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10/16/2015 10:08:21 AM (5 years ago)

The issue appears to be caused by Safari preloading the URL that it suggests when typing in the addressbar. A confirmed workaround for this is unchecking "Preload Top Hit in the background" in the Safari preferences.

I updated the ticket accordingly.


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    initial v3  
    88=== How to reproduce === 
    9  1. Disable Acceptable Ads and make sure you have EasyList Germany+EasyList enabled  
    10  2. Quit Safari completely 
    11  3. Start Safari and open and do a search for "iphone" or open  
    12  4. Try the same from the previous step in a new tab as well 
     9 1. Add the custom filter `##body` 
     10 2. Open a new tab and navigate to 
     11 3. Repeat the previous step 
     12 4. Reload the last tab 
    1414=== Observed behaviour === 
    15 Element hiding doesn't seem to be working. On Google you see text ads and on there is an "Anzeige" label. This is removed by element hiding filters. Once you refresh the page, it seems to be working again.  
     15Page body hidden in step 2 and step 4 but visible in step 3. 
    1717=== Expected behaviour === 
    18 Element hding should always in those cases. 
     18Page body should be hidden in steps 2 to 4. 
     20=== Notes for testing === 
     21Make sure to use a different site on each try because as soon as a URL is entered once it will be remembered even after browser restarts. 
     23=== Background === 
     24Safari preloads previously visited URLs when it is chosen as the top result on typing into the addressbar. Those page loads are not affected by our extension. Disabling "Preload Top Hit in the background" in Safari's preferences should fix this issue but we need to work around that in the extension.