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    66=== How to reproduce === 
    7 1. Install ABP extension on Opera. 
    8 2. Open web page [] 
    9 3. Scroll down to middle of the page and right click on  array in table image as shown in attached image by red circle. 
    10 For example  image name  : csnapshot1.png 
    11 4. Observe 
     71. Got to 
     82. Right-click on the image highlighted with a red circle in the [attachment:3659_1411069484_tablexml-image1.jpg​ screenshot] 
     93. Choose ''Block Element'' 
    1311=== Observed behaviour === 
    14 Step 4 : Add filter option does not open up. 
    15 So there is no way to block the images. 
    16 Also bock element option usingABP icon on the mentioned images in table also does not work. 
     12Nothing happens, beside the exception from comment:1 being logged to the console. 
     14Also the "Block Element" option in the bubble does not work on that page. 
    1817=== Expected behaviour === 
    19 Block element shall work images in table. 
     18Since this is an XML document we can't interact with the document as required to implement "Block Element". Therefore that code shouldn't run in the first place, that no exception shows up. 
     20Also the "Block Element" option shouldn't be avaialable from the context menu and bubble on XML pages, which don't support that feature.