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11/27/2014 01:18:06 PM (6 years ago)

Copied steps to reproduce from #1627, to point out that this issue can already be reproduced.

The intial issue description were about how multiple URLs considered with #1601, wouldn't be considered with "Block element" from the context menu, which is another scenario to reproduce the same issue.


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    11=== How to reproduce === 
    2  1. Go to 
    3  2. Right-click any video 
     2 1. Go to ​ 
     3 2. Wait till the image placeholder appears 
     4 3. Right-click on image 
    45 3. Choose "Block element" 
    67=== Observed behaviour === 
    7 The dialog shows up, but it suggests only one filter (e.g. `||`). But since #1601, when you use "Block element" form the popup UI, also filters for the other URLs associated with that element are generated. 
     8The dialog doesn't show up. That is because since the image didn't load the [ context menu API] doesn't provide a URL. However, when you use "Block element" form the popup UI the dialog shows up and suggests a filter based on the elements `src` attribute. 
    9 That is because when using the context menu, Adblock Plus relies on the `srcUrl` provided by the [ context menu API], instead using the logic to generate filters from a given element. 
     10Also multiple URLs that will be considered when #1601 is fixed, wouldn't be considered when using "Block element" from the context menu. 
    1112=== Expected behaviour === 
    12 The behavior of "Block Element", when used from the context menu and used via the popup UI should be consistent, always generating filters for all URLs associated with that element. 
     13The behavior should be the same, regardless whether "Block Element" from the context menu or popup UI has been used, always generating all relevant filters.