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    44=== What to change === 
    55Add a new server to our infrastructure (, running the filter hits statistics backend as implemented by #395. It should also allow running queries on the filter hit statistics, that part needs access restriction (basic auth). 
     7The filter hitstats back end provides two routes via the multiplexer: 
     9 - `/submit` Which accepts JSON data POSTed to it from users who have opted-in to usage collection. 
     10 - `/query` Which accepts GET parameters to determine a query of the aggregated data and returns JSON back. 
     14 - `/static` needs to be set up on the web server to point to the static files in sitescripts/filterhits/static 
     16Both `/static` and `/query` should be protected by basic authentication so that only authorised people can view the data. `/submit` should be open to the public though obviously. 
     18@kirill we need access to the logged data (path specified by the sitescripts.conf filterhitstats.log_dir option.) He will likely need a daily archive of the past day's logs to be sent to him / available for him to download. 
     20There will also be a log file `mysql-errors.log` created inside the log directory should any aggregation fail to run inside MySQL. This log should be monitored somehow so that we notice if there's a problem. 
     22=== Resources === 
     24 - The code so far is available here along with a development VM Vagrant configuration. Typing `vagrant up` should make a test server avaliable at http://localhost:5000 and looking at how that has been set up might help you set up the real server.