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What is supposed to happen when the email address was stored? Is it sufficient to return a plain text response with english-only text? This is what the contact form on does. And I am opposed to implement a nicely designed HTML page here. That would belong into the website. So if we really need that, I suggest to issue a redirect back to a page on the website.


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    66We can wait until shortly before we notify people to access the addresses, which means I would only need to access the email addresses once. 
    8 @sebastian recommends an implementation "....similar to [ the contact form on]. That means a simple WSGI script that stores the submitted email addresses, in a file on the server for example." 
    108=== What to change === 
    11 Collect and store email addresses submitted through the email form field on [ this landing page] 
    13 It's not necessary for business users to have their own access, once the business user makes the request, if a developer can dump the email addresses into a user-friendly format (i.e. CSV or google spreadsheets), this would suffice. 
     9Implement a WSGI app served by the multiplexer that handles email addresses sent as form data. The email address will be given by the `email` form field (one email address per request). Those addresses must be stored in a persistent file on the disk, one line per email address (this will be compatible with CVS). Moreover, the file needs to be locked for writing to avoid problems when concurring requests try to access it at the same time.