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Update adblockplus reference in libadblockplus to revision hg:56272888090a — at Version 2

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Description (last modified by oleksandr)


adblockplus core has introduced a number of new features. For example #647 has introduced $genericblock filter. We would want to add these features to libadblockplus clients as well.

What to change

Update adblockplus reference to revision hg:56272888090a.

The changes imported by this are:

Ticket Summary Component
#3347 Adblock Plus UI broken after bug 1182546 landing Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox
#3327 Set minVersion correctly when exporting $generichide or $genericblock filters Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox
#3326 Update adblockplusui repository dependency to revision f05c5331d8b9 Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox
#3325 Update buildtools dependency to revision a61155d8764a Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox
#3278 Unbreak Issue Reporter Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox
#3276 Don't use let blocks in Issue Reporter Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox
#3274 Unbreak toolbar icon tooltip Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox
#3263 "Advanced view" button in filter assistant broken in Firefox nightlies Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox
#3258 Fix Size column and item flashing Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox
#3254 Anti-adblock warning should not show when Adblock Plus is disabled Core
#3253 Adblock Warning List opt in message should not be triggered by frames (Firefox) Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox
#3251 Save data from element hiding hits again Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox
#3228 Unbreak object tabs Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox
#3222 Unbreak blockable items list Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox
#3208 Inject our nsIContentPolicy implementation into all processes Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox
#3144 Can't use / (forward slash) when composing filter Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox
#3129 Rules cannot be edited if "Search for text when I start typing" is enabled Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox
#3108 Firefox Nightly elements no longer works Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox
#3086 Update adblockplusui dependency to 4a68f2a456d6 Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox
#3072 "TypeError: calling a builtin Map constructor without new is forbidden" in SeaMonkey Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox
#3060 Notification popup should be closed explicitly Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox
#2832 Findbar slightly broken in Firefox 42 Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox
#2808 Update dependency on adblockplusui repository to revision 3a06b955c3f7 Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox
#2757 Notification data are reset when pages load during extension intitilization Core
#2738 Make RegExpFilter.matches() take a bit mask rather than string for type Core
#2580 Attempt to perform 2nd search for filter in ABP for Firefox doesn't select the previous one Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox
#2395 Create a content script to implement CSS property filters functionality Core
#2393 Make filter listener consider CSS property filters Core
#2392 Create a container for CSS property filters Core
#2211 Intercept clicks on links to on Firefox Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox
#2193 Add notification opt-out to Firefox Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox
#1730 abp:subscribe functionality broken in latest Nightly with e10s Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox
#701 firefox' issue reporter openes report URL instead of showing context menu when right-clicking Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox
#616 Add $generichide filter option that can be used to disable all generic element hiding filters for a website Core
#443 Popups aren't blocked anymore when blocking the URL it redirects to Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox
#344 Issue reporter doesn't show any report data Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox
#284 Unify initial delay for all downloads Core

changes without issues:

837fa42d0118 Updated documentation of ElemHideBase.fromTextThomas Greiner
9775fc037e05 Noissue - Merged 2.6.12-release branch againWladimir Palant
59800cc4edc9Added tag 2.6.13 for changeset f7a66c87bccaWladimir Palant
f7a66c87bcca Releasing Adblock Plus 2.6.13Wladimir Palant
294f33c45f8a Noissue - Closed 2.6.12-release branchWladimir Palant
4bab18de4a3f Noissue - merged 2.6.12-release branchWladimir Palant
33629d8abbae Noissue - Updated locales from CrowdinWladimir Palant
d6609068920a Marked compatible with Firefox 45 & Co.Wladimir Palant
905e51e453e3 Updated list of recommended subscriptionsWladimir Palant
098d48f73764 Noissue - reverted unintentionally checked in debug changesWladimir Palant
d9aea02b4c79 Noissue - Fixed typo in Indonesian translation for viewList.labelWladimir Palant
bdd5cd8bca3a Noissue - Updated locales from Crowdin (again, after proofreading by Tamara)Sebastian Noack
10ebaf4b6377 Noissue - Updated locales from CrowdinSebastian Noack
55e73524b8a6 Updated list of recommended subscriptionshgbot
4a32c44d1287Noissue - Marked compatible with Firefox 43 & Co.Wladimir Palant
397b77154a52Noissue - Updated locales from CrowdinWladimir Palant
5a11bedafd9aNoissue - Updated locales from CrowdinWladimir Palant
6e59a36fdd4cUpdated list of recommended subscriptionshgbot
5434ef6e1545Noissue - Fix syntax error in Firefox 41 (see bug 1176702)Wladimir Palant
40bf96a06443Noissue - Don't claim to support any Python 2.x version, we only test with Python 2.7Wladimir Palant
6ecc3e472a35Updated list of recommended subscriptionshgbot

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