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11/07/2015 11:42:40 PM (5 years ago)

I've tidied up the description and title a little bit. Before I mark this ready though I want to check, is sending all that user information in the query parameters in line with our privacy policy? (Is it something that has been considered?)


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    • Property Summary changed from Open uninstallation page in new tab for chrome after ABP uninstall to Have the uninstallation page open in a new tab when Adblock Plus for Chrome/Opera/Safari is uninstalled
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    11=== Background === 
    2 To be able to find the reason why users uninstall Adblock Plus with #3257 we are creating an uninstallation page which will be shown to the user after Adblock Plus is being uninstalled and will help us collect information about the reason behind uninstallation. 
     2In order to better understand why users uninstall Adblock Plus we are creating an uninstallation page (see #3257). The page will be displayed to the user when they uninstall the extension, and it will ask the user why they have chosen to uninstall. 
     4We now need to modify `adblockpluschrome` so the uninstallation page is actually displayed. 
    46=== What to change === 
    5 After uninstallation of Adblock Plus for Chrome open uninstallation page created by #3257 in new tab with current query parameters included in the URL: 
     7After uninstallation of Adblock Plus for Chrome/Opera/Safari open the uninstallation page `{locale}/uninstall-abp` in a new tab, passing in the following query parameters: 
    68* addonName (info module) 
    79* addonVersion (info module) 
    1315* notificationDownloadCount (Prefs module) 
    15 ex.:  
     17So for example