnecessary string ID prefixes in the locales Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer new change P3 04/16/2019
#73 Indicate progress somehow if a manual update check downloads in background. Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer new change P3 11/15/2018
#74 Make sure ABP engine closes gracefully. Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer new change P3 02/15/2016
#109 Make sure that the "no update available" message box opens in the foreground Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer new change P3 07/04/2015
#111 Some people don't see the ABP icon in the status bar Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer new defect P3 07/04/2015
#115 Automate release builds Adblock-Plus-for-Android new change P3 03/13/2014
#158 Set up A/B testing for donate page Infrastructure new change P3 07/02/2014
#167 Batch similar cron mails Infrastructure new change P3 07/29/2014
#169 [trac] referencing blocked/blocking issues should be semi-automated Infrastructure new change P3 05/19/2014
#257 Add custom filter (subscription) support Adblock-Plus-for-Android new change P3 05/20/2015
#271 Do not attemp downloading filters if there is no internet connection Core new change P3 08/16/2019
#272 [trac] Users without special permissions should be able to track bugs via e-mail Infrastructure new change P3 12/21/2017
#285 Store notifications data in patterns.ini Core new change P3 04/08/2014
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