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04/07/2016 01:27:03 PM (4 years ago)

After some reconsideration, we came to the conclusion that module logrotate already fits our general requirements quite well; integrating the software itself and allowing for specialization within other Puppet modules. Hence it should be enough if the resource definition moves from class base to class adblockplus::log (see #3574) to comply with the goals from #3576.

Still there are some tasks necessary before we can consider the logrotate integration compliant with our requirements. Especially documentation and punctuation requires some minor improvements, which can be done in the context of this ticket instead.


  • Ticket #3575

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    • Property Summary changed from Refactor Puppet class logrotate into class adblockplus::log to Improve Puppet module logrotate
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  • Ticket #3575 – Description

    initial v2  
    1 Together with type `adblockplus::log::rotation`, we already have a successor ready to replace the current occurences of class  `logrotate`. So far, this one has been implemented as a wrapper around the latter, so migration shouldn't become too much effort. See #3307 for more information. 
     1Extend `modules/logrotate` by the obligatoric but missing documentation bits, and address the minor inconsistencies with our style guide.