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Filter hit statistics backend — at Version 10

Reported by: sebastian Assignee: kzar
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Blocking: #396, #495 Platform: Unknown
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Description (last modified by kzar)


See #495.

What to change

Create a web application (e.g. Flask) that collects filter hit statistics sent by Adblock Plus (as of #394) anonymously.

Filter hits will be collected for a certain period of time by the browser, for example 1 week, and then be submitted to the web application via a POST request as JSON.

This server will then store the raw data as JSON in either flat files or noSQL/similar database and also will store aggregated data in a MySQL database. In the future if the data proves too much we might stop recording the raw data at all.

Aggregated data needs to be weighted somehow as newer data is more important than old data.

The server then needs to provide two API calls for a front end application:

1.) Query by filter. "For this filter show me which domains matched and how often."
2.) Query by domain. "For this domain which filters matched and how often?"

Server should be set up in the infrastructure repository with Puppet scripts etc. It will be a dedicated server called "hitstats".

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@sebastian: Please feel free to assign this to you when you actually start working on it.

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@palant @fhd: Could you guys update this ticket with some more details? Expectations you have of how this will work etc? (I think if it's spec'd a bit more we could hopefully cut down some back and forth with long delays!)

  • What format will the data come in, JSON straight from the extension?
  • Should the back end process the data at all?
  • Where do you want the data to be stored? (Postgres database somewhere, something else?)
  • Does the back end need to provide an API for querying the data or any interface for viewing the data directly?
  • Any other expectations you have?

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