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06/11/2015 01:58:49 PM (5 years ago)

I added some more info to the description - this data is supposed to be sent to the existing reports backend, consequently the format is fixed. The example data is mostly identical to what the issue reporter in Firefox is sending (note that all timestamps related to subscriptions are being sent as relative values). The difference is that some data is missing, also the name attribute on the <adblock-plus> tag is new.


  • Ticket #2565

    • Property Cc saroyanm added
    • Property Summary changed from Additions to the "Add Filter(s)?" dialog box to Add "share filters" option to the "Add Filter(s)?" dialog box in ABP for Chrome
    • Property Platform changed from Unknown to Chrome
  • Ticket #2565 – Description

    v4 v8  
    88  - Text by checkbox: "share filter info with Adblock Plus" 
    99  - Location: bottom left corner (see [attachment:addfilter.png attached image]) 
     10  - The checkbox should be unchecked by default 
     11  - There should be a link to (`addfilter_privacy` doc link) next to the checkbox, link title should be "Privacy policy." 
    11 - When the checkbox is checked, capture, store and transmit the following information: 
     13- When the checkbox is checked, clicking "Add" should capture and transmit the following information in addition to adding the filter: 
    1214  - Filter text of newly created filters 
    1315  - Active filter subscriptions 
    1416  - Webpage URL (should be anonymized by removing parameter values) 
    15   - Browser 
     17  - Extension, browser and platform info 
    17 - Add link to [ privacy page] to the "Add Filter(s)?" dialog box 
     19The data should be transmitted to the existing issue reports backend (`report_submiturl` preference: `` where `%GUID%` is generated randomly). Method is `POST`, with headers `Content-Type: text/xml` and `X-Adblock-Plus: 1`. The data should look like this: 
     22<report type="addfilter"> 
     23<adblock-plus name="adblockpluschrome" version="1.9" locale="en-US"/> 
     24<application name="chrome" vendor="Google Inc." version="43.0" userAgent="Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_10_3) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/43.0.2357.124 Safari/537.36"/> 
     25<platform name="chromium" version="43.0"/> 
     27<subscription id="" disabledFilters="0" version="201506101551" lastDownloadAttempt="-77705" lastDownloadSuccess="-77705" softExpiration="203473" hardExpiration="613495" downloadStatus="synchronize_ok"/> 
     28<subscription id="" disabledFilters="0" version="201506100930" lastDownloadAttempt="-101133" lastDownloadSuccess="-101133" softExpiration="-5815" hardExpiration="71667" downloadStatus="synchronize_ok"/> 
     30<window url="*&param2=*" referrer=""/>