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04/19/2016 12:09:44 PM (4 years ago)

We've discovered this problem to not only appear after updating, but also after while using it in general. I've adjusted the issue to reflect that fact.


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    • Property Summary changed from Website assets are not loaded correctly after updating to most recent version to Specific websites are rendered incorrectly and assets aren't loaded
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    v6 v7  
    11=== Environment === 
    2 ABB 1.3.1 (updated from 1.3.0) 
     2ABB 1.3.1 
    33iOS 9.3.1 
    55=== How to reproduce === 
    6 1. Delete ABB 
    7 2. Install ABB 1.3.0 (872) from HockeyApp 
    8 3. Open ABB 
    9 4. Browse to 
    10 5. Open a new tab and browse to 
    11 6. Open a new tab and browse to (opening multiple tabs might not be necessary to reproduce the issue but seems to contribute to successfully reproducing it) 
    12 7. Close ABB by pressing the home button once 
    13 8. Open and close (by pressing the home button once) at least 5 other apps (this step is crucial for reproducing the issue) 
    14 9. Open the App Store and search for "Adblock Browser" 
    15 10. Install the most recent version of Adblock Browser 
    16 11. Open Adblock Browser 
    17 12. Open a new tab and browse to 
     61. Install ABB 1.3.1 
     72. Open ABB 
     83. Browse to  
     94. Tap one of the linked articles 
     105. Keep browsing different websites (e.g. 
    1912=== Observed behaviour === 
    20 The website is broken: 
    21 1. The website seems to be loaded multiple times (nested into itself) 
     13Most of the visited websites (after visiting are broken [as shown in this screenshot]: 
     141. The websites seem to be loaded multiple times (nested into itself) 
    22152. Assets don't seem to be loaded (Javascript as well as CSS) 
    23164. Images are only partially loaded 
    2518=== Expected behaviour === 
    26 The website should be displayed correctly. 
     19Websites are displayed correctly. 
    2821=== Additional information === 
    29 The problem is not limited to but to every website you visit. 
    30 The problem can be "fixed" by force-quitting ABB and opening it again. 
     22 seems to trigger something in ABB to let it malfunction for every other website. Other triggers aren't known but are likely, as we received multiple reports. 
     23The problem can be temporarily "fixed" by force-quitting ABB and opening it again.