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04/18/2015 03:33:20 AM (5 years ago)

Because we have a server now that actually needs to be re-installed (which was not really necessary here, but scheduled for training purpose), i've created a new ticket, copied the instructions and changed title and description of this one here to require a working RAID setup only.


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    11The only (filter-) server that is missing a (software) RAID is ``. Its second hard-drive is not even in use. 
    3 Although one could just setup the software RAID, we've agreed on re-installing the entire box because it's a good opportunity for me to do it for the first time, and document the necessary steps in the same turn. Thus, the ToDo section below is to be updated during the processing of this ticket, in order to reflect each step. 
    5 Note, however, that some steps of course do not apply to a new server - yet the respective corresponding action (if any) should become quite obvious.. 
    73=== ToDo === 
    9 - Remove the server from balancing 
    10 - Backup the Nginx logs, preserving file-attributes like e.g. modification and creation time 
    11 - Backup the Puppet identification key(s) 
    12 - Backup SSH key 
    13 - Reboot the server into rescue mode 
    14 - Run `installimage` to reinstall Ubuntu precise (under old images) 
    15  - Change host name, otherwise leave the proposed settings 
    16 - Remove `/var/lib/logrotate/status` 
    17 - Restore SSH key 
    18 - Perform the basic installation according to the `` in the `infrastructure` repository 
    19 - Restore the Puppet identification key(s) 
    20 - Provision the server 
    21 - Restore the Nginx logs 
    22 - Ensure everything works as expected 
    23 - Integrate the server with the balancing again 
     5Configure the software RAID.