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I've updated the description with a much simpler way to reproduce this problem.


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    v8 v11  
    22 - Latest revision of CMS (f9fd64fbc629) 
    33 - Ubuntu Linux 15.04 running on a Thinkpad T450 
    4  - Serving the contents of the `` repository with the $generic hide and block test cases. 
     4 - Serving the contents of the `cms-problem-example` repository. 
    55 - Python version 2.7.9 
    66 - Werkzeug 0.10.4 (Installed with easy_install) 
    88=== How to reproduce === 
    9  1. Clone `` and `cms`. 
    10  2. Apply generic hide + block diff to testpages from this code review . (Alternatively just clone from [ my fork on GitHub].) 
    11  3. Edit your hosts file to point `` and `` at ``. 
    12  4. In the testpages directory launch the test server like `../cms/`. 
    13  5. Browse to this exact URL 
    14  6. Keep refreshing the page until the delay problem occurs. 
     9 1. Clone and the `cms`. 
     10 2. In the cms-problem-example directory launch the test server like `../cms/`. 
     11 3. Browse to this exact URL http://localhost:5000/ 
     12 4. Keep refreshing the page until the delay problem occurs. 
    1614=== Observed behaviour === 
    2422I have also noticed a very similar / the same problem with the `` script in the `adblockpluscore` repository. The script acts as web server serving the pages and static files required to run the unit tests. The cause of this issue could be related. 
    26 I'm working on a simpler example that reproduces the problem, so far I haven't managed though. 
     24The problem appears to happen when a connection is opened and then closed with no data sent. The request following will then be blocked for 10 seconds which is presumably a time-out somewhere in the web-server.