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    1 === How to reproduce === 
    2  1. Install the adblockplusedge version of Adblock Plus in Edge 
    3  2. Open the background script debugger ("..." > Adblock Plus > Inspect background page) and ensure that "Break on all exceptions" is enabled. 
    4  3. Open the Adblock Plus options page 
    5  4. Uncheck acceptable ads  
    6 ... 
     1Edge has a limit of 5Mb storage in storage.local API and also a limit of 1Mb per storage item. Previously we [ tried to overcome] these limitations by splitting the subscription lists into 1Mb chunks. However turned out that is not enough. Since Edge uses UTF-16 to store data internally our subscriptions list use way more data than the current maximum 5Mb. 
    8 === Observed behaviour === 
    9 The background script context will throw an error complaining that values stored in storage.local must be less than 1MB in size 
    11 === Expected behaviour === 
    12 The values are actually less than 1MB in size due to the quota change. 
     3=== What to change === 
     4Instead of trying to fit the data into a limited storage.local API, use localStorage API. The storage limit there is 10Mb. Since it is still not enough to store our extended subscription list in UTF-16 format archive the string before storing.