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09/09/2015 11:32:29 AM (5 years ago)

Replying to sebastian:

IIRC, the opt-out was per category and categories are independent of notification types. So as far as I understand it, it should work (or at least we should make it work) the same for "information" and "normal" notifications.

Notification categories are not implemented yet. So far we've only gotten around adding a global opt-out (see #2191). Therefore the outcome would be the same.

Also as soon as we do implement categories, the options page is supposed to provide ways to en-/disable each of those individually so this approach appears to be future-proof.


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    55=== What to change === 
    66- Add a button "Configure notification settings" to Chrome notifications for notifications that don't have the type "critical" or "question". 
    7 - Due to a [ Chrome limitation] this button should also not be added to notifications that specify more than two links. 
    87- When clicking on the button: 
    98  - Close the notification 
    1110  - Open the options page 
    1211  - Show the General tab 
     12- Due to a [ Chrome limitation] if a notification specifies more than one link, we need to, instead of those, add a button which should trigger the same behavior as clicking on a standard desktop notification: Open all links at once. Therefore we can reuse the existing string `notification_without_buttons` in that case.