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01/20/2016 11:30:26 AM (4 years ago)

It seems this site was generally not developed with IE<9 in mind.

This revision implements IE8 support for the donate form in donate.html in roughly as few changes as possible. If we want to support IE8 sitewide, I would recommend introducing a JavaScript library or select polyfills for IE<9 (which can be included without slowing down pageload on other probsers via IFIE comments).

I found the following issues in donate.html

  • IE8 doesn't support addEventListener (use attachEvent and 'on' + event)
  • IE8 doesn't support DOMContentLoaded (use document readyState and onreadystatechange)
  • IE8 querySelector doesn't support :checked (use querySelectorAll and a function to return the checked checkbox)
  • IE8 doesn't support getElementsByClassName (use querySelectorAll)
  • IE8 event doesn't have target (use or event.srcElement)
  • IE8 document.head is undefined (use document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0])
  • #form should be a form for accessibility (to conform to web standards)
  • form should submit event instead of click for accessibility (to conform to web standards)
  • Node.localName was removed from Chrome as of version 46, use tagName (this is out of scope for supporting IE8, but it is related because localName will not be supported by standards in the future)
  • IE8 buttons submit by default (use event.preventDefault() and event.returnValue = false)


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