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    11=== Background === 
    2 The browser action icon on Microsoft Edge is 20x20px and 40x40px, as opposed to 19x19px and 38x38px on Chrome. So currently Edge scales the Adblock Plus icon potentially causing some artifacts. 
     2In Chrome the four [ browser action icons] were always displayed as 19x19px. To support high density displays we also needed to provide the images at 2x resolution so 38x38px. 
     4In newer versions of Chrome, [ with the switch to material design the icons will instead be displayed as 16x16px]. 
     6Also we are adding support for the Microsoft Edge browser and there the icons are displayed as 20x20px. 
     8So to avoid the browser scaling our icons we need to provide the four icons in the following resolutions: 16px, 19px, 20px, 32px, 38px, 40px. 
    410=== What to change === 
    5 Add a 20x20px and 40x40px icon to Adblock Plus and make sure it's given by the `browser_action.default_icons` field in the generated `mainfest.json` and considered by any code changing the icon. 
     11Create 16x16px, 20x20px, 32x32px and 40x40px versions of the four browser icons `abp-X-notification-critical.png`, `abp-X-notification-information.png`, `abp-X-whitelisted.png`, `abp-X.png`. Placing them in the `chrome/icons` directory. 
     13Ensure they are all added to the `browser_action.default_icons` field in the generated `mainfest.json`: 
     16  "browser_action": { 
     17    "default_icon": { 
     18      "16": "icons/abp-16.png", 
     19      "19": "icons/abp-19.png", 
     20      "20": "icons/abp-20.png", 
     21      "32": "icons/abp-32.png", 
     22      "38": "icons/abp-38.png", 
     23      "40": "icons/abp-40.png" 
     24    },  
     27Also ensure the new resolution images are considered by all code that changes the icon, for example the animation code in `lib/icon.js`. 
     29=== Hints for testers === 
     30Ensure the browser icons still work for Chrome and Microsoft Edge. When using a [ more modern version of Chrome] that uses material design ensure the icon isn't scaled and fuzzy. Same for Microsoft Edge, ensure the icon looks crisp.