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    • Property Summary changed from Localize recommended subscriptions [adblockplusui] to Use new subscription types in new options page
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    11=== Background === 
    2 with #1526 we have new version of subscriptions.xml which also contains recommended/popular subscriptions, currently we are using specialization attribute value of that "popular" subscriptions to show their title in the new options UI, which doesn't allow us currently translate them. 
     2In [#006] we will add new subscription types to sitescripts. This allows us to distinguish between certain types of subscriptions which we can use to map them to specific features that we want to expose in the new options page. 
    44=== What to change === 
    5 Replace the "popular" attribute in subscriptions.xml, which has been added in #1526, with an attribute "id". This attribute is supposed to contain a unique ID for a subscription (separate from its URL) that we can associate with translations. 
    7 The translations should be in a separate JSON file and contain: 
    8 - Name (used in "More blocking options" section in General tab of new options page) 
    9 - Short description (used in "Blocking lists" section in Advanced tab of new options page) 
    10 - Full description (used in subscription tooltip for the "More blocking options" section in General tab of new options page) 
     5- Remove the "popular" attribute from subscriptions.xml that was introduced in #1526 
     6- Add "type" attribute to subscriptions.xml and update it according to #001 
     7- Remove the "isAdsType" and "isPopular" properties and instead check for the subscription type 
     8- Add texts for the feature names (preferably texts should not be duplicated in firstRun.json and options.json) 
     9  - anti-adblock: Hide Adblock Warning Messages 
     10  - malware: Block Malware 
     11  - privacy: Disable Tracking 
     12  - social: Remove Social Media Buttons 
     13- Account for future additions of a short description (used in "Blocking lists" section) and a long description (used in subscription tooltip for the "More blocking options" section) 
     14- Instead of using the value of the "specialization" attribute from subscriptions.xml as the feature title, use the newly added texts