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03/31/2015 10:40:55 AM (5 years ago)

Marking it as ready because it appears that the options page redesign will take a while still.

Note that I removed renaming it to "Clear" from the issue description because currently, it doesn't clear the list when nothing is selected.


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    initial v3  
    11=== Background === 
    2 I would suggest to rename "Remove selected" on the tabs "Add your own filters" and "Whitelisted domains" to "Clear" when nothing is selected and change it to "Remove selected" when something is selected. If the list is empty then disable this button. Under ''disable'' I personally would like to see disabled button, don't hide it, but it's up to the UI/UX team to be consistent and convenient. 
    3 One can find good screenshots in #1448. 
     2Currently, showing the "Remove selected" button in the options page makes no sense if nothing is selected from the list because in this case clicking on the button doesn't do anything. Therefore we should reflect that in the UI by disabling the button if nothing is selected. 
     4=== What to change === 
     5On the options page's "Add your own filters" and "Whitelisted domains" tabs, disable the "Remove selected" button when no element is selected in the list next to it. Consequently, that means that it should also be disabled if the list is empty.