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06/27/2016 02:57:38 PM (4 years ago)

Can reproduce as described with 1.12 and the latest code scheduled for the 1.12.1 release. Like you say it seems to only happen when using the experimental content blocking feature.

As this bug exists in the existing version and is relatively minor I think we should go ahead with the 1.12.1 release tomorrow anyway. Ultimately though that's up to Sebastian.

Either way I'm investigating to understand what's causing this bug now.


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    initial v1  
    11=== Environment === 
    2 ABP 
     2ABP 1.12 
    33Safari 9 / OS X 10.11 
    5 Could not reproduce with Safari content blocking option disabled. 
    75=== How to reproduce === 
    8  1. Install ABP dev build and enable Safari content blocking. 
    9  2. Restart Safari. 
    10  3. Select [ABP Icon] > [Options]. Options page appears in a new tab (expected). 
    11  4. Navigate to a website in the options page tab (I used 
    12  5. Select the [ABP Icon]. Observe the Enabled/Disabled and blocking options are missing. Only options is present. 
    13  6. Select the [Options] button in the popup. Observe it does nothing (unexpected). 
    14  7. Open a new tab in Safari. Select [Options] in the popup again. Observe it switches back to the website tab from Step 4. 
    15  8. Close the website tab opened in Step 4. 
    16  9. Select the [Options] button in the popup. Observe it now opens as expected. 
     6 1. Install ABP 1.12 and enable Safari Content Blocking. 
     7 2. Select [ABP Icon] > [Options]. Options page appears in a new tab. 
     8 3. Navigate to a website in the options page tab (I used 
     9 4. Select [ABP Icon] > [Options]. 
    1811=== Observed behaviour === 
    19 With the Safari content blocker enabled, ABP appears to lose track of tabs and their content. For example, opening the options page and then reusing the tab to visit a site will cause ABP to think that tab is still the options page. This leaves the user unable to open the option page until they close that re-used tab. 
     12Nothing happens when the [Options] button is pushed. You have to close the tab opened in step 2 for the button to work. 
    2114=== Expected behaviour === 
    22 ABP to keep track of tabs correctly and allow opening of options page as expected. 
     15The [Options] button should continue to work. 
     17=== Notes === 
     18This behaviour is present in 1.12 and more recent code, but only when the Safari Content Blocking feature is enabled.