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    66 - palant 
     8To achieve that the first step is to test the migration. 
    910=== What to change === 
    10 The aim is to import all the content over from phpBB to a locally running Discourse dev server. When that has been thoroughly can be migrated over. (There are existing third party migration scripts in the resources list below, they might need to be developed further to ensure a smooth migration during the process of this ticket.) 
     11The aim is to create a Vagrant VM to help test the migration of phpBB to Discourse. The VM needs to be provisioned using puppet scripts as with the real servers and needs to be loaded with test data that is as realistic as possible. 
     13The VM also needs to be set up to perform migration tests as easily as possible at the time of provisioning. This might require extra work that won't be used on the real servers. This can be performed however as long as it works effectively and is reproducible. 
     15The migration itself will be tested using Discourse's in-built phpBB data importer for now. Depending on how well it works we might need to customise it or make something ourselves. 
     17The aim of this testing is also to enumerate any issues / questions migration raises so that we can start to address them. 
    1219What we need to import: