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10/02/2015 11:29:44 AM (5 years ago)

We already have build automation for everything we release (four different builds: release and devbuilds, both with an without updater), along with proper mozconfigs, in the adblockbrowser-build repository. So I've repurposed this issue to look into what _additional_ builds we need to produce.

I've created a follow-up for creating Adblock Browser devbuilds using buildbot: #3151.


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    1 We need to set up a release mozconfig and appropriate build environment. 
     1=== Background === 
     2We are currently only producing two different builds: ''store'' and ''standalone'' - the only difference being that the former disables the built-in updater. 
    3 Things to notice here are: 
     4We need to support as many targets as possible - we don't even support x86 devices currently. 
    5 * look into Mozilla's `buildbot` configurations located [ here]. 
    6 * look into [ /mobile/android/config/mozconfigs] for Mozilla's release configuration and adapt to our needs 
    7 * we probably need to build different Fennec APKs for ARM, x86 and for API<11 
    8 * we do not need the crash reporter currently, so we also need `ac_add_options --disable-crashreporter` 
    9 * additional flags for the build configuration could also contain (see #2564):  
     6=== What to change === 
     7* Add x86 builds to ''adblockbrowser-build''. 
     8* Consider adding builds for API<11 - Mozilla appears to do that. 
     9* Look into [ /mobile/android/config/mozconfigs] to see if Mozilla is building for other targets we currently don't build for. 
     10* Check for additional flags for the build configuration could also contain (see #2564):  
    1112# Permission reduction 
    1516ac_add_options --disable-mozril-geoloc 
    17 * check if we need an [ Adjust SDK] token or if we can disable this 
     18* Check if we need an [ Adjust SDK] token or if we can disable this. 
    19 We can possibly create release `mozconfig`s and check them in into the repository. Best practise IMO would be to create a `adblockbrowser` subfolder in `/mobile/android/config/mozconfigs` and mimic Mozilla's behaviour in there (more or less). 
     20Not set to ''Ready'' - we first need to figure out what exactly we want to do.