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Ticket Summary Module Version Milestone Type Assignee Status Created
#5907 Fix new abp.org navbar on scroll up Websites change Yael reviewing 10/23/2017
#68 Remove unnecessary string ID prefixes in the locales Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer change new 03/12/2014
#3409 Make sure ABP for IE extracts the URL of the HTML OBJECT tag correctly Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer change new 12/14/2015
#3437 Keep a fixed copy of the content lists for the tests Adblock-Plus-for-iOS change new 12/18/2015
#4422 Replace the old implementation of "formmail" with "formmail2" and add an alias Sitescripts change new 09/13/2016
#4424 Remove the formmail2 alias for formmail Sitescripts change new 09/13/2016
#4638 Remove sitescripts.subscriptions.bin.updateStatusPage script Sitescripts change new 11/14/2016
#5960 Fix incorrect source strings in "mobile options" project User-Interface change new 10/30/2017
#5987 Remove ext.windows from adblockpluschrome Platform change new 11/03/2017
#6358 Correct resource URL colours for dark theme version of our developer tools panel User-Interface defect new 02/05/2018
#118 Add share buttons to the Adblock Plus blog Websites change new 03/12/2014
#142 Ad counter: A different text should be shared if the ad count is zero User-Interface change reviewing 03/13/2014
#281 Define the acceptable ads opt-in dialog in XML Adblock-Plus-for-Android change Mailkov reviewing 04/08/2014
#304 Try to hide the icon by reducing the notification priority Adblock-Plus-for-Android change new 04/11/2014
#305 Consider the charset meta tag when determining the encoding Adblock-Plus-for-Android change new 04/11/2014
#378 Don't load JS modules in a fixed order Libadblockplus change new 04/24/2014
#1937 Clean WBPassthruSink Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer change new 02/04/2015
#2054 [adblockplus.org Anwiki to CMS migration] Add translations for misc strings on interface pages Websites change new 02/26/2015
#2141 Clean up: initializing of s_mimeFilter in CPluginClass::OnBeforeNavigate2 Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer change new 03/13/2015
#2142 Synchronize access to s_threadInstances in CPluginClass::OnWindowStateChanged Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer change oleksandr reviewing 03/13/2015
#2267 Unify form handling by reusing the form_handler decorator and encode_email_address() Sitescripts change reviewing 04/02/2015
#4798 Update images in "What we are working on" section of eyeo.com Websites change new 01/13/2017
#6381 Change devbuilds-links for Adblock Plus for Firefox in web.adblockplus.org Websites change new 02/13/2018
#6390 Make using of quotes and angle brackets consistent for #include directives Libadblockplus change new 02/14/2018
#4820 Links and text indistinguible in IE8 Websites defect new 01/18/2017
#5102 hr under heading is semantically incorrect on acceptableads.com Websites defect reopened 04/04/2017
#5327 Refactor use of %headings selector on acceptableads.com Websites defect new 06/19/2017
#5699 Tooltip for devtools panel option out of place User-Interface defect new 09/15/2017
#6206 Fix no-js state on acceptableads.com Websites defect new 12/19/2017
#1347 Inconsistent padding on "Whitelisted domains" options tab User-Interface defect dreyguy new 09/10/2014
#3519 After extending Edit Filters list, Apply changes button overlaps filter's name User-Interface defect new 01/15/2016
#4011 The types of character and used in the code are inconsistent. Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer change new 05/02/2016
#4207 Lower case of HTTP header names in compat.js rather than in each implementation module Libadblockplus change new 06/30/2016
#5320 Remove JsEngine::Gc Libadblockplus change new 06/14/2017
#4780 "Add Domain" button is overlapping with the input field in the Whitelisted Domains tab User-Interface defect new 01/09/2017
#4799 First gallery image thumbnail is duplicated on eyeo.com/jobs using IE8 Websites defect new 01/13/2017
#3234 Get rid of the possible race condition. Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer change new 10/26/2015
#5557 Support link processing (especially localization) in <meta> tags [CMS] Sitescripts change new 08/22/2017
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